• Record the nodeport Local Cluster of Alibaba Cloud ACK


    background: A long time ago (well, more than 200 days ago), a service application was created, using nodeport to expose the service to the outside world, focusing on the network service created by the console:That’s how it goes…it’s been okay. But it is unknown, so today the business suddenly cannot be accessed (the access address […]

  • k8s cheat sheet


    Nodes https://kubernetes.io/docs/co… Components on the node includekubelet、 container runtime (like Docker)as well askube-proxy # view nodes kubectl get node # view nodes状态和其他信息 kubectl describe node <insert-node-name-here> Pods The smallest deployable computing unit created and managed in k8s K8S schedules containers by arranging Pods instead of directly manipulating containers. K8S cannot directly manipulate containers kubectl get […]

  • k8s monitoring cicd operation and maintenance 3 core directions want to become an expert like me do you share your experience


    The current three core directions of operation and maintenance Want to become an expert like me? Share your experience Currently there are three hot directions for operation and maintenance: k8s, monitoring, cicd Analyze Video Links Regardless of whether we directly maintain and develop these three types of tools, we must be familiar with them Why […]

  • K8S Ecological Weekly | Kubernetes v1.25 will add support for user namespaces


    The content of “K8S Ecological Weekly Report” mainly includes some recommended weekly information related to the K8S ecology that I have come into contact with. Welcome to subscribe to Zhihu column“k8s ecology”。 Hello everyone, I am Zhang Jintao. This week is also a busy week. I would like to share an experience with you, giving […]

  • Teach you to quickly deploy ES clusters in Kubernetes


    Summary:ES cluster is a powerful tool for big data storage and analysis, and fast retrieval. This article briefly describes the ES cluster architecture, and provides a sample of quickly deploying ES cluster in Kubernetes; introduces the monitoring and maintenance tools of ES cluster, It also provides some experience in problem location, and finally summarizes the […]

  • K8S Ecological Weekly | Kubernetes v1.25 discards the GlusterFS volume plugin


    The content of “K8S Ecological Weekly Report” mainly includes some recommended weekly information related to the K8S ecology that I have come into contact with. Welcome to subscribe to Zhihu column“k8s ecology”。 Hello everyone, I am Zhang Jintao. There are a lot of things this week, and I basically pay attention to the progress of […]

  • Deploy Gitlab in K8s


    Install persistent storage # https://github.com/openebs/openebs/blob/main/translations/README.zh.md kubectl apply -f https://openebs.github.io/charts/openebs-operator.yaml # View the StorageClass of the cluster kubectl get sc # Set openebs-hostpath to default kubectl patch storageclass openebs-hostpath -p ‘{“metadata”: {“annotations”:{“storageclass.kubernetes.io/is-default-class”:”true”}}}’ create namespace kubectl create namespace devops deploy redis create pvc # create redis-pvc.yaml apiVersion: v1 kind: PersistentVolumeClaim metadata: name: redis-pvc namespace: devops spec: accessModes: […]

  • KubeCube user management and authentication


    forewordKubeCube (https://kubecube.io) is a lightweight enterprise-level container platform recently open-sourced by Netease Shufan, which provides enterprises with visual management of kubernetes resources and unified multi-cluster multi-tenant management functions. The KubeCube community will explain the design features and technical implementation of KubeCube through a series of technical articles to help developers and users understand and get […]

  • SUSE helps a leading fund company build a PaaS platform


    About the AuthorZhang Yingluo, a senior architect at SUSE, has 15 years of experience in architecture consulting, focusing on SUSE Cloud-native-related product landing solutions and consulting solution design. customer background The customer is one of the leading fund companies in China, with nearly 80 million customers and a fund management scale of nearly 2 trillion […]

  • Deploy VSCode on Kubernetes cluster


    Deploy VSCode on Kubernetes cluster Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code is a lightweight yet powerful source code editor that runs on your desktop for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, and provides a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages ​​(such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, […]

  • Shifu teaches you to easily add drivers and connect to any IoT device


    Although Shifu is currently supporting more protocols, there are many connection protocols for IoT devices. In the process of using Shifu, it is inevitable to encounter protocols that are not currently supported. This article will introduce how to use third-party drivers to access devices in Shifu. If you wish to contribute code to the Shifu […]

  • BizWorks application platform based on KubeVela practice


    author: Jing Liming foreword The cooperation between BizWorks and KubeVela began with version 1.0.5. BizWorks completed the verification of key technologies on version 1.0.5 and expanded BizWorks’ application deployment and operation and maintenance capabilities on the basis of version 1.2.5. Through more than a year of in-depth cooperation, BizWorks has solved some pain points and […]