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  • A simple shopping cart architecture design


    Shopping cart can be said to be a standard configuration of the e-commerce platform. At first, it was used for the settlement of a variety of commodities. Now many users also use shopping carts as temporary collections. Here we try to do a basic shopping cart architecture design. Use case analysis Adding a shopping cart, […]

  • Installation of laravel – step over pit


    1. I downloaded the laravel directly from the Internet. It needs to be configured locally. I made a laravel8 framework 2. Dependency: laravel depends on composer First, install composer 3. After installation, enter the key points here: You need to modify the source of the composer. You can give the correct answer here. You can […]

  • Gesture recognition system based on deep learning (Python code, UI interface version)


    Abstract: This paper introduces the gesture recognition system based on deep learning in detail. While introducing the principle of gesture recognition algorithm, it givesPythonImplementation code andPyQtUI interface. Gesture recognition adopts the improved SSD algorithm based on mediapipe to locate the key points of hand joint coordinates after palm detection; In the system interface, you can […]

  • Monitoring etcd outside the cluster in kubesphere


    Author: Zhang Yanying (old z), operation and maintenance architect of Shandong Branch of telecom system integration company, cloud native enthusiast, currently focusing on cloud native operation and maintenance. 1. Introduction This article comes from @ jam, a small partner in kubesphere’s open source community 8 group, who mentioned that there is no data for ectd […]

  • Implementation principle of spring AOP


    Through the previous articleSpring bean creation process and related extension pointsWe know the process of creating bean instances with getbean(), which has the following extension points: Implement the instantiaawarebeanpostprocessor interface before the bean instance is created After the bean instance is created successfully, a factory method is created immediately when the property is not set. […]

  • Sign language can also be translated by machine! Machine learning gesture recognition function


    Huawei machine learning (ML Kit) provides hand key point recognition service, which can be used for sign language recognition. The hand key point recognition service can recognize 21 key points of the hand and find the sign language alphabet by comparing the direction of each finger with the sign language rules. Application scenario Sign language […]

  • WinForm realizes text scrolling display


    Problem: after the system logs in, the length of the prompt message is not fixed, but the space is limited Scheme: use the timer control to move the label control regularly. The parent control is panel. Key point: the location property of the control is the position relative to the container.   private int positon_flag […]

  • Vue advanced (II) communication details of 8 components


    Beasts always walk alone, and cattle and sheep flock together——- Lu Xun The importance of Vue component communication is needless to say… But you certainly don’t have all of them, so this second article came into being Props and $emit Props father to son, $emit son to father, look at the code below, clear like […]

  • Simple CSS drawing 3D greeting card


    How to use CSS to draw some simple but cool 3D effects?First, the figure aboveThis is a 3D greeting card simply implemented with CSS. Let’s take a look at how it is implemented: 1. HTML code <body> <div class=”card”> Niu </div> </body>Um ~ o( ̄▽ ̄)o. That’s it??? 2. CSS code a. Clear the default style and […]

  • [paper reading] which is plasma


    Which Is Plagiarism: Fashion Image Retrieval Based on Regional Representation for Design Protection Author | Ying Lang, yuan he, Fan Yang, Jianfeng Dong, Hui Xue Unit: Ali; Zhejiang industrial and Commercial University; AZFT Cvpr2020 Conference Paper address summary In the field of clothing, although the crackdown on counterfeiting has been continuous, the problem of piracy […]

  • Ddbnet: anchor free new training method, edge granularity IOU calculation and more accurate positive and negative samples | ECCV 2020


    Aiming at the problem of current anchor free target detection algorithm, this paper proposes ddbnet, which evaluates the prediction frame more accurately, including the judgment of positive and negative samples and IOU. The innovation of ddbnet mainly lies in box decomposition and reorganization module (D & R) and semantic consistency module, which are used to […]

  • 028 push and pop of VEC in rust’s book of the dead


    introduce The videos recorded in this series are mainly put on station BRust dead book learning video The source code information related to rust dead book is ingithub.com/anonymousGiga/Rustonomi… Push and pop of VEC This section implements push and pop methods for myvec. The complete code is as follows: #![feature(ptr_internals)] use std::mem; use std::alloc::{alloc, realloc, Layout, […]