• Java NiO overview


    Traditional I / O flows are blocked I / O flows. Take a column: when using the traditional stream for data input, if there is no data in the stream, it will block the current thread from executing until the data is read from the stream. In addition, the traditional I / O stream processes […]

  • A quick solution to the problem of calling the key job by SQL Server scheduled job


    Error message: Unable to list jar files in plugin folder ‘C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\.kettle\plugins’ Unable to get VFS File object for filename ‘C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\.kettle\plugins’ : Could not find file with URI “C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\.kettle\plugins” because it is a relative path, and no base URI was provi Ded. Unable to get VFS file object for filename ‘C: \ windows \ system32 \ […]

  • Asynchronism at the Beginning of C


    What is asynchronous?  For example, Xiao Ming‘s mother asked Xiao Ming to boil a pot of water. After boiling, the water would be poured into the pot. At the same time, she needed to clean the house. Xiaoming’s operation process 1: boiling water – > waiting until the water boils – – > pouring water […]

  • Import data to ADB for PostgreSQL using Kettle


    Summary:This paper introduces the detailed steps and operation flow of using Kettle to import data into Analytic DB for PostgreSQL, including table output (INSERT) and batch loading (COPY) to Analytic DB for PostgreSQL. Introduction to Kettle Kettle (now also known as Pentaho Data Integration, PDI) is a very popular open source ETL tool software, mainly […]