• Laravel common code collection


    I have been using laravel for a long time, and I have used many versions. The following code is collected in daily projects and shared as notes. I hope it will be of some use to you.Note: the version is not marked. If there is any incompatibility, you can fine tune it. verification I’m not […]

  • One person develops a product, applet from 0 to 1, Chapter 3 framework syntax


    Many resumes have “proficient” in the word, but the basic knowledge is not qualified. It is suggested that the comrades who study programming should be patient and start from frame grammar. Otherwise, one day, you still have to learn from frame grammar. JS of wechat applet is a set of script language, combined with wxml, […]

  • Exchange 2013 learning notes 12: Discovering search mailbox


    1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click. 1.2. Click “permission”, select “administrator role“, then select “discovery management” role, and then click “Edit”. 1.3. Add administrator “Administrator” under members, and then click “save”. 1.4. Log out of the exchange administrative center and log in again […]

  • [Development Notes] notes on swift grammar


    Recently, we are developing oneswiftProject,swiftGrammar is really a little strange, not likejsJust grab it and write it. Write an essayswiftGrammar that is not understood by the public. File import in swift In swift, just useswiftAll classes writtenunwantedexcessimportBut it is necessary to use the library written in OCimport Guard keyword The Boolean value of the expression […]

  • What are B-tree and B + tree in the series of data structure? Why can’t binary search trees work?


    This paper will introduce B-tree and B + tree. Firstly, it introduces the application scenario of B-tree and why B-tree is needed. Secondly, it introduces the query and insertion process of B-tree. Finally, it discusses the improvement of B + tree for B-tree.Before talking about B-tree, let’s talk about the application scenarios of B-tree. So […]

  • Basic syntax of java interface


    definition Using interface definition The methods in the interface are all abstract methods The methods in the interface are all public permissions realization The implementation interface uses the implements keyword A class can implement multiple interfaces An interface can inherit multiple interfaces A class can implement multiple interfaces public interface USB { void read(); void […]

  • Why does Python have no void keyword?


    voidIt is one of the most common keywords in programming languages. Literally, it means “empty, empty set, blank”,Most commonly used inRepresents a return value type of a function. Wikipedia has a definition: The void type, in several programming languages derived from C and Algol68, is the type for the result of a function that returns […]

  • Oracle foundation — query statement (1)


    Oracle foundation — query statement (1) Syntax of query statements SELECT \* |{\[DISTINCT\] column|expression \[alias\], … } ​ FROM table ​ WHERE conditions ​ GROUP BY ​ ORDER BY column \[ASC | DESC\]; Tips: Case insensitive It can be written in multiple lines Keywords cannot be abbreviated or span multiple lines Usually each clause occupies […]

  • “2020” IOS interview questions


    If you think that the questions are good and worth learning when preparing for the interview, you will surely get more from your own exploration than from directly opening the link to see my possible wrong answers. Finally, I wish you all a satisfactory job. Many people like this article, so I’ll make one more […]

  • Black tech artifact utools


    Hello, everyone. It’s the weekend again. Little black brother will share one with youArtifact:『utools』。 Official website address: https://u.tools/ Utools is a minimalist, plug-in, cross platform modern desktop software. Through the free selection of rich plug-ins, you can create a handy tool collection. When you are familiar with it, it can save you a lot of […]

  • OC attribute and instance variable


    OC attribute and instance variable No matter Java or C + + these object-oriented languages have the concept of attribute. Generally speaking, there is no difference between Java attribute and instance variable. The properties defined by Java are as follows: Property refers to the get or set method name. After removing get or set and […]

  • Python two methods of judging whether the keyword key is in Dict


    Python two methods to judge whether the key key is in the dictionary The keyword ‘in’ can be used to determine whether the key is in the dictionary dict If the above method fails, this method is sure to work. Use the dictionary inner function__ contains__ (key)