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  • Python basic loop


    Python has two ways to loop While loop. When the condition is true, cycle forever. If the condition is false, jump out of the cycle or not.Syntax: While condition: When you execute the following code, the program will always print Hello world. That’s because the condition a < B holds. a = 1 b = […]

  • Sql45 questions


    1、 Data preparation Exercise data data sheet–1. Student form (SID, sname, sage, ssex)Sid student number, sname student name, sage date of birth, ssex student gender–2. Course (CID, CNAME, TID)CID course number, CNAME course name, TID teacher number–3. Teacher (TID, tname)TID teacher number, tname teacher name–4. Score sheet SC (SID, CID, score)Sid student number, CID course […]

  • SEO optimization of vuepress blog (VI) webmaster tool


    preface stay“A blog with vuepress + GitHub pages”In, we used vuepress to build a blog. The final effect is as follows:Typescript Chinese document。 This article then talks about the webmaster platform and tools that will be used in SEO optimization. 1. Baidu statistics Address:https://tongji.baidu.com/web/welcome/login What tools can users find on the website, and tell them […]

  • Remember a little white groping, using nail custom robot to set timing tasks


    At first, I noticed that there was a robot called “daily plan reminder” in the nailing group. Every night at 11:30, I would send a “dedication sign”: remember the summary of daily plan! ” Just 30 minutes before dinner every morning, I need to remind the people in the group to practice typing, and I […]

  • Of natural language processing — keyword extraction (1)


    1、 Abstract We will learn more about the commonly used keyword extraction technology in this sharing. Keywords are a group of words representing the important content of an article. It plays an important role in text classification, clustering, automatic summarization and so on. It can also make people browse text information more intuitively and conveniently. […]

  • Website SEO (search engine)


    How website SEO (search engine) works There is a database in the background of the search engine website, in which many keywords are stored. Each keyword corresponds to many web sites. These web sites are called search engine spiders / web crawlers. Engine spiders will search the content on the Internet every day, download the […]

  • Error reporting when rongyun upgrades to 5.0


    Error reporting when rongyun upgrades to 5.0 Using pod, from 4 Upgrade version x to 5.0 x. The writing method and error reporting are as follows Writing method: [RCIM sharedrcim] enableBurnMessage = YES;Error: property ‘enableburnmessage’ not found on object of type ‘RCIM *’Solution: change the code to rckitconfigcenter message. enableDestructMessage = YES; Because the SDK […]

  • Linux find instruction usage – sharp tool for finding files


    If you don’t talk much, learn grammar first find ./ -name *filename* filenameIs the file name. The reason why the * sign is added is for fuzzy query. You can find the keyword in the file name. For example, we’re looking for the_ secret_ file. Txt, you can usefind -name *secret* ./To search ./It refers […]

  • Python package creation


    1. Create a GitHub warehouse stayhttps://github.comJust create the website 2. Clone the code locally git clone https://github.com/yourname/packagename.git cd packagename 3. Createsetup.pyFile. The file content should look like the following: from os import path as os_ path 4. Create the project package file. After creation, the whole project directory structure should be similar to the following: […]

  • The beauty of data structure and algorithm


    The beauty of data structure and algorithm Special Remarks This series is not original, and the original article is taken fromThe beauty of geek time data structure algorithm, used for daily learning records. If there is infringement, please contact me to delete, thank you! Search engine search keyword prompt function, I think you should not […]

  • Swift interview questions


    1、 What is the difference between swift and OC? 1. Swift is a static language with type inference, and OC is a dynamic language. 2. Swift protocol oriented programming, OC object-oriented programming 3. Swift pays attention to value type and OC pays attention to reference type. 4. Swift supports generics, while OC only supports lightweight […]

  • Brief history of operating system


    Note: the main contents of this paper refer to modern operating system 01. Gm-naa I / O: batch operating system Key words: automation, batch processing1946-02-04  The world’s first recognized general-purpose computer ENIACUniversity of Pennsylvania  be born.1956  Year realizationGM-NAA I/O  The system has batch processing characteristics. 02. OS / 360: from dedicated to universal Key words: […]