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  • Method of adding array in ES6


    ES6 new array operation method When we get the back-end data, we may filter the data. The traditional method is as follows //Take out the array set named Kele in the array let a = [ { name: ‘kele’, Title: ‘Coca Cola’ }, { name: ‘kele’, Title: ‘Fanta’ }, { name: ‘hn’, Title: ‘Red Bull’ […]

  • Notes on regular expressions (4)


    Create auriParser As a web development engineer, I am familiar with the following code: $kw = $_GET[‘keyword’]; // PHP String kw = request.getParameter(“keyword”); // JSP For the back-end language, we can easily get aurlParameter values in the request. However, when we need to get the URL parameters in the front-end project, JS has no corresponding […]

  • Golang reads the JSON data stream of the file, parses it into struct, and stores it in the database


    It’s hard to do it, but it’s easy to do it ..Directly select the JSON file to upload, no need to store the file package controller import ( “encoding/json” “errors” “fmt” “gindemo/middleware” “github.com/gin-gonic/gin” ) type User struct { Uid string `json:”uid”` Owner string `json:”owner”` User string `json:”user”` } type Json struct { } func Loadfile(c […]

  • Creation and use of k-k-row cache module in DCache distributed storage system


    By Eaton Introduction|With the development of micro services and cloud, the demand for distributed architecture is becoming more and more common. The traditional SQL structured storage solution has been unable to keep up with the pace, so NoSQL appeared. As a distributed NoSQL caching system based on tars, DCache perfectly supports tars service. In the […]

  • Hadoop: MapReduce (1)


    1. Introduction to MapReduce MapReduce is a programming framework of distributed computing program, and it is the core framework for users to develop “data analysis application based on Hadoop”.The core function of MapReduce is to integrate the business logic code written by users and its own default components into a complete distributed computing program, which […]

  • From 0 to 1, hand in hand to teach you how to get started


    Author: kaliarchLink: https://juejin.im/post/5e02fb… background: Recently, there are some puzzles in the function of etcd in k8s application. We can understand some characteristics of k8s more deeply by learning it separately. 1、 Overview 1.1 introduction to etcd Etcd is an open source project launched by the coreos team in June 2013. Its goal is to build […]

  • You may need to know about the laravel set


    preface Set throughIlluminate\Support\Collection For example, most of the parameters of laravel’s kernel are passed by collections, but this does not mean that collections are good. As a fast and elegant development framework, laravel has a certain reason, not because of its routing, DB, listener and so on. When you need to deal with a set […]

  • Tarsgo service gets the custom template (configuration) value


    Author: AMC Introduction: in previous articles, we introduced how to use tarsgo to create HTTP service and tars RPC service. In this article, we will introduce how to obtain the configuration value of custom template in tarsgo service. What is the tars template? In the tars framework, there are two places that can be called […]

  • Mongodb document operation (5)


    Add document Grammar: DB. Set name. Insert ({K1: “V1”, K2: “V2″…}) be careful: (1) The document is a key value pair, and the data type is in bson format, which supports more abundant values. For example: dB. Set name. Insert ({Name: “bashlog”, SPC:{ weight:100 , address:”henan”}}) (2) In the added documents, there is a_ The […]

  • [redis learning notes] cache pollution


    An aerial view of a mind map What is cache pollution? The problem of cache pollution is that some data that will only be accessed once or several times in the cache will never be accessed after being accessed, but this part of data is still stored in the cache, consuming the cache space. Cache […]

  • The function of map and set in ES6


    Set、Map、WeakSet、WeakMap If we want to describe it in one sentence, we can saySet is a data structure called set, and map is a data structure called dictionary So what is a set? What is a dictionary? aggregate A set is a combination of unordered, associated, and non repetitive memory structures [called elements in mathematics] Dictionaries […]

  • Redis cache summary: elimination mechanism, cache avalanche, data inconsistency


    The harder you work, the luckier you are,This article has been collected in GitHubJavaCommunity, there are interview sharing, source code analysis series articles, welcome to collect, likehttps://github.com/Ccww-lx/Ja… In actual work projects, caching has become a key component of high concurrency and high performance architecture. Why can redis be used as a cache? First of all, […]