• Exception monitoring -Sentry service deployment tutorial


    Background:Our iteration in the design of a complete system or business online, in addition to the need to focus on the business data, system operation state, often need to monitor system business exceptions, edge to avoid some of the scenes there is no judgment in development or testing in place, resulting in abnormal online business […]

  • Docker deployment Laravel application – basic application


    Versions. This article USES the basic mirror of PHP:php:7.3-apache Laravel version of this article is as follows:laravel:5.8.* 1. Prepare our Laravel application # run the mix command to package js, CSS, img files, and omit this step if you don’t use mix npm install npm run production Install the dependencies in composer. Lock composer install […]

  • Laravel data filling (seed) 6 tips to share


    The article was forwarded from the professional laravel developer community. Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t… Point 1. Use updateorcreate() to avoid double population Imagine this fill code, imagine that for some reason this fill will be started multiple times: public function run() { $items = [ [‘id’ => 1, ‘title’ => ‘Administrator’], [‘id’ => 2, ‘title’ => […]

  • Laravel installation jenssegers / laravel mongodb expansion and the pit encountered


    Mongodb is used in the project, so we found jenssegers / laravel mongodb with the most stars on the largest same-sex dating website. Package installation 1. Find the package version corresponding to the local laravel according to readme. 2. Use composer require in the development environment 3. Configure config / app.php /* * mongoDB */ […]

  • Demo2 of laravel learning notes — making a todolist with Ajax (to be updated)


    Sorry, I’m busy recently. This article will be updated later. Introduction This paper makes a URL generation and storage demo based on the laravel framework, the main purpose of which is to learn to use the laravel framework. The content is based on the second chapter of the English book “packt. Laravel. Application. Development. Blueprints”. […]

  • Create a Vue single page application through laravel (2)


    In this tutorial, we learn how toVueComponentLaravel APILoad asynchronous data to continueLaravelCreate aVueSingle page application (SPA). We will also look at related error handling, such as whenAPIReturn error, how the interface responds. If you don’t learn the first part, we passVue RouterandLaravelBack end builtVueSingle page application (SPA). If you want to keep learning, you should […]

  • Docker deployment of laravel application queue & Task Scheduling


    In the last article, we wrote how to deploy laravel application with docker, and then in this article, we wrote how to deploy the application withqueueas well astask schedulingThe laravel application of. First of all, let’s prepare ourdocker/app.cronfile Note that a blank line at the end of the file is required. #!/usr/bin/env bash PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin * […]

  • E-commerce front and back end system with laravel admin code


    Out of the box, currently the models of mall, member, project, article, project information, Q & A, supply management, etc. have been released. Installation mode 1. Https://github.com/imnotdouble…. 2. Download the public directory (including download the style) 3、composer install 4. PHP artican migrate 5. Data import (because the data part is collected, it is not filled) […]

  • Encapsulating the laravel eloquent association using PHP trips


    The article was forwarded from the professional laravel developer community. Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t… I recently refactored the code of a project, and then I found myself writing the same method on the eloquest model to define the association relationship of the account class. For reference only, I prefer to use getters and setters instead of […]

  • Docker deploy laravel application – export PDF using wkhtmltopdf


    Let’s write about how to usewkhtmltopdfexportHTMLbyPDF。 I. installation font WORKDIR /tmp #Install software RUN set -eux \ && apt-get update \ && apt-get install -y –no-install-recommends wget unzip fontconfig #Installing Noto sans SC Fonts RUN wget https://fonts.google.com/download?family=Noto%20Sans%20SC -O Noto_Sans_SC.zip \ && unzip Noto_Sans_SC.zip -d /usr/share/fonts \ && fc-cache #Clean up useless dependency packages RUN set […]

  • Homestead lazy person configuration tutorial


    It is necessary to install VBox and vgrant. In order to ensure your version follow-up, please download by yourself. Most online tutorials are installed and run directly: vagrant box add laravel / Homestead But the image cannot be installed before it is installed. 1.Call git in any directory and execute the following command vagrant box […]

  • An extension package for collecting articles: laravel collect


    Laravel collect is an extension of my collection articles. In view of cybercog / laravel love, I also have the honor to participate in the community’s foreign translation articles on this extension to add likes and dislikes to your eloquent model. My original intention is to learn how to develop the laravel extension package, so […]