• 388900! Huawei’s self driving model is on the market; hard disk mining may be out of stock; Firefox will no longer support FTP protocol


    40s News Express Huawei’s self driving model launched, 38 . From 890000 yuan The former employee apologized, Tesla withdrew the lawsuit and reached a settlement with Xiaopeng automobile NASA signs $2.9 billion deal with SpaceX Out of stock: new currency Chia sets off a boom of high capacity hard disk mining Cryptocurrency crash market! Firefox […]

  • From Kafka to NiO


    Before talking about NiO, let’s briefly review the kernel state and user state Kernel space is the running space of Linux kernel, while user space is the running space of user program. In order to ensure the kernel security, they are isolated. Even if the user’s program crashes, the kernel will not be affected.Kernel space […]

  • How to measure Linux performance and avoid the most typical error: CPU


    In this series, we will discuss Linux performance measurement and how to measure it correctly. Linux performance is a very broad topic, so we will focus on the four main resources that usually improve system performance — CPU, memory, disk storage and network. Now, when we talk about component related performance, many scenarios just need […]

  • Download file function


    Download with a tag. If it is a third-party resource, you need to request it back. Otherwise, it will be opened as a link. Also see if the backend has CORS policy blocking. //Judge whether it is IE browser or not IEVersion() { let userAgent = navigator.userAgent ; // get the useragent string of the […]

  • How to install docker in centos6.5


    1. To upgrade the kernel, because the default kernel does not support docker, docker generally requires the kernel version to be above 3.10 (1) View kernel version $ uname -r (2) Import public key digital certificate $ rpm -Uvh https://www.elrepo.org/elrepo-release-6-8.el6.elrepo.noarch.rpm It should be noted that according to the official website, the corresponding certificate of centos6. […]

  • Technical principle of docker container


    Process isolation The core function of container technology is to create a “boundary” for the process by constraining and modifying the dynamic performance of the process. For most Linux containers such as docker, cgroups technology is the main means to create constraints, while namespace technology is the main method to modify the process view. The […]

  • WSL 2 installation is incomplete


    A series of articles: WSL 2 installation is incomplete Python 3 web crawler Development Practice pdf When learning to crawl, you need to install the scrapy splash library, and then you need to install the docker desktop. It’s very annoying, jumping around like checkers.Then I didn’t expect that there was an error during the installationIt’s […]

  • Configuring arch Linux with wsl2


    This article comes from my noteshttps://github.com/levinit In the following, the windows commands are executed in either PowerShell or Windows terminal (recommended, which uses PowerShell by default). Enable wsl2 Enable hyperv Enable subsystem for Linux Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName VirtualMachinePlatform Home version enables hyperv and creates a bat file, such as hyperv.bat The contents are as follows: […]

  • Thinking about load balancing of gaussdb (DWS) caused by two problems


    abstract: the load balancing of gaussdb (DWS) is realized by LVS + keepalived. In this way, we need to think about whether the return result of CN will go through LVS and then be returned to the front-end application? If it passes through LVS, will LVS become a single point bottleneck? With these two questions, […]

  • Network programming I / O reuse


    I / O model There are five I / O models available under UNIX Blocking I / O Non blocking I / O I / O reuse (select and poll, epoll) Signal driven I / O (sigio) Asynchronous I / O (AIO of POSIX)_ Series function) See Chapter 6 of UNIX Network Programming Volume 1 […]

  • (arm + DSP development) how to load the driver without burning into the kernel by module in Linux


    Because I need to connect a USB to serial device on the development board (omapl138-arm + Linux dual core), and the kernel has not been compiled into the relevant driver, so I can not identify the device. The chip of USB to serial cable is PL2303, and the PL2303 chip driver has been integrated into […]

  • Webassembly weekly news 0715


    Editor’s note: This week, we continue to see examples of the rise of webassembly on the server side and its role in a serverless infrastructure. Meanwhile, rust will be adopted by more mainstream companies and famous projects, such as Microsoft, Facebook, and even Linux kernel! WebAssembly Today SSVM, a new server wasm virtual machine SSVM […]