• How does the character appear on the display after typing the keyboard


    Every time we hit the computer keyboard, the corresponding characters will appear on the display. What happened in the middle? Please listen to me. Related concepts People’s operation of buttons can be described from two dimensions, one is “action”, the other is “content”. Press a key, release a key, press a key and hold it […]

  • Add a semicolon at the end of the vscode line and wrap it


    1. Install macros in vscode extension 2. Add the following code to settings.json: “macros”: { “addSemicolonToLineEndAndThenWrap”: [ “cursorLineEnd”, { “command”: “type”, “args”: { “text”: “;” } }, “editor.action.insertLineAfter” ] } 3. Add the following code to keybinding.json: { “key”: “shift+enter”, “command”: “macros.addSemicolonToLineEndAndThenWrap”, “when”: “editorTextFocus && !editorReadonly” } If you want to realize other functions, you […]

  • Vue – key modifier & System modifier


    This paper describes the key modifiers in Vue Introducing examples In life, there is often such a scene: pressEnterSubmit, or pressEscExit full screen and so on, these are related to the keyboard operation Similarly, in Vue, we can also use thev-onadd toKey modifierMap a key to the corresponding event to monitor key events Introduction of […]

  • How to input text quickly without keyboard in MacBook?


    How to input text quickly without keyboard in MacBook?Many small partners do not know where to set up, today this article will introduce to you, not clear small partners and small make up together to learn the following specific operation process.. MacBook keyboard free text entry tutorial: 1. Open our ownMacBook, find the position you […]

  • Call the delete key to delete the line or node of jsplug process


    ❝ Some time ago, I made a front-end process designer, which is based on jsplug and can be dragged. The big leader was very satisfied with it and put forward a suggestion. The deletion of lines was not in line with the habits of the public. Most people couldn’t guess (what I did was to […]

  • Programmer’s Guide to mechanical keyboard


    As a keyboard man (Programmer) who often interacts with the keyboard, having a practical mechanical keyboard can greatly improve the coding efficiency and programming experience. As an old coder, he has used many kinds of mechanical keyboards. No matter how good the scissors keyboard of MAC is, there is no comparability between the experience and […]

  • Input attribute that should not be abused


    Two days ago, I received a request: mobile phone number, ID card and verification code need to be verified,Inspection rules include length and content。 I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t know if it will work well. Let’s sort it out today. Let’s talk about what we have in mind Tag properties of […]

  • How to monitor the closing of keyboard pop-up in flutter


    preface Recently, when I was working on the company’s flutter project, I received a demand that the essence of it is to realize the function of losing the focus of textfield component when I put away the keyboard. At first glance, this demand is easy to solve, I thought, that’s it! That’s it! That’s it! […]

  • Support for touch screen zooming in and out of Firefox browser under Ubuntu Linux


    My computer is Dell latitude 7275, or XPS 12 9250, with a wacom touch screen )。 The system used is pop OS 20 . 10. The desktop is Gnome 3. Pop OS is a modified system based on Ubuntu. By default, my touch screen can simulate single finger scrolling in gnome’s built-in software (such as […]

  • The processing of H5 mobile phone keyboard pop up


    This article first appeared in hzzly’s blog The original text of H5 Foreword: the front-end time also started the tossing journey of H5 mobile terminal according to the needs of the project, and expanded two TOC mobile terminal projects on the basis of the current middle platform. The following is a summary of the compatibility […]

  • Realization of license plate keyboard by react


    vehicle-plate-keyboard The license plate keyboard realized by react. https://github.com/LiuuY/vehicle-plate-keyboard 💡 Features Province + letters / numbers + ‘Hong Kong and Macao student police collar’ New energy license plate Automatically judge the current position and input character type 🚗 Demo Demo 📷 Screenshots 📦 Installation yarn add vehicle-plate-keyboard 🔨 Usage import LicenseKeyboard from ‘vehicle-plate-keyboard’; import ‘vehicle-plate-keyboard/dist/main.css’; […]

  • Vue and H5 solve the problem that the soft keyboard of Android phone pops up and the page height is raised


    Tested, problem solved const originalHeight=document.documentElement.clientHeight ||document.body.clientHeight; window.onresize = ()=>{         return(()=>{                     //The height of the window will change when the keyboard pops up or hides const resizeHeight=document.documentElement.clientHeight || document.body.clientHeight; console.log (enter to judge page height = = = = = =); console.log (“initial page height = […]