• Springboot flowable integration framework project source code vue.js Cross domain separation


    Particular attention:This code is spring boot workflow before and after separation + cross domain Version (authority control to menu and button) Background framework:springboot2.3.0+ Flowable6.5.0+ Mybaits + Maven + interface Front page: HTML+ vue.js Formal jQuery Ajax asynchronous cross domain JSON format data interaction is separated before and after, and the front and back platforms are […]

  • Java security framework


    The article is mainly divided into three parts1. The architecture and core components of spring security are as follows: (1) authentication; (2) authority interception; (3) database management; (4) authority caching; (5) custom decision making; and;2. To build and use the environment, the current popular spring boot is used to build the environment, and the actual […]

  • Nginx access PHP file not found


    Nginx access PHP file error file not found reason This error is very common. There are two kinds of errors PHP FPM cannot find script_ PHP file executed in filename PHP FPM cannot access the executed PHP, which is a permission problem solve Is your PHP project file in your nginx default root directory, so […]

  • Summary of Django permission usage


    summary Django comes with a user authentication system, which can handle user, group, permission and session based on user cookie. This document is based on the introduction of Django official website documents and other materials. The main content introduces the basic working principle of Django’s user authentication system, and also gives a brief introduction to […]

  • SQL Server connection database error (objectexplorer)


    Error information     Unable to access database Reportserver. (ObjectExplorer) Specific error message: Program location: In Microsoft.SqlServer.Management . UI.VSIntegration.ObjectExplorer .D atabaseNavigableItem.get_ CanGetChildren() In Microsoft.SqlServer.Management . UI.VSIntegration.ObjectExplorer . NavigableItem.RequestChildren (IGetChildrenRequest request) In Microsoft.SqlServer.Management . UI.VSIntegration.ObjectExplorer .E xplorerHierarchyNode.BuildChildren (WaitHandle quitEvent) Error phenomenon    You can connect to the database server, but you cannot open the specific database. If you open […]

  • springcloud vue.js Microservice distributed flowable workflow separation of integrated code generator Shiro permission


    1. Code generator:[positive and negative two-way] (single table, main table, detail list, tree table, sharp tool for rapid development)Freemaker template technology, 0 code does not need to be written, generating a complete module with page, table building SQL script, processing class, service and other complete modules2. Multiple data sources:(support to connect numerous databases at the […]

  • Linux password free execution of another server script and permission modification


    Password free login Principle: first, the user generates a pair of keys, and then saves the public key in the ssh server user’s directory, authorized in the SSH subdirectory_ Key file (/ root /. SSH / authorized)_ key)。 The private key is stored in the local computer. When the user logs in, the server checks […]

  • Common environment construction of centos7


    It’s very painful to set up a variety of environments every time, and encounter various problems. Therefore, write this article to record the construction process, problems and solutions of some environments under centos7. The construction of other environments will also be updated. This article is not worth reading, but can be collected, has been prepared […]

  • . net core API JWT authentication and authorization


    Authorization and certification Authentication is to verify whether the user is legal, that is to verify whether the user’s authentication information is correct; authorization is to verify whether the authenticated user has the authority to do something. We use JWT for authentication and authorization. Why use JWT for authentication and authorization? A complete system usually […]

  • Docker installation method


    centos8 Official documents Set up repository 1. If the storage driver uses devicemapper, it needs to rely on device mapper persistent data and lvm2. (if not, please ignore this step.) $ yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2 # OR $ dnf install -y device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2 2. Set up a stable repository (alicloud source), official Repository:https://download.docker.com/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo […]

  • DRF — DRF user defined authentication class, user defined authority function and use


      #Note: authentication > authority > frequency the first step of authentication is that if the authentication is not passed, the authority will not be obtained, and if the authority is not passed, the frequency will not be reached 1User defined authentication class 1 use -Define a class that inherits baseauthentication class LoginAuth(BaseAuthentication): def authenticate(self, […]

  • Redis 6 new features in advance!


    The content of this paper is mainly based on Salvatore Sanfilippo’s sharing of new functions of redis 6 on redis day New York from June 26 to 27 this year, plus the content that has been published in the official (blog, twitter, etc.) as a supplement. It is tested and verified by the unstable branch […]