• Go keyword select


    select Select is a common keyword in go language. Linux has introduced this function for a long time to realize a non blocking way. A select statement is used to select which case the send or receive operation can be executed immediately. It is similar to the switch statement, but its case involves channel related […]

  • C × 8 – using declaration and asynchronous flow


    These two themes have nothing to do with each other, but I’m afraid that the home page will be removed if the article is too short. Using statement usingStatement block  although.NET CoreGarbage collector at runtime(GC)To be responsible for memory cleaning, but we still need to make sure that unmanaged resources should be cleaned up when […]

  • VBS class constructor and introduction to the use of default keyword


    In fact, in the VBScript document of MSDN, the function and sub statements mentioned the default keyword: Copy codeThe code is as follows: Default Used only with the Public keyword in a Class block to indicate that the Function procedure is the default method for the class. An error occurs if more than one Default […]

  • [vb.net tips] select case statement


    The normal select statement is as follows: Dim status As Integer = 5 Select Case status Case 0 Console.writeline (“status is: 0”) Case 1 Console.writeline (“status is: 1”) Case 2 Console.writeline (“status is: 2”) Case Else Console. Writeline (“other States!”) End Select You can also compare the range of values to determine that the two […]

  • VBS object-oriented programming and me key words


    VBS is a very simple scripting language, because of its simplicity, it only supports a small part of the object-oriented features. Other object-oriented programming languages usually use this or self keywords to access the current object, while VBS uses me keywords. The me keyword represents the current instance, or object, of the class at code […]

  • Interview | briefly describe the difference between index, primary key, unique index and joint index in mysql, and what impact it has on the performance of the database (from both the read and write aspects)


    Index is a special file (index on InnoDB data table is a part of table space), which contains reference pointer to all records in data table. The only task of a normal index (an index defined by the keyword key or index) is to speed up access to the data. A normal index allows the […]

  • Swift practical skills


    Swift practical skills From OC to swift, the difference is quite big. This article records some problems I encountered in the process of developing from OC to swift, and then records these problems I encountered into an article. Generally speaking, it is some of the following skills of swift language, hoping to help people in […]

  • [Linux] shell script programming – count the device number in the log file to send the notification email


    1. List of log files For example, / data1 / logs / 2019 / 08 / 15/   2. Count a keyword shell script in the log Zcat *. Gz|grep keyword|grep – op “deviceid = [^] +” |uniq|sort – U > / TMP / 20190815.log Date formats the date and other information, and […]

  • SQL common statements


    1 increase 1.1 [insert single line]Insert [into] valuesExample: insert into stratdents (name, gender, date of birth) values (‘happy friends’, ‘male’, ‘1980 / 6 / 15’) 1.2 [add existing table data to an existing table]Insert into (column name) select fromExample: insert into tongxunlu (‘name ‘,’ address’, ’email’)select name,address,emailfrom Strdents 1.3 [directly create a new table with […]

  • Sqlmap through WAF command tamper scripts applicable environment


    0x00 I believe that many small partners feel the same as me. They are obviously injected on the station but intercepted or filtered by the evil WAF. At this time, we need to use the powerful tamper of SQL MAP. 0x01 Usage–tamper xxx.py Apostrophemask.py Replaces Single Quotation Characters with UTF-8 Full Angle Characters Apostrophenullencode.py Replaces […]

  • Google hack


    0x00 Collect and organize some of the possible Google hack grammars on the Internet 0x01 Intitle: Search for the specified keyword from the title of a web page. It can be used to search for various web programs with the specified version name, or allintitle can be used.Inurl: Search for specified keywords from urls, which […]

  • C# type member: constructor


    1. Constructor A constructor is a special method of a class that never returns a value (even a void), and has the same method name as the class name, which also supports overloading. The constructor is indirectly invoked to initialize the values of fields and attributes for objects when creating objects using the new keyword. […]