• The way to master programming


    However, it is impossible to see the role of the market mechanism in the ordinary life of Adam Smith. For programmers, there will be an invisible hand in the running environment of the program. This invisible hand affects the operation of the program all the time, but you may not know it. For programmers, the […]

  • Statistical analysis of game log (1)


    Statistical analysis of game log (1) Taking the game settlement log as an example, this paper shows the process of statistical analysis of the log by using ksql. Start inclusive cd ~/Documents/install/confluent-5.0.1/ bin/confluent start View the list of Kafka topics bin/kafka-topics –list –zookeeper localhost:2181 Create a topic to accept the game settlement log bin/kafka-topics –create […]

  • Python collects Himalayan audio, anytime, anywhere, listen to me


    Preface The text and pictures of the article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. PS: if you need Python learning materials, you can click the link […]

  • Create DVD.iso Installation CD under FreeBSD System


    Preparing to carve a DVD of FreeBSD-7.0-RELEASE, it seems troublesome to introduce what ISO extraction tools are used in Windows. Referring to the implementations of some FreeBSD masters, I wrote a simple script. The main function is to create a dvd. ISO from three disc*. iso. 1. Preparations:Work directory / and three disc *. iso, […]