• Redux tour-1


    Time: 2016.4.7-17:24Author: March lazy donkeyGetting started configuration article:link prepare Add Redux / react Redux under your project npm install redux –save npm install react-redux –save Introductory examples There are many analyses of Redux on the Internet. I don’t explain the role of the whole Redux from the abstract, but I find that there are few […]

  • Mobile terminal test


    Knowledge overview 1、 What is mobile testing Mobile end testing refers to the testing of mobile applications, that is, the degree to which the characteristics of entities meet the requirements. 2、 Mobile terminal test classification 1. App function test Business logic correctness test: design test cases according to product documents, plus implicit demand cases Compatibility […]

  • Hardware deblocking, software deblocking and key message processing of keys in embedded devices


    Key processing device in embedded system Key A button is a two – state switch equipped with an elastic device: on and off Due to the action of elastic parts, the button is disconnected most of the time From the perspective of circuit, the role of button is open circuit and short circuit Buttons are […]

  • Native JavaScript development calculator example


    The main function of calculator is to carry out digital operation. Developing a web example of calculator function will help to better master the basic digital operation ability of JS. This example analyzes the development steps of a JS calculator in detail. It is best to have some basic JS knowledge when learning this tutorial. […]

  • One click swagger type to typescript type (vscode plug-in)


    Swagger To Typescript Swagger to typescript is a plug-in used to automatically convert the type provided by swagger document to typescript type usage Shortcut key configuration Default key configuration (window & MAC) Conversion operationctrl+shift+k(the right-click panel also has options) You can also go to the shortcut key setting interface for custom settings PS: File TeleportFile […]

  • Online keyboard key detection tool


    Online keyboard key detection tool Online keyboard key detection tool The tool is only applicable to the equipment with keyboard. It will automatically detect after pressing the key. Clicking the value can quickly copy the decimal or hexadecimal code value. Because the case cannot be switched, the tool can only quickly detect lowercase letters, and […]

  • Selected multi line code content # comment of pycharm basic operation


    Select multiple lines of code and press Ctrl + /, and the selected lines will be annotated. Press Ctrl + / againto cancel the annotation Select multiple lines of code, under English input method, press and hold the key on the left of “enter” symbol to comment multiple lines  

  • Select the direction of the console with the cursor < >


    0. Renderings   You can use the direction key to select, which looks advanced and can prevent random input.   1. Introduction: This is the choice I used to write:   I believe this should also be used by many people on the console, Indeed, this is simple and easy to write.   But! Yes! […]

  • How does golang get all the keys of a map


    Best way: create a new array according to the length of the map, traverse the map and press in one by one Method 1 (very efficient): func getKeys1(m map[int]int) []int { //The default length of the array is the length of the map. When the array is attached, there is no need to re apply […]

  • The computer uses the handle to play games


    Go online to download joytokey6 6. Then open the interface   At this time, you can open the handle (mine is unlimited use of Bluetooth connection) to connect to the computer. After the connection is successful, slide the rocker, the window will have the corresponding key, and the selection will turn blue. Then find the […]

  • Go one library a day


    brief introduction bubbleteaIt is a simple, compact framework that can be easily used to write Tui (terminal user interface) programs. Built in simple event processing mechanism, which can respond to external events, such as keyboard keys. Let’s have a look. Have a look firstbubbleteaWhat can be done: Thanks for kiyonlin’s recommendation. Quick use The code […]

  • SSH account and password free login


    What is SSH SSH is a security protocol created on the basis of application layer and transport layer, which provides a secure transmission and use environment for shell (shell) on the computer. For the author who is not good at server operation, it is a tool that can log in to the server remotely How […]