• Teach you to use Python to regularly push bedtime stories to you every day__ People of


    This paper uses a simple Python crawler, mail sending and timing tasks to achieve dailySend bedtime stories regularlyIs a step-by-step article. After testing, the program can still run normally. Recently, some cute asked me to tell her a little story every night before going to bed after I finished my work. I thought that there […]

  • A paper for you to interpret: machine learning principle of automatic interpretation of chest CT image by convolutional neural network


      This paper introduces the task of automatic interpretation of chest CT scan image by machine learning, which is an interesting topic for me, because it is the focus of my doctoral dissertation. The main reference for this article is my recent preprint, “machine learning based multiple abnormality prediction with large scale most calculated tomographic […]

  • Hellodjango article 06: blog from “streaking” to “skinny”


    The sample code involved in this article has been synchronously updated to the hellogithub team warehouse Before that, we have written the homepage view of the blog, and configured the URL and template so that Django can correctly handle HTTP requests and return appropriate HTTP responses. But we just returned a sentence on the front […]

  • HTML5 Summary – semantic, multimedia tags, input forms


    I reviewed the content of HTML5 recently. Let’s summarize it today. There are many shortcomings 1、 HTML5 HTML5 mainly learned the following parts: What is HTML5 H5 add semantic label H5 new multimedia label H5 add input form and form attribute 1. What is HTML5 1.1 definition The fifth major revision of hypertext markup language […]

  • Magic label — block level element, line element, empty element


    Recently, I was asked why the front-end module is empty. Yes, the front-end module has not started to write, not because there is nothing to write, but has been thinking about what kind of front-end to start with, there are too many things to write, but if there is no planning to write, it may […]

  • Translation of atom Flight Manual: 3.6 Icon


    Icon Atom comes with its own icon set of octacons. Use them to add icons to your package. usage method The usage of octacons in atom is different from the standard usage. The biggest difference is the name of the icon class. You should use more generalicon icon-Prefix, notocticon octicon-Prefix. For example, to add a […]

  • IOS – add a global hover button (integrated pods version)


    Background : in an ordinary IOS development group, there are more than one testing machine, but when we are developing, it is impossible for each testing machine to keep the latest code at all times, which leads to a problem. When the test detects a problem, (or the product suddenly takes a little bit of […]

  • How to understand data URL?


    Canvas has a very common method canvas.toDataURL (), which converts canvas to the format of the data URL.Generally, the data URL is of the type image.Consider the following example: <canvas id=”canvas” height=”2″ width=”2″></canvas> var canvas = document.getElementById(‘canvas’); var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL(); console.log(dataURL); /* *  */ So this onedata:[MIME type];base64,What is the data URL at […]

  • Course notes of front end star 2020


    HTML section summary: Hypertext markup language tags have start and end parts tags can be self closing and tags can be described with attributes and attribute namesA typical HTML document is as follows <!document html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> < title > page title < / Title > </head> <body> <h1>First level title</h1> <p>Paragraph content</p> […]

  • A simple get request for getting started with c-crawler


    Common CSS selectors name form example explain Label Addresser Tagname1, tagname2 Tag name n pq(‘p,div’) Select the P tag in the body of HTML Descendant Selectors Parent tagName child tagName Signature of Zeng sunbiao pq(‘html body p’) Select all tags of class = “demo” Class selector . class attribute value pq(‘.demo’) Select all tags with […]

  • HTML tag — Hello segmentfault!


    Let’s code – HTML tag Introduce some basic HTML tags HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets, such as < HTML > HTML tags are usually paired, such as < b > and</b> General statement HTML5 statement <!DOCTYPE html> Introduction to common labels head,link,meta,style,title h1~h6, p, article, main, nav… div,iframe,a,form… head Specify the configuration […]

  • Regular expression in zepto source code


    For zepto source code analysis, it can be said that each front-end is the only way to cultivate its own JS skills.Of course, in the process of reading the source code, it is difficult to understand that there are various magic regular expressions.The main analysis object of this paper is the source code of zepto […]