• IOS advanced core animation day02 – layout, anchor


    1、 Layout and anchor points 1. Uiview has three layout attributes. What are they? What are three important layout attributes of calayer? UIView: frame、bounds、center。 CALayer:frame、bounds、position。 centerandpositionAll represent relative parent layersanchorPointLocation. image.png 2. Who is actually operating on the layout attribute of uiview? The frame, boundaries and center attributes of uiview are justAccess method, when you […]

  • ArcGIS runtime for net creates a polyline feature that contains multiple lines


    In the polyline layer of ArcGIS, it is sometimes necessary to use two or more lines to represent a feature, such as the path with branches and the up and down lanes of the road. In ArcMap, you can edit layers, select two lines, and execute the merge command. How to implement it in runtime […]

  • Shuttle circle ellipse gradient countdown progress bar


    At present, the effects are as follows, supporting solid color and gradient use class _CircleProgressPageState extends State<CircleProgressPage> { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return Scaffold( appBar: AppBar( title: Text( “Cycle progress”, style: TextStyle(), )), body: Center( child: Column( mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.center, children: [ CircleProgressIndicatorWidget( width: 100, height: 100, value: 1, gradient: SweepGradient(colors: [Colors.red, Colors.yellow, Colors.red,], stops: […]

  • Explore other layers of ggplot2


    Ggplot2 package comes with many layers, which can basically meet our various drawing needs, but sometimes we need to draw some “weird” drawings, so we need to use some ggplot2 expansion packages. This article will introduce some useful ggplot2 expansion packages. Load R package library(tidyverse) # install.packages(‘wesanderson’) library(wesanderson) The wesanderson bag offers a lot of […]

  • From architecture to source code: understanding the rendering mechanism of fluent


    Introduction:In essence, fluent is also a UI framework, which solves the problem of rendering a set of code at multiple ends. The design of rendering pipeline is more streamlined, and the self built rendering engine has better performance experience than reactnative, weex and WebView. This paper will analyze the design and implementation of fluent rendering […]

  • Lookin integration and instructions


    I believe children’s shoes developed by IOS will have the same trouble as me. When looking at the UI layer, Xcode sometimes gets stuck or when debugging the UI, you need to think about it in your mind. So I learned that lookin (designed by qmui team of wechat reading) really helped me solve the […]

  • Introduction to IOS based OpenGL es


    Learning motivation: Problem: Recently, I was working on the gift animation of the live broadcast project, which requires the MP4 format file to be played. Because the MP4 video frame has only RGB information and no transparency information, it can not be played transparently in the live broadcast room, resulting in the blocking of the […]

  • IOS render pass


    background How does the app quickly display the first screen?How to smooth the sliding list?When we say interface card, what are we talking about? …… The blocking rate of application operation is a very important indicator. Compared with slow, hot and high memory consumption, blocking is something that users can perceive at the first time. […]

  • IOS off screen rendering analysis / optimization


    Questions before starting:1. What is off screen rendering?2. In which step does off screen rendering take place?3. What is the impact of off screen rendering?4. Will setting rounded corners trigger off screen rendering?5. How to optimize off screen rendering? An in-depth understanding of the above questions is enough to answer the interviewer’s questions. Image rendering […]

  • Openlayers operation sharing: how to calmly eat openlayers 6 in Vue


    This article will share some of my experience and understanding of openlayers. It will be mixed with a large number of searched documents, which can be realized when I officially use it. I won’t say much nonsense. Let’s start with downloading 1、 Openlayers installs and initializes the map It is omitted when creating Vue projects. […]

  • IOS off screen rendering


    Preface: debug – > color off screen rendered eg: – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; //1. Button background picture (off screen rendering appears) UIButton *btn1 = [UIButton new]; btn1.frame = CGRectMake(100, 30, 100, 100); btn1.layer.cornerRadius = 50; [self.view addSubview:btn1]; [btn1 setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”sun.png”] forState:UIControlStateNormal]; btn1.clipsToBounds = YES; //2. Button background color UIButton *btn2 = [UIButton new]; btn2.frame […]

  • Implicit animation, explicit animation, keyframe animation


    I’ve been developing IOS for some days. I know how to realize animation, but: What is’ implicit animation ‘? What is’ explicit animation ‘? What is’ keyframe animation ‘? I don’t know 1. Implicit Animation: The implicit animation model of Core Animation assumes that the changes of all animation layer attributes should be gradual and […]