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  • Creating cool animation with web animations API


    How to write animation gracefully with native JS? I believe waapi can help you. Web Animations API The web animations API (waapi) allows us to write and control animations in JavaScript.These APIs are designed to interface with CSS animations and CSS transitions. In the future, these APIs will be supplemented to make them more powerful. […]

  • Thumbnailutils.createvideothumbnail the frame obtained is not the first key frame of the video


    Recently, a problem was encountered in the project to get the first picture of the video.The general answer given on the Internet is to use thumbnails.createvideothumbnail (string filepath, int kind) to get the first frame of video.I did the same, but later I came across a bug that thumbnails.createvideothumbnail got a video frame that was […]

  • Learn CSS from the front (4) CSS transition and animation


    This article mainly introduces the properties of CSS transition and animation. CSS transition I. definitionTransition attribute: different transition effects can be defined when an element switches between different states. It is a shorthand property of transition property, transition duration, transition timing function and transition delay. Ie10 support, need to use prefix – MS -. 2、 […]

  • Advanced skills of IOS core animation-4


    8. Explicit animation Explicit animation If you want things to go smoothly, you have to rely on yourself The previous chapter introduced the concept of implicit animation. Implicit animation is a direct way to create dynamic user interface on IOS platform, and it is also the basis of UIKit animation mechanism, but it can not […]

  • Detailed analysis of key frames of CSS animation attributes


    It’s probably been a long time since the column was updated. Half a year? Busy to take off in the second half of the year, or launch without exaggeration? Only a little personal time, contributed to Python in the first half of the year, and now almost forgot July 788 (a cool song for myself), […]