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  • By coincidence, I wrote the document into the code


    Recently, due to the adjustment of the company’s business, the project needs to develop a large number of business components and high reuse logic for customers. When there are many kinds of components and codes, coupled with the different writing habits and development ideas of several members of the team, many problems arise. In particular, […]

  • Implementation of AC automata with PHP code


    If you can match strings efficiently, the specific principle will not be changed. Here is the implementation code of PHP: root = $this->createNode(); foreach ($keywords as $keyword) { $this->addKeyword($keyword); } $this->buildFailIndex(); } /** *Create node * @param string $value * @return stdClass */ private function createNode($value = “”) { $node = new stdClass(); $node->value = […]

  • Vue + websocket + ES6 + canvas to make [draw and guess] games


    Project address:https://github.com/jrainlau/draw-something Download & run git clone [email protected]:jrainlau/draw-something.git cd draw-something Node ws-server.js // start the websocket server NPM run dev // run the client program Then the browser opens localhost: 8080 Effect preview: Overall architecture Because I’m busy, I’ve been playing small games such as you draw and I guess with my friends. I suddenly […]

  • I developed a whole network search engine from zero!


    preface Because I was very interested in search engine technology, I began to try to develop a search engine. After referring to the limited information on the Internet and studying by ourselves, we finally developed a small network wide search engine with project address and search test pictures at the bottom. The language of this […]

  • How to use asynchronous flow in c# 8


    Asynchronous programming has been popular for many years. The async and await keywords introduced by. Net make asynchronous programming more readable. However, it is a pity that asynchronous data flow cannot be processed before c# 8 until c# 8IAsyncEnumerable<T>To solve this problem. Speaking ofIAsyncEnumerable<T>, I have to say it firstIEnumerable<T>, as we all know, it […]

  • This paper introduces a visual studio code extension that can highlight any keyword


    The name of this extension is todo highlight: It was originally designed to highlight the keywords todo and fixme in the code comments: But I found that it can highlight any keyword specified by the user, which is very flexible. Open the settings in the menu file – > Preferences – > user settings: Use […]

  • R language for twitter data visualization


    By audhi AprilCompile VKSource: towards Data Science summary For this project, we will use Twitter’s raw data through crawler on May 28-29, 2019. In addition, the data is in CSV format (comma separated) and can be downloaded here. https://github.com/audhiaprilliant/Indonesia-Public-Election-Twitter-Sentiment-Analysis/tree/master/Datasets It involves two topics, one is the data of Joko Widodo with the keyword “Joko Widodo”, […]

  • Analysis of asynchronous iterator iasyncenumerable in C # 8


    Asynchronous programming has been popular for many years. The async and await keywords introduced by. Net make asynchronous programming more readable. However, there is a pity that before C # 8, asynchronous processing of data streams can not be used until C # 8IAsyncEnumerableOnly then solved this problem. Speaking ofIAsyncEnumerableWe have to talk about it […]

  • Guide to the whole process of installing nginx using yum


    Author: 33 chongtian Blog:http://www.zhouhuibo.club Through the process of learning and sharing, summarize and output the problems and technologies in their work, hoping that both rookies and veteran can gain new knowledge through their own articles and put them into practice. introduction Once there is a lazy way to do anything, it is absolutely to choose […]

  • Textrank algorithm


    Textrank algorithm Td-idf is a word frequency based algorithm, while textrank is a graph based algorithm. Textrank is inspired by PageRank algorithm.   PageRank algorithm PageRankIt is mainly used to sort the web pages in the online search results。 PageRank gives a positive real number for each page,Indicates the importance of the web pageThe higher […]

  • Google play on new products


    There are many things to pay attention to when uploading an application on Google play. Let me just talk about a few common points. If you have any questions or ideas, please leave a message, discuss and exchange opinions together. If you are also a friend of the products on the sea, you can pay […]

  • VIM’s common commands are worth having


    The code writing in VIM mode is generally the exclusive skill of the great God level program ape, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to use VIM commands. When our program can only run in Linux environment, we have to learn some common VIM commands. VIM has three common modes: general mode, edit […]