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  • [API advanced road] counter attack! Using keyword extraction API to get insight into user requirements


    Abstract:The boss said that the user demand insight report I finished with keyword extraction API was better than that of market research professionals. In recent half a month’s lunch, it’s quite good. The market leader invites meals every day, either going out to a restaurant or taking dumplings from home. Thank you for saving 200000 […]

  • Django + werobot realizes automatic reply


    Django + werobot realizes automatic reply As everyone knows, I have a WeChat official account, and then provide a function, that is, you write the key words, I reply to your key word corresponding to the content, so today I would like to talk about how this function is achieved. 1、 Install and configure Django […]

  • Share several solutions that cannot be installed in. Net framework 4.0


    [about. Net framework 4.0 installation failure]————-Scheme 1:http://www.win7xtzj.com/win10jiaocheng/39834.htmlkey word:————-Scheme 2:https://blog.csdn.net/xdhyqd/article/details/44745897Keywords: rename the following files before installingC:\Windows\System32\msvcr100_clr0400.dllC:\Windows\SysWOW64\msvcr100_clr0400.dll ————-Scheme 3. If there is app.config If v4.0 is set in sku, adjust it )Note:Direct installation of 4.5, because. Net 4.5 is highly compatible with 4.0.. 360, computer housekeeper hasIf it still doesn’t work, add the setting of scheme 3 […]

  • SQL de duplication distinct syntax


    SQL select distinct statement Duplicate values may be included in the table. This is not a problem, but sometimes you may want to list only distinct values. The keyword distinct is used to return a unique different value grammar Select distinct column name from table name     Use the distinct keyword To select all […]

  • How to occupy a place in fast service


    There is a saying in the art of War: know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles. If we want to use fast service to improve exposure and traffic, we must first understand what fast service is, the distribution mechanism of fast service, and how to better […]

  • Notes on hanlp’s introduction to natural language processing 9. Key words, key sentences and phrases extraction


    The notes are reproduced in GitHub project:https://github.com/NLP-LOVE/Introduction-NLP 9. Information extraction Information extraction is a broad concept, which refers to the technology of extracting structured information from unstructured text. This kind of technology is still divided into rule-based regular matching, supervised learning and unsupervised learning. We will use some simple and practical unsupervised learning methods. Since […]

  • Nail robot automatically associated GitHub to send approval PRS


    Abstract: using technology to solve the boring approval PR work of PM, this paper describes how to automatically obtain the pull requests of each repo to merge under GitHub organization and notify relevant personnel, saying goodbye to daily manual operation. In your daily work, do you encounter the following scenarios: GitHub has multiple repos. In […]

  • Understanding Redux


    1.context Key words: state sharing — state promotion– this.context.xxx Parent component class Index extends Component { static childContextTypes = { themeColor: PropTypes.string } constructor () { super() this.state = { themeColor: ‘red’ } } getChildContext () { return { themeColor: this.state.themeColor } } render () { return ( <div> <Header /> <Main /> </div> ) […]

  • How to search for keywords in VIM


    With VIM pre installed on Mac OS, how to search keywords quickly when editing text? case $sapi in cli) php_cli_binary=”${exec_prefix}/bin/${program_prefix}php${program_suffix}${exe_extension}” ;; cgi) php_cgi_binary=”${exec_prefix}/bin/${program_prefix}php-cgi${program_suffix}${exe_extension}” ;; esac In the above file, our goal is to search for keywordsphpAs long as the following operations Press ESC key to quickly return to command mode Input / or? Then enter […]

  • Extracting business keywords from requirement documents


    background To be an automatic tool which can locate the system fault, we need to use it in the development processReptilesGet the bug description of the company’s test platform, as well as the crawler for code fault analysis on sonar. Through the obtained data, the system fault can be located, analyzed and classified. Because it […]

  • Notes on SQL multi condition fuzzy query, in, custom function (1)


    Some problems encountered in the work about SQL query, sort out the records, and implement the environment sqlservice 2014 1、 On the same field, several ways to query multiple keywords Basic grammar: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name WHERE column_name LIKE pattern Tbuser: Id LastName FirstName 1 Adams John 2 Bush George 3 Carter Thomas   Query […]

  • Through text mining, we have discovered the secrets of the national civil service examination


    According to chinanews.com, in 2020, more than 1.43 million people signed up for the written examination of civil servants of the central and its directly affiliated institutions, involving 86 units and 23 directly affiliated institutions of the central and state organs, while 24000 people are planned to be recruited. The ratio between the number of […]