• Django2. X build blog


    Statement: the following is my personal understanding. If you find any mistakes or questions, you can contact me for discussion brief introduction After learning django2. X, you can build a personal blog to practice hands course Create project Creating blog project and virtual environment through pychar Modify related settings Allow any domain name When developing […]

  • Do you know all about html Basics – building the web( (complete)


    In this article, you will see the common tags in HTML and some points you don’t pay attention to. Very suitable for beginners! One day, Mirs rose in the same wind and soared up to 90000 Li! Study together, progress together! 1. What is HTML? It’s a markup language that tells browsers how to organize […]

  • Flutter uses singletickerproviderstatemix to report an error


    Recently, I’m learning to develop a flutter application project. After creating tabbar and tabview, I make a network request and display the top tab tag, set tabcontroller, and make the class class implement singletickerproviderstatemixin. The code is as follows class _TravelPageState extends State<TravelPage> with SingleTickerProviderStateMixin{ TabController _tabController; TravelTabModel travelTabModel; List<TravelTab> tabs = []; @override void […]

  • Common command of docker operation – image


    Get image Docker pull [option] [docker registry address [: port number] /] warehouse name [: label] Example:docker pull ubuntu:16.04 Specific options can be selected through thedocker pull –helpName see Docker registry is docker hub by default, and the address format is < IP / domain name >Example:docker pull ubuntu:16.04 Run container Docker run warehouse nameTake […]

  • Git common command summary


    Next, take from GitHub as a remote warehouse as an example. Gitee only needs to replace the corresponding warehouse link. For git related teaching, please refer to teacher Liao Xuefeng’s git tutorial, which is not introduced here. Of course, the following command line is just for you to know how to operate git without graphical […]

  • Introduction to jQuery, including load (), get (), post (), assignment and other methods (case analysis)


    1. What is jQuery JQuery is a framework collection of JavaScript, not a new technology. 2. What’s the use of jQuery -Write less and do more -Free, open source and lightweight JS library, small capacity Note: in the project, it is recommended to refer to the JS Library of Min version -Compatible with mainstream browsers […]

  • IOS drop down label selector


    Drop down label selectorDropDownMenuViewSimple drop-down label selector, provides check and deselect, single linked list and double linked list combination, supports proxy configuration picture, can customize configuration Warehouse address:https://github.com/gu0315/Dro… Let’s see the effect first: design sketchRealization ideaThe style of each column is set by proxy, the original data is transferred to tableview by proxy, the data […]

  • Practical react technology stack + Express front end and back end blog project (4) — the writing of blog home page code and the organization of Redux Saga


    Project address:https://github.com/Nealyang/R… I wanted to wait for the project to finish and then serialize a series of blogs. With the development, I did encounter many pitfalls and consulted many people. So I thought, why not record and share the harvest at the same time. Sharing is good, of course,It would be more beautiful if we […]

  • What are the application scenarios of AI technology in music products?


    Automatic annotation, smooth transition, music authentication, AI creation, when AI technology is applied to the music industry to bring convenience and more choices for human spiritual culture and entertainment life, it is also an exciting thing. With the emergence of deep learning algorithm, the maturity of big data and 5g technology, ai artificial intelligence has […]

  • What are the format types of JSON?


    JSON is the most popular data exchange format at present. For it, we need to be very familiar with all aspects of its knowledge. This time, let’s take a look at its format types. Data exchange format Basic types Array type Object nesting Case practice Basic types {“key”: value, “key”: “value”,…}, start with braces, add […]

  • XML Extensible Markup Language


    XML refers to extensible markup language. XML is designed to transmit and store data. XML is important and easy to learn. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Introduction to XML XML is designed to transmit and store data. Html is designed to display data. 。。。。。。。。。。。。。 What is XML? XML refers to extensible markup language. XML is a markup language much […]

  • ES6, Vue instruction, calculation attribute, binding class and style, conditional rendering, list rendering, form input binding (bidirectional data binding)


    Chapter 13 Vue framework 13.1 ES6 ES6 is the abbreviation of ECMAScript 6.0, which is the next generation standard of JavaScript language. It has been officially released in June 2015. Its goal is to enable JS to easily develop large-scale enterprise applications. Therefore, some specifications of ES6 are gradually approaching back-end language standards such as […]