• HTML tag — Hello segmentfault!


    Let’s code – HTML tag Introduce some basic HTML tags HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets, such as < HTML > HTML tags are usually paired, such as < b > and</b> General statement HTML5 statement <!DOCTYPE html> Introduction to common labels head,link,meta,style,title h1~h6, p, article, main, nav… div,iframe,a,form… head Specify the configuration […]

  • Regular expression in zepto source code


    For zepto source code analysis, it can be said that each front-end is the only way to cultivate its own JS skills.Of course, in the process of reading the source code, it is difficult to understand that there are various magic regular expressions.The main analysis object of this paper is the source code of zepto […]

  • [swift] obtain the text of a function label clicked in uilabel and make response action


    1. Demand   First of all, make color mark prompt for multiple function labels displayed in uilabel. Secondly, click on the keyword to respond. As shown in the figure: solve: 1. Use regular matching to keywords public static var hashtag = DetectorType.custom(try! NSRegularExpression(pattern: “#[\\u4e00-\\u9fa5a-zA-Z0-9]{1,}”, options: [])) Extension: get the string satisfying the regular expression in the […]

  • Front end notes


    1、 Box model Reference: https://segmentfault.com/a/11 2、 Differences between html4 and 5 1. Grammatical simplification HTML, XHTML’s DOCTYPE, HTML, meta, script and other tags are greatly simplified in HTML5. 2. Unified web embedded multimedia syntax In the past, when playing multimedia in web pages, ActiveX or plug-in methods were needed. With HTML5, use the < video […]

  • Android calls angularjs method (requires native JS to call angularjs method)


    Requirement: Android calls native JS methods, but the front-end framework is written with angularjs, and Android calls directly do not work. So we need native JS to call angularjs method html <div class=”mainBody” ng-controller = ‘lostAndFoundCtrl’> `< input type = “text” placeholder = “please enter item name” ng model = “keyword” / >` </div> Script […]

  • Align HTML picture and text up and down


    //HTML <div class=”l4″> <img alt /> <span>{{item.see}}</span> </div> //CSS .l4 { position: absolute; left: 0; bottom: 0; span { vertical-align: middle; } img { vertical-align: middle; } } Original effect: It can be solved by setting vertical align: middle; on both the picture and span label. Setting a single image always feels uneven After setting:

  • Front end learning diary (3)


    Introduction of CSS In the early days, if you want to define the color, font, size and other display features of an H1 title, you need to use font or other style instructions in HTML. H1 is only a structural instruction, so it is not enough to have it alone. Therefore, if there are multiple […]

  • Set the curve label of ZedGraph in WinForm, such as removing the label border


    scene In winforn, set the properties of ZedGraph curve, coordinate axis and scale: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/100112573 Based on the above settings of curve related attributes, the effect is as follows:   What is a curve label? It’s the description of the curve (curve 1) with a horizontal line under the title in the above figure. Now remove […]

  • Jqtips, a refreshing way to add dynamic elements


    When writing dynamic add elements, the common way of writing is as follows: var newClass = ‘newDiv’; var newText = ‘Demo!’; var newBody = $(‘<div class=”‘ + newClass + ‘”>’ + newText + ‘</div>’); $(‘body’).append(newBody); If you need more events, add an event delegation to the front: $(document).on(‘click’, ‘.newDiv’, function(){ console.info(‘Click Me!’); }); But actually, […]

  • How to use Emmet (sublimetext)


    Emmet’s predecessor is the famous Zen coding. If you are engaged in Web front-end development, you must be familiar with the plug-in. It uses the syntax of CSS selector to generate code, greatly improving the speed of HTML / CSS code writing, such as the following demonstration: Coding demonstration under Zen codingAt the end of […]

  • Some basic knowledge of HTML5


    Web front end development A simple application of XML The code is as follows: See the effect picture for details   New common structural elements in HTML5   New structural elements Section: defines the section in the document. Such as chapters, headers, footers, or other parts of the document. Generally used for segmented content, a […]

  • Practice of unbalanced data set classification: training and evaluation of adult income data set classification model


    Many dichotomous tasks do not have the same amount of data in each category, and the data distribution is unbalanced. A common example is the adult income data set, which involves personal data such as social relations, education level, etc., so as to predict the income level of adults and judge whether they have a […]