• The implementation of Ajax upload user’s image in laravel project


    In the process of writing a web program, we often encounter a classic scene of file upload: upload a picture. Based on the pursuit of the best user experience, write the followingAjaxUpload your avatar. 1. Configure routing At laravelroutes.phpSet route in: Route::get(‘/avatar/upload’,’[email protected]’); Route::post(‘/avatar/upload’,’[email protected]’); 2. Configure the controller stayUsersController.phpAdd correspondingavatarandavatarUploadThe former is used to render the […]

  • Laravel 5.1 — get user’s login status, simple application of event, monitoring and Middleware


    There are many aspects of events, such as logging in, buying goods, searching, viewing articles, and so on. After the listener listens to the event, it performs some operations.LaravelThe observer mode is used to implement this monitoring mechanism. Now we will explain an event through a user login, monitor an event and trigger the whole […]

  • High performance ten million level timed task management service for sun


    Forsun’s high-performance and high-precision timing service makes it easy to manage ten million level timing tasks.Project address: https://github.com/snower/forsun The timer of Linux system is used to provide the timing schedule to the second level, and the long-time operation ensures no error. It supports local memory storage and redis persistent storage. With redis, tens of millions […]

  • Introducing laravel horizon


    The article was forwarded from the professional laravel developer community. Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t Today, I am proud to announce laravel horizon, which provides a beautiful dashboard and code driven configuration system for laravel redis queues. In addition to the new code driven configuration system, horizon also has a beautiful dashboard UIIt’s completely open source and […]

  • Laravel 5.1 — custom validation rules


    laravel5.1Provides very convenient validation rules to verifyHTTPWith the transferred data, you can use these rules to complete almost any verification you want.Believe in majority utilizationlaravelAll the friends who have done the project have mastered it. Now I will do custom verification in another way.This custom validation is available inlaravel 4.*The document in is very clear, […]

  • laravel5.1 — Integrate FileManager and CKeditor into laravel


    FileManagerThe Chinese name is file manager, also called file browser. It provides us with a visual interface to manage files and folders. utilizeFileManager, we can browse, add, print, modify (file properties), rename, search and so on.CKeditorI’m sure friends are very familiar with it. It’s a rich text editor, so I won’t repeat it.Now let’s demonstrate […]

  • [laravel + apicloud + Vue develop hybrid app series] episode 0


    About author Program developers, regardless of language and technology, are currently mainly engaged in PHP and front-end development, using laravel and vuejs, and app end using apicloud hybrid development. Fit and sufficiency are the most perfect pursuit. Personal website: http://www.linganmin.cn Recently, I just wrote an H5 movie station with mobile phone playing online: http://www.ifilm.ltd Laravel […]

  • Homestead install the swoole extension


    Execute the following command vagrant ssh sudo pecl channel-update pecl.php.net sudo pecl install swoole You will see the following promptThis means that the extension has been installed and needs to be configured in php.ini.Input command php -i|grep php.ini The directory where php.ini is located will be displayedVIM / directory / php.ini, where extension = swoole.so […]

  • Psr-12 code specification extension


    The article was forwarded from the professional laravel developer community. Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t Coding style extension guide Key words in the articleMUST , MUST NOT , REQUIRED , SHALL , SHALL NOT , SHOULD ,SHOULD NOT , RECOMMENDED , MAY, andOPTIONALAll are explained in [RFC 2119] []. abstract This specification inherits, extends and replaces [psr-2] […]

  • Cloud + Community Technology Salon Shenzhen station, talk about “Internet architecture” with the big guy


    On May 25, in Shenzhen Tencent Binhai building, cloud + community invited you to participate in the salon activity of Internet architecture to discuss the development trend of technology architecture and imagine the future. In the process of technology evolution, what role does technology architecture play for enterprises? This salon will invite Tencent’s technical experts […]

  • Snow — a simple and easy-to-use go language business framework


    Project address Chinese document changelog Snow Snow is a set of simple and easy-to-use go language business framework, the overall logic design is simple, supporting common business scenarios such as HTTP service, queue scheduling and task scheduling. Goals We are committed to making PHPer more convenient to cut into go language development, adapting to the […]

  • 🚀 multiple components of hyperf v1.0.4 update | enterprise level PHP microservice collaboration framework


    V1.0.4 update This update involves the following components, mainly adding the support of swoole 4.4 and the function enhancement of some components, as well as repairing some bugs hyperf/async-queue hyperf/command hyperf/config hyperf/constants hyperf/consul hyperf/contract hyperf/database hyperf/db-connection hyperf/di hyperf/dispatcher hyperf/framework hyperf/http-server hyperf/pool hyperf/redis hyperf/rpc-client hyperf/service-governance hyperf/utils hyperf/websocket-server Newly added #140 support for swoole v4.4.0 #152 the […]