• As fast as C and as smooth as ruby, crystal has released version 1.0. Do you think so| Geek sharing issue 24


    What is “geek share weekly collection” “Geek share” is a bookmark sharing website (hackershare.dev), and “weekly collection” is a column for the website to summarize selected bookmarks. Current text Original link: https://hackershare.dev/weekly_selections/24 1. anyone can run JavaScript on cloudflare with the help of workers – job tribe CMD markdown editing reader CMD markdown editing reader, […]

  • Dynamically transfer labels (with parameters) to components in react


    Slot of simulated Vue in react:Use children props: pass in the structure through the component label bodyUse render props: pass in the structure through the component tag attribute, and can carry data. Generally, the render function attribute is used children props <A> <B>xxxx</B> </A> {this.props.children} Problem: if component B needs the data in component A, […]

  • Hengyuan cloud (gpushare)_ Unite: a method to share label space


    Article source|Hengyuan cloud community Original address|Unite: a unified label space for entity relationship extraction Original author|Mathor Reference links Abstract (Zhong and Chen,ACL2020 Two are better than one: Joint entity and relation extraction with table sequence encoders)The pipeline method is used to set up two independent label spaces for entity detection and relationship classification, and SOTA is […]

  • Common and easily forgotten CSS Style list sorting


    1. Display ellipsis for excess text Single line text overflow display ellipsis (must have width) p{ width:200rpx; overflow: hidden; text-overflow:ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; } Multiline text overflow display ellipsis p { display: -webkit-box; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; -webkit-line-clamp: 3; overflow: hidden; } 2. Chinese English word wrap word-break:break-all; Works only for English, with letters as the basis for […]

  • Collation of Android push specifications from major domestic manufacturers


    Currently, many apps use Aurora push, and the Android system now has more standardized application management than in previous years. As a result, many important notifications cannot be pushed to users in time. The reason for this problem is that the app is likely to be killed in the background. Therefore, app should be adapted […]

  • Linux cloud computing – MySQL master-slave read / write separation using MYCAT


    Overview of MySQL read / write separation Mysql, as the most widely used free database in the world, is believed to have been contacted by all engineers engaged in system operation and maintenance. However, in the actual production environment, a single MySQL as an independent database can not meet the actual needs, whether in security, […]

  • Some unavoidable pain points and difficulties in the development of smart home


    From the perspective of the development situation of the domestic smart home industry, there has been a situation in which a group of heroes are competing for the deer and a hundred schools of thought are contending. However, with the strong promotion of business giants, the speed of smart home landing is not as “vigorous” […]

  • XHTML tutorial: application of table Tags


    Table is an awkward tag in XHTML. This section is just for understandingBefore the popularity of CSS, table was widely used for positioning. In XHTML, table is not recommended for positioning. W3C hopes that CSS can replace <table> in positioning. However, in fact, because the use of CSS layout often requires a lot of handwritten […]

  • In this way, I downloaded 4000 photos of beautiful women and handsome men locally


    I’m watching it todayGrowth AssassinWhen I saw a promotion scheme that downloaded pictures through curl command and applied them to my website, I immediately felt very interesting, so I also tried it. Finally, there were 4000 more pictures on my computer. Let me show you a few. O (∩∩) O ha ha~ If you want […]

  • [pointer network series 1] – globalpointer NER


    Write in front ​ This series mainly shows the achievements of pointer network in NER and relation extraction series, and summarizes the advantages and disadvantages and theoretical analysis according to the notes of the leaders. GlobalPointer ​ In the previous work, weNERTraditionalLSTM+CRFThe indicators in each field have also achieved good results. The simple field is […]

  • XHTML Getting Started tutorial: Web page head and DTD


    Head and DTD are important elements of a web page, although they are not displayed on the page.In the last section, we got an error message when checking our web page, but we wrote the whole web page according to XHTML standard. In fact, the problem lies in the “header” of the web page. Let’s […]

  • 7. ordinary road – dynamic SQL statement


    Dynamic SQL statement is one of the cores. Here we will demonstrate it through several examples I. multi condition query topics 1. complete dynamic SQL statements through identities If tag involved <mapper namespace=”com.shxt.model.User”> <resultMap type=”com.shxt.model.User” id=”BaseResultMapper”> <id column=”user_id” property=”user_id” /> <result column=”user_name” property=”user_name” /> <result column=”sex” property=”sex” /> <result column=”money” property=”money” /> <result column=”birthday” property=”birthday” […]