• Configuration separation: configmap


    ConfigMap What is configmap How to create configmap Create configmap based on directory / file mode Creating configmap based on Env file Directly create configmap based on literal Creating configmap based on yaml file Use valuefrom to define environment variables Batch generation of environment variables using envfrom Mount configmap as a file Prevent overwrite operation […]

  • Introduction to cloud native technology kubernetes (k8s)


    catalogue 01 what is kubernetes? 02 difference between kubernetes and compose + swarm 03 one point summary Today, let’s take a look at the introduction of kubernetes technology. Recently, I saw Mr. Zhang Lei’s in-depth kubernetes technology in Geek time. It’s very good. Interested students can listen to it. It’s very helpful to understand kubernetes […]

  • Detailed explanation of the use of cloud native technology kubernetes scheduling unit pod


    The smallest scheduling unit in k8s — pod      In previous articles, we briefly introduce the problems that k8s can solve. In short, it solves the problem of container scheduling and scheduling. Its core value is that there are actually various relationships between tasks running in large-scale clusters. The processing of these relationships is the most […]

  • Explain the layout and life cycle of kubernetes pod in detail


    catalogue K8s master basic architecture Pod’s choreography idea Properties of pod object and container? Life cycle of pod K8s master basic architecture The cluster operation of k8s depends on the communication between the master node and the node node. In order to better understand the pod life cycle in part 4, we first give a […]

  • Use of kubernetes yaml files


    catalogue 01 yaml file introduction Yaml — key value type Yaml — list type 02 relationship between master, node and pod in k8s 01 yaml file introduction When starting pod, k8s will use yaml file to start. Today, let’s take a look at the most commonly used format of yaml file. The syntax of yaml […]

  • How to create a pod in kubernetes


    catalogue How to create a pod? Kubectl tool How to create a pod?       In previous articles, we introduced the difference and relationship between container and pod. We know that pod is the smallest unit of k8s scheduling, and there can be multiple containers in a pod, so how can we define our own pod? […]

  • Analysis of kubernetes controller and label


    catalogue Common controllers in 01 k8s RC controller Deployment controller Stateful controller 02 concept of label Common controllers in 01 k8s We learned before that Pod is the smallest unit of scheduling in k8s clusters, and Pod is made up of Pause containers + application containers. In k8s, one resource object often manages another. We […]

  • Protobuf introduction and practice 27: how to define the method without return value and parameter in RPC? (grpc go protobuf empty has no return value and no parameter)


    1   go grpc go related technical column general entrance 2   protobuf introduction and actual combat graphic column contents 1. When defining RPC method in proto file, how to realize no parameter setting and no return value setting? 1.1 step 1: import the specified file 1.2 step 2: the setting method is no parameter […]

  • Go language project development practice – geek time


    Take you from 0 to 1 to realize an enterprise level go project Kong Lingfei, senior engineer of Tencent cloud, former engineer of red hat and Lenovo cloudBest practice of front-line enterprise application go language project development actual battle Baidu online disk access contact wechat juzi20001008 A set of executable and reusable enterprise application codeExplain […]

  • My CKS test preparation record in February 2022


    preface CKA and CKS are the authoritative certification in the field of cloud native technology organized by Linux foundation and CNCF community. The examination is conducted in a practical way. The full name of CKS is kubernetes security expert certification. It tests candidates’ knowledge of kubernetes and cloud security in a simulated real environment. Before […]

  • Install kubernetes version 1.18.3 in binary mode (nearly 60000 words)


    Install kubernetes version 1.18.3 in binary mode 1、 Introduction to kubernetes 1. Kubernetes architecture design drawing 2. Introduction to common components of kubernetes 2、 Kubernetes binary installation 1. Create CA certificate and key 2. Install etcd components 1) Create etcd certificate and key 2) Generate certificates and keys 3) Create startup script 4) Start etcd […]

  • ArcGIS enterprise on kubernetes 10.9.1 installation example


    catalogue Installation preconditions Basic installation Configure DNS Method 1 Method 2 Create NFS server Generate storage class Create an ArcGIS enterprise organization installation is complete ArcGIS enterprise on kubernetes is a new deployment method of ArcGIS enterprise. It uses microservices and containerization to provide cloud native architecture, which runs in the kubernetes platform of the […]