• Develop a simple tool to export all issue lists of GitHub warehouse


    Jerry has a GitHub warehouse, which is specially used to store his own knowledge management. He records specific knowledge points by issuing one by one:https://github.com/i042416/Kn…So far, more than 2000 records have been accumulated. I have such a requirement in my work that I need to give a keyword and quickly find all issues with the […]

  • The difference between synchronized keyword and volatile keyword


    WeChat public address:AI asked CTOProfessional programming Q & a communitywww.askcto.com 1. Volatile keyword is a lightweight implementation of thread synchronization, so volatile performance is definitely better than synchronized keyword. But the volatile keyword can only be used for variables and the synchronized keyword can decorate methods and code blocks. After Java se 1.6, synchronized keyword […]

  • 10 lines of Python code make group chat to remind the little assistant that he is not afraid to miss any more messages


    Preface Do you remember when we taught our parents to play wechat? After the parents learn, our life has undergone a “qualitative” change, parents may Tucao your WeChat head is not good, want you to change a head. Recently, PK was again tucking out by her mother, because her relatives in WeChat group had a […]

  • The usage of PHP self keyword


    Someone in the PHP group askedselfThe answer is obvious: it can’t be used in a static member functionthisCall a nonmember function, but use theselfCall static member function / variable / constant; other member functions can useselfCall static and non static member functions. As the discussion progressed, it was found thatselfIt’s not that simple. In view […]

  • Introduction to rule (3)


    In this part, we learn theVariable, data type, function, comment, process controlThese five aspects. The first two parts are introduced, and the last three parts are introduced. function Function is common in the rust code. We have seen its main function, main function, which is the entry to the program. We’ve also seen the FN […]

  • HTML (4)


    selector1. Core selectortag chooser div{}id selector #one{}Class selector .secondComma selector div,#id-name{}Combination selector div#one{}General selector*Generally not applicable (width to parent, height to child) 2. Hierarchy selector Child Selector .nav>ul>li>{} Descendant Selectors .nav li{} Next brother selector products> li.ios~*{} After that, all brother selectors .products > li.ios ~ *{} 3. Property selector Status related selector[] input[type=text] Input […]

  • Database key list


    Database key: In order to avoid using system reserved keywords in the process of database table structure design, we must know which keywords exist in the database. Next, we will list the reserved keywords of MySQL, Oracle and SQL server. Mysql http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/keywords.html ACCESSIBLE (R) ACCOUNT[a] ACTION ADD (R) AFTER AGAINST AGGREGATE ALGORITHM ALL (R) ALTER (R) ALWAYS[b] ANALYSE ANALYZE (R) […]

  • Java Concurrent Programming: 4-java memory model


    Preface: In the chapter of threads and processes, the risks brought by multithreading are mentioned. This chapter will explain how the data security problem, one of the risks, is generated and how to solve it. At the beginning, the memory architecture in hardware will be introduced to better understand the JAVA memory model. Interview questionsQ: […]

  • Getting started with MySQL (1)


    1.  MySQLWhat is it? MySQLIt’s a small oneRelational database management system,Developed by SwedenMySQL AB company,stay2008year1month16Number bysunCompany acquisition,And then on2009year4Moon coverOracleCompany acquisition, now belongs to Oracle Our products. MySQL It’s the most popularRelational database management systemOne of the WEB In terms of application,MySQLIt’s the best. RDBMS (Relational Database Management System, relational database management system) One of the application software.MySQLWidely used […]

  • Java Concurrent synchronized keyword and lock interface


    Welcome to like reading, study and exchange together, please leave a message if you have any questions.Open source javahouse is also available on GitHub. Welcome to star Quote During the development process, we encountered concurrency problems. How to solve it? One solution, simple and crude: lock. Stop thousands of troops and horses. Only one person […]

  • VIM technique: display all the searched content in the form of list, and remove the highlight of the searched content


    This article introduces some skills of vim: Display all searched contents in list form Remove highlights from search content Display all searched contents in list form VIM in file/perhaps?Search will not list all the found contents. You need to jump to the matching position one by one through the N or n command. If you […]

  • Interesting knowledge in JS


    1. Semicolon and line break function fn1(){ return { name: ‘javascript’ }; } function fn2(){ return { name: ‘javascript’ }; } var obj1 = fn1(); var obj2 = fn2(); console.log(obj1); console.log(obj2); This example doesn’t look different, but in essence, it is. The first output is an object and the second is undefined. Why? Because there […]