• Laravel’s Resolution Based on redis Queue


    Last-Modified: May 10, 2019, 15:04:22 Reference link Knowledge that Laravel Queue has to understand Laravel Queue Document Redis Chinese Documents The environment of this article Laravel 5.5 Queue Redis Why use queues The purpose of using queues is generally: Asynchronous execution Error Retry Explain: Asynchronous executionPart of code execution is time-consuming. In order to improve […]

  • Cache Source Parsing of Laravel


    Last-Modified: 10 May 2019 14:17:34 Preface Laravel supports multiple caching systems and provides a unified API interface. (Laravel 5.5) Storage drivers supported by default include the following: File (default) apc Array (array, test) Database (relational database) memcached redis The default cache configuration file is inconfig/cache.php Reference link: https://learnku.com/docs/lara… https://www.jianshu.com/p/46a… Use Direct use of Facade provided […]

  • Laravel startup process


    Last-Modified: 10 May 2019 16:19:07 Stage Division Laravel 5.5The entire execution phase from request to response is summarized into four: Procedure Start Preparatory Phase Automatic File Loading Service container instantiation Registration of Basic Service Providers Instance of Core Classes Request instantiation phase Instantiate Request instance Request processing phase Environment for Preparing Request Processing Handling request […]

  • Record learning notes (event monitoring in Laravel)


    1. What is “event monitoring”? Literally speaking, it is nothing more than monitoring an event. 2. Use scenarios A logistics delivery scenario: I have a small program mall. Users need to deliver goods in the background after placing orders. After delivery, I want to send a module notification to remind users. I think that if […]

  • Laravel queue – database driver (I just learned queue today and took notes)


    I just learned the laravel queue and took notes. 1. The first step is to configure (.env) QUEUE_CONNECTION=database 2. Database Driver Settings Step 1: Generate job data migration tables php artisan queue:table The results are as follows:Step 2: Create job tables and execute migration commands php artisan migrate The results are as follows: 3. Analog […]

  • Laravel queue – – Beanstalk driver


    The last article talked about the database channel I suggest you read the article first. 1. Beanstalk and database Database: Adding queues to data tablesBeanstalk: Adding queues to memory 2. Installation sudo apt-get install beanstalkd 3. Dependence on Installation CD to project root directory composer require pda/pheanstalk 4. Modify. env QUEUE_CONNECTION=beanstalkd 6. Access routing (data […]

  • Use the seed command to create simulated data (learning notes)


    In the development environment, we often use “analog data” to test our application, and provide “data filling” in laravel to help us achieve this requirement. Let’s use this feature to create 20 users now. 1. Generate user tables using artisan commands 1.1Open the newly created laravel project database/migrations directory to find two filesOne is to […]

  • Lumen Error Alert Instance Can’t Instance Response Class Problem


    Today when you use Lumen, you use the Response class. It’s strange to note that Target [Illuminate Contracts Routing ResponseFactory] is not instantiable. Perhaps that is to say, the instance can not respond class, then how to solve it? Let’s talk about a new Lumen project. 1. I wrote a routing in web.php <?php /* […]

  • Laravel Hprose RPC Service


    Open source address: https://github.com/flc1125/la… This project supports the use of Laravel and non-Laravel projects.php >= 5.3Version grammar Note:By default, you already know something about Hprose. The content is based on Laravel project introduction. install Environment Dependent C ExtensionhproseSee: Hprose official website, Hprose Pecl extension Server can install, client can not install pecl install hprose Installation […]

  • Lumen implements SQL listening


    First post: My blog beforeLumenFramework from5.6Upgrade to5.7。 findlaravel-sql-loggerThe bag can’t log properly. An investigation was conducted and it was found thatLumenThe framework is not right.DBType injectioneventObject, causing it to not be able to properly listen on its SQL. So the solution is very simple. // file: bootstrap/app.php $app [“db”] – > connection () – > […]

  • Laravel Conf China 2019 An Zhengchao


    Anzhengchao, 90 years later, the network ID overtrue, open source enthusiasts, released more than 80 open source projects, representative of EasyWeChat, EasySMS and a number of practical Lavel expansion, has worked in micro-blog, has engaged in micro-blog campaign, mobile microblog interface development, and now works in Tencent CDC. His works Overtrue / wechat – Wechat […]

  • Reduction of laravel failed_job


    Laravel puts the failed job in the failed_job table, payload stores the job information, and we need to restore the object in the job to analyze the cause of the failure. Tracking source code discovery, serializing job objects, and then adding other parameters to JSON transformation, we can do the opposite. vendor/illuminate/queue/Queue.php:85 json_encode([ ‘job’ => […]