• How to transfer SSH keys between different devices


    Some MAC need to transfer SSH keys between different devices, but I don’t know how to transfer SSH keys conveniently. Now Xiaobian will teach you the solution to this problem. resolvent: If both devices are in the same LAN, you can use finder to drag the key directly to the target location. However, the. SSH […]

  • The keys command of redis must not be misused


    Kesy command Time complexity: O (n). Suppose that the key name in redis and the length of the given schema are limited, n is the number of keys in the database. The redis keys command is used to find all keys that match a given pattern Although the time complexity of this operation is O […]

  • Using redis hyperloglog to count UV data easily


    The original is first official account of WeChat official account, Doocs open source community, a public number that helps developers grow. If you are developing an “event” based application that can handle many requests from different users, you are likely to want to be able to calculate different user actions for sliding windows or for […]

  • Redis Command Use Skills Keys Related Operations


    Preface After introducing Redis connection related commands, I will introduce the key related commands again. As a key-value database, Redis operation on Key is unavoidable. KEYS is very fast, but using it in a large database can still cause performance problems. If you need to find a specific key from a data set, you’d better […]