• What changes have SpringBoot made?


    At present, Spring Boot 2.5.0 RC1 has been released, and its development team said that it will be officially GA on May 20. We have sorted out some of the changes that you have compared and are interested in. 1. Running endpoint changesSecure info endpointThe /info endpoint is no longer exposed to the web by […]

  • 1. E-commerce big data real-time data warehouse project combat (Photo)


    1. E-commerce big data real-time data warehouse project combat (Photo) 1.1 Frame version selection 1.2 Server selection 1.3 Cluster size 1.4 Staffing Reference 1.5 Project Architecture 1.6 Real-time data warehouse layering-ODS 1.7 Real-time data warehouse layering-DWD 1.8 Real-time data warehouse layering-DWS 1.9 Real-time data warehouse layering-ADS 2.1 Data warehouse modeling (absolute focus) 2.2 E-commerce business […]

  • In-depth explanation of Microsoft's Swin Transformer using GIFs


    Swin Transformer (Liu et al., 2021) is a Transformer-based deep learning model that achieves state-of-the-art performance in vision tasks. Unlike VIT, Swin Transformer is more efficient and has higher accuracy. Due to some characteristics of Swin Transformer, Swin Transformers are still used as the backbone of the model in many visual model architectures. This article […]

  • In depth | uncover the secrets of data warehouse tiered storage technology


    Introduction:Authors: Chen Hao, Shi Yuan 1、 Background According to the “data age 2025″ report released by IDC, the annual data generated worldwide will increase from 33zb in 2018 to 175zb in 2025, with an average of about 491eb of data generated every day. With the continuous growth of data volume, data storage cost has become […]

  • Draw your own DAG job dependency graph from scratch (II) — hierarchical layout algorithm


    summary After we finalize the design draft and technology selection, we will start to draw this dependency diagram. The simplest component of a dependency graph is the connection between nodes. In this section, we need to deal with the processing of node location information. In order to determine the location information of nodes, we must […]

  • Microservices and domain driven design, architecture practice summary


    What kind of architecture can match the changes that make it fly? 1、 Software complexity 1. Complex causes If there is a continuous iteration cycle in the software system, the complexity of business, technology and architecture will increase linearly, and the corresponding development difficulty will also increase. We can summarize the root cause in one […]

  • Tcp/ip protocol and network layered model


    To connect the Internet, a message needs to go through the network protocol from sending to receiving. Let’s talk about tcp/ip protocol and network layered model First look at the network layered model Network layered model In the network layered model, there are two models. One is the tcp/ip standard, which was proposed early and […]

  • 20220524 Container Images


    preface Document address Spring boot applications canUsing dockerfilesContainerization, orUse cloud native buildpacks to create optimized docker compatible container images that you can run anywhere 1. efficient container image It is easy to package the spring boot fat jar as a docker image. However, copying and running fat jars in the docker image has many disadvantages. […]

  • Support multiple sets of object storage, adding new functions for hot and cold data layering


    Sensors, crawlers, lidar, cameras and other front-end equipment and software, as well as a large number of users, input a large amount of unstructured data into the enterprise every day. In order to preserve and maintain the new production factor of data, the cost that enterprises pay for unstructured data storage every year is also […]

  • Data warehouse and data mart: ODS, DW, DWD, DWM, DWS, ads


    @TOC Warehouse notes Detailed explanation of data warehouse and data mart: ODS, DW, DWD, DWM, DWS, ads:https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42526326/article/details/121633372 Project requirements and architecture design of shangsilicon Valley digital warehouse practice 1:https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42526326/article/details/121658388 Shang Silicon Valley data warehouse practice 2 data warehouse layered + dimensional modeling:https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42526326/article/details/121658605 Construction of 3 data warehouses of shangsilicon Valley:https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42526326/article/details/121658635 Data flow direction Application examples […]

  • (excerpt) laravel layering


    (excerpt) laravel layering https://laravelacademy.org/po… The core idea is layeringYou may have noticed that the key to optimizing the application directory structure is to divide the responsibilities of different components, or create different layers for different responsibilities. The controller is only responsible for receiving and responding to HTTP requests, and then calling the appropriate business logic […]

  • Windows containers Adventure: dockerfile


    preface Friends with certain travel experience know that even if a detailed travel plan is formulated before departure, they will have to revise the plan due to various conditions on the way. This situation also exists when we write dockerfile. The dockerfile, which took 30 minutes to write, will also have various situations when building […]