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  • Knowledge point — Terms


    1. MSS (Maximum Segment Size) 2. MTU (Maximum Transport Unit) 3. MSL (Maximum Segment Lifetime) 4. RTT (Round Trip Time) 5. TTL (Time To Live) Knowledge points This work adoptsCC agreementThe author and the link to this article must be indicated in the reprint

  • Xiaobai self taught python (2) construction of Python development environment


    Series articles: It is very suitable for Xiaobai’s Python learning route Self taught Python by Xiaobai (1) Python tutorial Xiaobai self taught python (2) construction of Python development environment Xiaobai taught himself python (3) basic syntax of Python Self taught Python by Xiaobai (4) Python data type Self taught Python by Xiaobai (5) Python operator […]

  • Developing web with Python Django


    Environment construction 1. Preparation sudo pip3 install -U pip pip install django pip install ipython mysqlclient 2. Create project Django admin startproject myproject // create project cd myProject python3 manage.py Startapp myapp // create application 3. Start python3 manage.py runserver 0:8080 4. Basic directory structure myProject ├── db.sqlite3 ├── manage.py ├── myApp │ ├── admin.py […]

  • Mybatis series (8) – dynamic SQL – mybatis where set trim tag example


    Step 1: run first, see the effect, and then learn Step 2: imitation and troubleshooting Step 3: Based on the previous knowledge point Step 4: contradiction of multiple conditions Step 5: where tag Step 6: set tag Step 7: trim tag Step 8: Run Project Download Step 1: run first, see the effect, and then […]

  • HTML handles word wrapping


    Mainly do often forget the accumulation of knowledge points, the content of this article is more comprehensive, and here for reference, the original article address here 1.word- break:break-all. Only works in English, with letters as the basis for line breaks 2.word- wrap:break-word. It works only in English, with words as the basis for line breaks […]

  • Android serial 28 – review the past (6)


    1、 Experience life cycle Textview is used to display a line of text in XML Function to load layoutsetContentView() coderequestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE)Use to hide the title of an activity. establish layout.xml And then register it in a new activity class. Finally, you have to register the activity class in theAndroidManifest.xmlSign up Knowledge point: our name uses a.The […]

  • Canvas basic learning


    Section 1: simple creation moveTo(0,0) starting point lineTo(0,0) Final point lineWidth=0 Thickness of connecting wire strokeStyle=”#000″ The color of the line stroke Show the final effect <canvas id=”mx” style=”border: 1px solid #ccc;”></canvas> <script> var a = document.getElementById(‘mx’); a.width = 800 a.height = 800 var cc = a.getContext(‘2d’); cc.moveTo(0, 0) cc.lineTo(200, 700) cc.lineWidth = 10 cc.strokeStyle […]

  • Solutions to leetcode problems and knowledge points 1. Sum of two numbers


    Title Link 1. Two Sum  difficulty: $/ color {00965e} {easy}$ Knowledge points 1. Hash (hash) function The classic hash function times33 is widely used, and the core algorithm is as follows: hash(i) = hash(i-1) * 33 + str[i] Laruence has an article about:Hash algorithm in PHP 2. Hash collision processing method 2.1 chain address method […]

  • Found Banned Dependency


    background When testing the environment to publish the service today, Jenkins compiled and reported an error [INFO] — maven-enforcer-plugin:3.0.0-M3:enforce (enforce-rules) @ dealapi —[WARNING] Rule 1: org.apache.maven.plugins.enforcer.BannedDependencies failed with message:Found Banned Dependency: ch.qos.logback:logback-classic:jar:1.2.3Found Banned Dependency: ch.qos.logback:logback-core:jar:1.2.3Use ‘mvn dependency:tree’ to locate the source of the banned dependencies.[INFO] ————————————————————————[INFO] BUILD FAILURE[INFO] ————————————————————————[INFO] Total time: 7.126 s[INFO] Finished at: […]

  • How can Android programmers double their salary by job hopping?


    Father Ma summed up a sentence: job hopping, either money is not in place, or is wronged. I made an analysis of my job hopping experience, hoping to help those friends who want to change jobs. Many friends want to change jobs, but the understanding of “changing jobs” may be limited to writing resumes, submitting […]

  • 500 large factory interview questions, still free of charge!!!


    Before the National Day holidayWe did the first round of interview questions, free of charge500 copies per minute of airspaceAfter the National Day holidayGet the interview questions for feedbackBecause I got the interview questionsFind out and make up for the deficiencies and improve the knowledge pointsI got the offer from the big factoryThe second wave […]

  • Php8 confirms that JIT is supported, and with swote, it will fly quickly


    Since the birth of PHP in 1994, PHP language has experienced many improvements, among which performance is one of the main criteria that developers consider when evaluating new versions.   Let’s not mention the previous version for the time being. Let’s talk about the current version of php7.3. We all know that when PHP 7 […]