• This paper introduces a visual studio code extension that can highlight any keyword


    The name of this extension is todo highlight: It was originally designed to highlight the keywords todo and fixme in the code comments: But I found that it can highlight any keyword specified by the user, which is very flexible. Open the settings in the menu file – > Preferences – > user settings: Use […]

  • Using Ajax in CakePHP


    preface Although CakePHP is not widely used in domestic development, this framework still has a certain market in Japan. I hope this note can help the partners who developed in Japan. Realization effect After entering keywords, the search results are displayed below, which is equivalent to a single page application premise Readers already have a […]

  • Do you know why you choose B + tree as the database index structure? Talk about your understanding


    background First, let’s talk about the B tree. Why use a B-tree? We need to understand the following two facts: [fact 1] The access speed of memory with different capacity varies greatly. Taking disk and memory as an example, the time to access disk is about Ms level, and the time to access memory is […]

  • Usage and feature analysis of Java synchronized keyword


    This article mainly introduces the usage and feature analysis of Java synchronized keywords. It is introduced in great detail through the example code, which has a certain reference value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it The synchronized keyword is a way to implement locks. It is an unfair lock […]

  • B-tree and B + tree


    B-tree and B + tree [TOC] reference resources:Detailed explanation of B-tree and B + tree preface B + tree is a kind of storage structure, which is often used in database indexing. Prepare knowledge M-order tree: the maximum bifurcation of the tree is m, that is, the maximum number of child nodes is m; Root […]

  • Common insertion commands of vim


    Start inserting after the cursor\A # start inserting at the end of the line where the cursor is\I # start inserting in front of the cursor\I # start inserting before the line where the cursor is\O # insert another line under the cursor line\O # insert another line on the cursor line soaandicontrary,AandIcontrary,oandOcontrary. Cursor positioning […]

  • R language for twitter data visualization


    By audhi AprilCompile VKSource: towards Data Science summary For this project, we will use Twitter’s raw data through crawler on May 28-29, 2019. In addition, the data is in CSV format (comma separated) and can be downloaded here. https://github.com/audhiaprilliant/Indonesia-Public-Election-Twitter-Sentiment-Analysis/tree/master/Datasets It involves two topics, one is the data of Joko Widodo with the keyword “Joko Widodo”, […]

  • Notes on miscellaneous points of knowledge (1)


    1. The delete operator returns a Boolean value: true means the deletion is successful, otherwise it returns false. However, variables declared by VaR, const or let keywords cannot be deleted by the delete operator. const name = “Lydia”; age = 21; console.log(delete name); //false console.log(delete age); //true Using the delete keyword to delete the attributes […]

  • Conditions and cycles


    loop Go language only supports the circular keyword for for i := 0; i<5; i++ “>for i := 0; i<5; i++ Examples While conditional loop while(n<5) n := 0 for n < 5 { n++ fmt.Println(n) } “>n := 0 for n < 5 { n++ fmt.Println(n) } While infinite loop while(true) for { … […]

  • Basic usage of vim


    Recently, I am learning C language. By the way, I use VIM as editor to familiarize myself with some common operations and commands. Open or create a new file At the command prompt, enter: VIM file name. If the file name exists, VIM will open it. If it does not exist, VIM will create a […]

  • Resume of success, resume of failure


    A few years ago, the scene of job hunting for SDE (Software Development Engineer) was like this: As long as you paste your resume on several job boards, you can wait for HR to call you; Or, as long as you widely send your resume to the major enterprises in the industry, you can wait […]

  • Learn go and rust through examples — closure


    A closure, in short, is a piece of stateful code. Let’s try to make a counter with closures. Each time we call, the state of closures will be increased by 1 Go func intSeq() func() int { i := 0 return func() int { i++ return i } } func main() { nextInt := intSeq() […]