• A practical application case of map reduce idea in ABAP programming


    ABAP is an enterprise application programming language. Its 740 version was released in 2013, adding many new syntax and keywords: One of the highlights is the newly introduced reduce keyword. The role of this keyword and widely used in the field of parallel computing of large-scale data setsMap-ReduceThe reduce operation in the programming model is […]

  • Chapter 45 SQL command from (I)


    Chapter 45 SQL command from (I) A select clause that specifies one or more tables to query. outline SELECT … FROM [optimize-option] table-ref [[AS] t-alias][,table-ref [[AS] t-alias]][,…] parameter optimize-optioN – optional – specifies a single keyword or a series of keywords separated by spaces for query optimization options (optimizer tips). The following keywords are supported:%ALLINDEX、%FIRSTTABLE […]

  • JQuery dynamically adds alt, keywords, description, title, and problems


    1. JQuery dynamically adds alt attribute to img $(document).ready(function(){ $(“body img”).each(function(){ $(this).attr(‘alt’,’11111′); }); }); 2. Dynamically add keywords and description keywords $(“meta[http-equiv=’X-UA-Compatible’]”).after( `<meta name=”keywords” content=”${keywords}”> <meta name=”description” content=”${description}”>` ); 3. Dynamically add page title document.title = ‘title’; 4. After dynamically adding the page title, the default title content will flash for a while, and then […]

  • By simulating data, use js to realize the example tutorial of fuzzy query drop-down box function in the front end


    The so-called fuzzy query is the query result obtained by matching keywords to the data containing keywords in the data. This example tutorial explains the function of entering keywords in the front text box and displaying the matching data list. First, prepare a text box and div element to display the data list. The HTML […]

  • Kotlin of Android (I) — basic use of kotlin


    preface Kotlin is a static type programming language running on Java virtual machine. It is designed, developed and open source by JetBrains. Kotlin can be compiled into Java bytecode like a class file and run on a JVM. It can also be compiled into JavaScript to run on devices without a JVM. At the Google […]

  • How to bind the filed domain name to the server


    After the domain name is filed, how to bind it to the server? I will take Alibaba cloud as an example to explain the resolution operation 1、 Log in to Alibaba cloud official website[https://homenew.console.aliyu…] 2、 Enter in the search box“domain name”Keyword, click the console – domain name option in the search list 3、 Click in […]

  • IOS methodology – efficient implementation


    I often encounter this problem: I don’t know how to achieve this effect. This problem can be abstracted into a technical research problem. The normal technical research process is like this1. Search for information to understand several schemes that can achieve this effect2. Go through each scheme and search the specific implementation method with the […]

  • A jser dart learning log (3): Class


    This article is the third in the series of “a jser’s dart learning log”. This series of articles mainly explore the similarities and differences between JS and dart, and smoothly transition to dart language while reviewing and consolidating JS.Since the author is still a beginner of dart, his understanding may be superficial and one-sided. If […]

  • How to use async and await?


    Async and await are new syntax introduced by ES7, which can facilitate asynchronous operation Async keyword is used on the function (the return value of async function is promise instance object) Await must be used with async. example: //Get data 1 getDatas1() { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { this.$http .get(window.SITE_CONFIG.apiURL + “/static/queryStatic”, { params: […]

  • C + + advanced tutorial: C + + exception handling


    Exceptions are problems that arise during program execution. C + + exceptions are special situations that occur when a program is running, such as an attempt to divide by zero. Exceptions provide a way to transfer control of a program. C + + exception handling involves three keywords:try、catch、throw。 throw:When a problem occurs, the program throws […]

  • Variable declaration in ES6


    Xiaobian himself is a front-end. Recently, when working on a project, it has become more and more difficult to realize some front-end functions. Especially in the face of Vue, he doesn’t know some new grammars at all. So I’m going to take advantage of my spare time to seriously study some new features in JavaScript. […]

  • Selenium automation framework: data driven, keyword driven and hybrid


    WeChat official account -IT promotion, focus on sharing knowledge related to IT, pay attention to me promotion and salary raise! What is selenium framework? The selenium framework is a code structure that makes code maintenance simple and efficient. If there is no framework, users can use the “C” framework to produce some beneficial results, such […]