• This is probably the most complete mouse and keyboard monitoring you’ve ever seen


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  • Common business logic in PHP


    How does PHP split and merge files when operating breakpoint continuation To realize breakpoint continuation in PHP, you need to divide a large file into multiple small files, and then upload them individually. Merge after transfer. │ merge.php – merge file script  \│ merge.zip – merged file  \│ socket.zip – files to be split  \│ […]

  • How does the character appear on the display after typing the keyboard


    Every time we hit the computer keyboard, the corresponding characters will appear on the display. What happened in the middle? Please listen to me. Related concepts People’s operation of buttons can be described from two dimensions, one is “action”, the other is “content”. Press a key, release a key, press a key and hold it […]

  • Vue – event


    This article mainly summarizes the event related knowledge of Vue Monitoring events We takev-onCommand as an example to illustrate the monitoring of DOM events. To put it simply, we use thev-onTo achieve such a goal:When I do some operations on the whole page (such as clicking), the page will also do some real-time operations (such […]

  • Vue – key modifier & System modifier


    This paper describes the key modifiers in Vue Introducing examples In life, there is often such a scene: pressEnterSubmit, or pressEscExit full screen and so on, these are related to the keyboard operation Similarly, in Vue, we can also use thev-onadd toKey modifierMap a key to the corresponding event to monitor key events Introduction of […]

  • Which do you prefer, SDK or API?


    I haven’t understood the relationship between SDK and API before, and the official explanation is not clear. In Baidu Encyclopedia, SDK is defined as a software development kit (foreign language acronym: SDK, foreign language full name: software development kit). It is generally a collection of development tools used by some software engineers to build application […]

  • Programmer’s Guide to mechanical keyboard


    As a keyboard man (Programmer) who often interacts with the keyboard, having a practical mechanical keyboard can greatly improve the coding efficiency and programming experience. As an old coder, he has used many kinds of mechanical keyboards. No matter how good the scissors keyboard of MAC is, there is no comparability between the experience and […]

  • FTP download tool, FTP download tool tutorial, Linux build FTP server specific graphic tutorial.


    Introduction of FTP download tool IIS7 remote desktop management software is a green, compact and practical ftp download tool. Its interface is simple and easy to operate. It supports FTP batch upload and download. It can connect multiple FTP servers for file transfer at the same time. It can also decompress files online, support file […]

  • JavaScript monitor combination button


    JavaScriptMonitor combination button   by:Give a guest QQ:1033553122   1.   thinking       As shown in the figure, by listening and printing the Keydown event of the keyboard, we can get the content of the diagram, When the combination key pressed contains the CTRL key, the ctrlkey key will be displayed as true; When […]

  • Apple releases Chrome browser extension for icloud Keychain on Windows


    According to foreign media, the Chrome extension developed by apple for icloud password has been released. Now users can download it from Google’s Chrome online app store. Its main function is to let you use the password stored in icloud. “Icloud passwords allows you to use the same powerful Safari password that you created on […]

  • What are the difficulties of lucky draw? Highlights


    Business requirements Through the form of activities, attract users to draw credit for Jingdong finance, bring the number of users for car owner service, increase the number of car binding, and transform Jingdong financial users into car owner users.Through the lottery, we can use some incentives and incentives to encourage users to use our app […]

  • Solution to multiple primary key defined error in MySQL


    There are two ways to create a primary key: Create table name( Field name type, Field name type, …… primary key(name) ); Or is it Create table name( Field name type primary key, Field name type, …… ); But note that if you want to create a composite primary key, you can’t use the second […]