• Tekton Pipelines–Task


    Preface Tekton pipelines is an open source implementation that configures and runs CI / CD style pipelines for your kubernetes application. Pipelines create custom resources to declare pipelines as building blocks. The custom resource is an extension of the kubernetes API. You can create custom kubernetes objects. After installing the custom resources, users can use […]

  • What you need to know about debugging docker containers


    Debugging the docker container can be a very challenging process. Here, I will share some basic technologies for debugging containers, mainly Docker technologies, but these technologies are also applicable to many other types of Linux container engines. The approach I’ll cover in detail here applies to Linux based systems. The inspiration for this blog post […]

  • How to debug a docker container from a separate container


    Containers are great for encapsulating software, but sometimes you can go too far by blindly altering the container image to make it as small as possible. We need to find a good balance between “clean” images and images that cannot be debugged. The normal way to see people debugging a running container is to docker […]

  • K8s weekly ecological report | July 29, 2019 ~ August 4, 2019


    The content of k8s ecological weekly mainly includes some recommended information about k8s ecology that I have been exposed to every week. Welcome to the k8s ecology column. Containerd 1.3.0-beta.0 release Containerd was hatched from docker in 2014, initially as the underlying manager of docker engine. After being accepted by CNCF in March 2017, containerd […]

  • Create optimized go image files and stepped pits


    It is not difficult to create a go image file on docker, but the created file is very large, close to 1g, which is not convenient to use. One of the main problems of docker image is how to optimize and create a small image. We can create docker image files with multi-level construction method, […]

  • How to ensure graceful stop of pod in kubernetes


    Author: Wu Yelei I’ve always understood the graceful stop of pod very simply: don’t you just use prestop hook to do graceful exit? But recently, it has been found that prestop hook can’t fulfill the requirements well in many scenarios. In this article, I will briefly analyze the issue of “stop pod gracefully”. What is […]

  • Dry goods | Boyun’s implementation of container network plug-in in financial enterprises based on OVS


    This article is organized according to the content shared by Boyun in the wechat group of dockerone community In the past few years, Boyun has encountered a lot of pain points in landing the container cloud platform in the enterprise. One of the more typical pain points is from the network. Today, I’m glad to […]

  • How to use data architecture to drive enterprise growth?


    For architects, the development of technology is endless. In the process of building and practicing intelligent data architecture, architects will encounter some doubts and challenges more or less. How to solve some problems encountered in the architecture construction? What are the new industry trends and technical methods in the field of architecture construction? Recently, on […]

  • How to migrate applications to k8s


    The containerization of program deployment environment has become the general trend. Microservice provides a broad application stage for containerization. K8s has incorporated docker into its underlying support container engine, unified the Jianghu, and become the de facto standard of container technology. General applications can not be directly deployed to the container, and need to be […]

  • K8s and HPA — event driven auto scaling based on kubernetes


    Keda enables fine-grained automatic scaling of event driven kubernetes workloads (including zero to Zero Auto scaling). Keda acts as the kubernetes metrics server, allowing users to define auto scaling rules using a dedicated kubernetes custom resource definition. Keda can run on the cloud and edge, can be locally integrated with kubernetes components (such as horizo […]

  • K8s and log — add a filter for fluent bit using Lua


    Preface Previously, we introduced the fluent bit log collection artifact. Recently, we have met the needs of wonderful people. We have to use Lua to write the filter of fluent bit to meet the needs. First of all, the following requirements are introduced:The non container log team uses filebeat, and its configuration file is as […]

  • K8s abnormal pod processing


    Automatic processing: Flexible use of readinessprobe and livessprobe probes can automatically handle routine exceptions (such as service failure, health check failure), and business log records exceptions Readinessprobe is mainly used to detect whether the service is available. If not, it is removed from the service traffic load Livenessprobe detects whether the container is healthy. If […]