• The most powerful open source traffic gateway for microservices, Kong


    preface In the microservice architecture, due to the subdivision of system and service, the system structure becomes very complex. In order to cross platform, to unify the centralized management API, and to not expose the post service. Even sometimes it is necessary to perform some intermediate operations such as security, load balancing, current limiting, fusing, […]

  • Performance comparison of popular open source gateways: Goku, Kong & tyk


    Not to mention, the performance test results are directly given to: We compare the same hot products in the market and test the following products with the same environment and conditions: Goku, Kong, tyk. Note: the object of this pressure test is a single gateway node, and plug-in function is not enabled. Test details I. […]

  • Docker deployment of Kong gateway


    Kong Image: https://hub.docker.com/ / / Kong PG password is not set in the user’s installation manual given on the official website, resulting in the following problems unable to start nginx: [error] init_by_lua error: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/init.lua:277: [PostgreSQL error] failed to >retrieve server_version_num: connection refusedstack traceback:[C]: in function ‘assert’/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/init.lua:277: in function ‘init’init_by_lua:3: in main chunk Then find the […]

  • Kong and PingCAP Meetup offline in Beijing on Saturday, talking about open source, engineers gathered in VC


    An Amway: This Saturday and next Saturday in Beijing/Shanghai, respectively, offline meetup, talks about open source and development, Kong and PingCAP, Xiaohongshu will come. Current participants include engineers from Google, byte beating, Dropbox, Atlas, and investors from YC and K2VC. You can sign up by sweeping the code.

  • Docker installs Kong gateway


    1. Create a Docker network docker network create kong-net 2. Creating a databaseTake PostgreSQL as an example docker run -d –name kong-database \ –network=kong-net \ -p 5432:5432 \ -e “POSTGRES_USER=kong” \ -e “POSTGRES_DB=kong” \ postgres:9.6 3. Preparing database docker run –rm \ –network=kong-net \ -e “KONG_DATABASE=postgres” \ -e “KONG_PG_HOST=kong-database” \ -e “KONG_CASSANDRA_CONTACT_POINTS=kong-database” \ kong:latest kong […]