• View update technology releases view UI component library (i.e. iView 4.0), more than 50 updates


    Written in front In October, iView 4.0 arrived as promised. But the amount of title information is a little large, so let’s read the title first. Aresn, author of iView, founded Beijing view Update Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019, and started to maintain iView and its related software freely and full-time.View UIIt is the original […]

  • Notes on the basis of Vue and some learning experiences


    What you don’t know in Vue, and precautions v-html When v-html is used, the value in the instruction will overwrite the original value in the binding tag, and when v-html is used, do not set it as the place to provide content to users, because v-html is easy to be attacked by XSS v-bind When […]

  • CSS learn about


    CSS meet me 1. CSS things CSS (cascading style sheets)Cascading style sheetsMy understanding is:Table with various styles superimposed。 A web page, if there is no CSS, is wearing “King’s new clothes”, running naked! The importance of CSS is self-evident! As the clothing of HTML, CSS provides a style description for HTML elements, defines its display […]

  • Immersive learning Git


    cover — contents — aboutOriginal link: http://igit.linuxtoy.org/contBy chance, I saw this article introducing git (i.e. a book is also very appropriate), which tells about the use of GIT through some short and concise experiments. Although I use SVN in my work at present, I also play git at ordinary times. First, I will save this […]

  • Community structure enhanced cascade prediction notes


    Catalog I. Abstracts Two, Miscellany 3、 Model thinking Four. Experiment Five, others 6、 References I. Abstracts Deep learning does not need to extract features manually, but the existing depth model does not use community structure in propagation prediction task. Therefore, a cs-rnn framework is proposed, which takes the influence of community in communication into account […]

  • HTML tag summary


    Paragraph Tags attribute Explain value align Its way Left (default), right, center             Level attribute Explain value width length  px % align Alignment mode Left, Center (default), right size thickness px color colour red、#f00                     Hyperlink a attribute Explain value href […]

  • Starting from scratch k8s | k8s application arrangement and management


    1、 Resource meta information 1. Kubernetes resource object As we know, kubernetes’s resource object consists of two parts: spec and status. The spec part is used to describe the expected status, and the status part is used to describe the observed status. Today we will introduce another part of k8s, namely metadata part. This part […]

  • Introduction to markdown


    1. title #The number indicates the title.#(h1) to######(h6), a total of six levels of title, need to add a space after the well number. Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4 #####Title 5 ######Title 6 2. Paragraph and line break There should be more than one blank line before and after the paragraph. Do […]

  • Springbootsecurity learning (03) web version login add custom login page


    Custom login page Whether using the default configuration or the custom configuration class, the previous one is the login page of springboot security. Although the design of the login page is very good in this version, we usually use our own login page in the actual development. Here is a very simple login page: This […]

  • Building a blog based on markdown


    Project framework 1. Initialization project gridsome create my-blog cd my-blog gridsome develop If the first stepcreateErrors are reported or take a long time in the installation dependency. You can interrupt the installation and delete itnode_modulesThroughcnpmManual installation. cd my-blog rm -rf node_modules cnpm install Now you canhttp://localhost:8080/See the front page of the project. 2. Install the […]

  • Zero sample learning guide


    This article is from oppo Internet technology team. Please note the author for reprint. At the same time, welcome to pay attention to our public address: OPPO_tech, share with you OPPO frontier Internet technology and activities. Zero sample learning method is one of the most important research branches in the academic field. Although a large […]