• Pod affinity of container scheduling system k8s


    Earlier, we learned about the use and working logic of networkpolicy resources on k8s. For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14227660.html; Today, let’s talk about pod scheduling strategy; There is a very important component Kube scheduler on k8s. Its main function is to monitor whether the nodeName field in the pod resource on apiserver is empty. If […]

  • Hengyuan cloud_ How does the cloud GPU server use vscode?


    Source of the article | Hengyuan cloud community (focusing on artificial intelligence / deep learning cloud GPU server training platform, November favorite powder activity ing, official experience website:https://gpushare.com/ ) Original address |https://gpushare.com/docs/best_practices/vscode/ VSCode Vscode # is a cross platform code editor developed by Microsoft. It is free, open source and supports extensions. Using the remote plug-in, […]

  • You’re right. You can climb web data, c# or just like jQuery


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Some time ago, I created a local people’s livelihood information number. I copied all the information from you. You copied from the official media. Small citizens like anecdotes. Therefore, there is a demand for how to capture the news on the local number of anecdotes and anecdotes. In fact, […]

  • How to upload pictures to sap service cloud registered product using API


    Visit website:https://api.sap.com/ Because it is SAP service cloud, customer experience: Select the API tag, OData V2, and enter the keyword registered: Found a record: The highlighted area in the figure below is the API we want to find: We need to convert the binary content of the picture into Base64 encoding format and then pass […]

  • Fluent module packaging AAR


    Fluent module packaging AAR Fluent version 1.17 one Google packaging AAR flutter build aar android { // … } repositories { maven { url ‘some/path/my_flutter/build/host/outputs/repo’ // This is relative to the location of the build.gradle file // if using a relative path. } maven { url ‘https://storage.googleapis.com/download.flutter.io’ } } dependencies { // … debugImplementation ‘com.example.flutter_module:flutter_debug:1.0’ […]

  • Chrome view source code


    How to View HTML source in chrome and why The source code of your website is the “driving force” of your website. It determines the feel, look and function of your web page and helps you achieve excellent user experience and other brand goals, such as transformation and potential customers. The source code of your […]

  • A little understanding of string parsing (taking parsing an HTML string as an example)


    When analyzing a string, you can use methods such as indexof of the string or regular expressions. However, if the following string needs to be parsed: <group> <arc c-bind:cx=’_width*0.5′ c-bind:cy=’_height*0.5′ c-bind:radius1=’_min*0.5′ radius2=’100′ deg=’120deg’> </arc> <group c-for=’value in dataList’> <circle c-bind:cx=’value’ c-on:click=’doit0′ c-bind:cy=’value’ radius=’10’></circle> <text c-bind:x=’value+20′ c-bind:y=’value’ c-bind:content=’value’ fill-color=’red’></text> </group> <path> <move-to x=’10’ y=’10’></move-to> <line-to x=’100′ […]

  • Git strongest summary!


    This article has been included in GitHub warehouse. Welcome to watch and star. This warehouse is used to share core Java knowledge, including Java basics, mysql, springboot, mybatis, redis, rabbitmq, etc. it is necessary for interview. GitHub address:https://github.com/Tyson0314/… If GitHub is not accessible, you can access the gitee repository. Gitee address:https://gitee.com/tysondai/Ja… Introduction to Git Git […]

  • Introduction to self labeled


    This paper will give a brief introduction to self labeled, mainly including its definition and classification, in which the definition is given in both Chinese and English. definition The first is the definition of such methods, as shown in the figure below Semi-supervised learning (SSL): Combining supervised learning and unsupervised learning to provide additional information […]

  • Springboot multi environment configuration file packaging


    background In the process of developing a project using springboot, there will be a variety of environment switching, such as development environment, test environment, demonstration environment, production environment, etc. we create multiple YML files combined with profiles The active attribute specifies the environment, but when packaging is required, the configuration files must be manually changed […]

  • 15 pictures, 20 minutes to understand the core principles of diff algorithm, Jesus can’t stop it! I said!!!


    author Sunshine_Lin preface In the daily interview,Diff algorithmIt’s a barrier that can’t be bypassed,In the most popular words, talk about the most difficult knowledge pointsIt has always been the purpose of my article. Today I will explain it in a popular wayDiff algorithmRight? Lets Go What is virtual DOM speakDiff algorithmBefore, I’ll tell you what […]

  • [elasticsearch] the mapping design of ES is applied in practical scenarios


    background There is a requirement in the project that several fields are required as labels to count the number of documents in each label, and support the full-text retrieval function after word segmentation. Original mapping design: curl -XPUT http://ip:9200/meta_es_metric_data -d’ { “settings”: { “number_of_shards”: 5, “number_of_replicas”: 0 }, “mappings”: { “meta_metric”: { “properties”: { “metricCode”: […]