• VMware installs vmware tools and sets the shared directory


    First of all, after installing centos7 system on wmware15, wmware will prompt us to install the wmware tools tool. You can click Install directly, or right-click the virtual machine and select Install vmware tools. See the following figure: This is a replacement disc. You can uninstall the original disc firstumount /dev/cdromClick Yes At this point, […]

  • Don’t treat exceptions as business logic, which you can’t afford


    1: Background 1. Tell a story After years of hard work in the project, I should have seen more or less people treat exceptions as business logic (┬┬), such as judging whether a number is an integer, you can take it for grantedtry catch Wrap it up. Wrap it upint.ParseIf you throw an exception, it […]

  • Windows 10 wsl1 to wsl2


    Special advantages of wsl2 (second generation of win10 subsystem) Completely reconstruct the WLS generation, 20% faster than the previous generation Support native docker installation and startup (equivalent to complete Linux system and virtual machine running) Support all kinds of one key script, such as pagoda one key script, hundred read one key script and so […]

  • Installation and use of docker under centos7


    View Linux version Docker does not support versions of lower 3.8 kernels uname -a Check if the previous version is installed yum list installed | grep docker Uninstall old docker yum remove -y docker \ docker-client \ docker-client-latest \ docker-common \ docker-latest \ docker-latest-logrotate \ docker-logrotate \ docker-selinux \ docker-engine-selinux \ docker-engine Install the necessary […]

  • K8s cluster problem 1 – error of controller node partition update in kuboard


    Recently, in the k8s cluster, there are three master nodes. The kuboard (which is very suitable for me) is used as the graphical interface. In kuboard, we can see that many controller nodes are patched and updated with errors. The screenshot is as follows: When updating a node, the node of a service cannot be […]

  • The basic concept and new learning route of embedded Linux Development


    1. The basic concept of embedded Linux development 1.1 composition of embedded Linux Embedded Linux system is equivalent to a complete set of PC software system, as shown in the following figure: 1.2 daily development process of embedded Linux Bootloader, Linux kernel, app and other software need to be compiled in Ubuntu; however, when reading […]

  • Linux operating system — process / thread (2)


    preface In the last blog post in this series, I introduced the basic meaning of process / thread and some related data structures. Now let’s take a look at process management in Linux. Process linked list The Linux kernel defines a list_ Head structure, data structure definition struct list_head { struct list_head *next; struct list_head […]

  • In depth analysis of the dependence of Linux kernel and its related architecture


    There are two reasons for the success of Linux kernel Flexible architecture design makes it easy for a large number of volunteer developers to join the development process;Each subsystem (especially those that need to be improved) has good scalability.It is these two reasons that make the Linux kernel constantly evolving and improving. 1、 The position […]

  • Spark source code learning — built in RPC framework (2)


    RPC configuration class transportconf Transportconf provides configuration information for Spark’s RPC framework. It has two member properties: configuration provider conf and configured module name module. These two attributes are defined as follows: //Configuration provider private final ConfigProvider conf; //Module name private final String module; Configprovider is an abstract class. The code is as follows: /** […]

  • How to update system without updating Linux kernel in CentOS


    Today, I used the cloud server of ucloud Copy code The code is as follows: yum upgrade -y And then after the restart, my machine won’t connect. After communicating with customer service personnel, it is found that the kernel cannot be updated when it is updated. In fact, the method is also very simple. When […]

  • 01-html5 notes


    Browser kernel (rendering engine) IE browser kernel: Trident kernel, also known as IE kernel; Chrome browser kernel: collectively referred to as chromium kernel or chrome kernel, formerly WebKit kernel, now blink kernel; Firefox browser kernel: gecko kernel, commonly known as the Firefox kernel; Safari browser kernel: WebKit kernel; Opera browser kernel: it was originally Presto […]

  • Summary of operating system thread knowledge


    thread There are still problems with the multi process approach How do processes communicate and share data? The system overhead of maintaining process is high, such as allocating resources and establishing PCB when creating process; reclaiming resources and canceling PCB when terminating process; saving status information of current process during process switching; and; How to […]