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  • Miscellaneous Talk-iOS Vest Bag


    What is a vest bag The vest bag is generally a clone or clone of the main APP, or an APP wearing a vest. Take off the vest, and the APP will show another style, which is often referred to as the AB-face APP. 1. The avatar or clone type vest bag of the main […]

  • New principle


    New principle The main function of the new keyword is to execute a constructor and return an instance object. In the process of new, according to the condition of the constructor, it is determined whether the parameter can be passed. Let's look at a simple new example through a piece of code new execution process […]

  • The dart series: extensions of the dart class


    Introduction Although a class in dart can only have one parent class, that is, single inheritance, dart provides a mixin syntax to bypass this limitation. Today, let's discuss inheritance in dart classes with you. use extends Like JAVA, you can define a parent class in dart, and then use extends to inherit it to get […]

  • HTML page META tag content writing specification points


    The META tag is an auxiliary tag in the head area of ​​the HTML language, which is used to describe the attributes of an HTML web page document, such as author, date and time, web page description, keywords, page refresh, etc. It has two properties, HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description information (NAME). Different […]