• User management tutorial of WordPress


    Keyword Description: Tutorial management user rights can be edited and registered by WordPress us We talked about the use of WordPress plug-ins earlier. Now let’s talk about the user management part of WordPress. The user management part of WordPress includes the registration of user account, editing of user data, setting of user authority, etc. Let’s […]

  • The way of front-end engineering (1) – using verdaccio to build private NPM Library


    Server installation and deployment install When this article is writtenverdaccioThe latest version is4.4.1It depends on nodejs 8. X and above, python 2.7 and above. It is recommended to install the latest Open the terminal and install it globally: #Open CMD in administrator mode under Windows npm install -g verdaccio #Mac or Linux sudo npm install […]

  • Linux learning — 2. Basic command of file management


    Basic operation of files Preface: After reading this article, I should be able to ensure that the reader can operate the file as smoothly in Linux as in windows. OK, here’s the text Text: Basic knowledge: Linux has the following types of files: directory, file, link fileBlock device(block)、Character device(character)、Piping file(pipe)、s socket (Sockt), the gray mark […]

  • Install & configure PostgreSQL 12 on CentOS 7


    I. Preface 1. Main content of this paper PostgreSQL 12 installation (Yum) PostgreSQL 12 basic configuration PostgreSQL 12 remote access configuration PostgreSQL basic management 2. Environmental information and scope of application environmental information Software Edition CentOS 7.6 Release PostgreSQL 12.x Scope of application Software Edition CentOS CentOS 7.x PostgreSQL 9.x-12.x 2、 PostgreSQL installation 1. Import […]

  • The implementation of access control layer under. Net core


    In the previous. Net core, the implementation of upload and download of attachments mainly introduces the related operations of file upload and download under. Net core. This paper mainly introduces how to intercept and implement the authorization verification through the customized middleware. For general programs, if you are not logged in, you should have no […]

  • Linux FAQ 1: permission denied


    ① , when accessing the file: permission denied Reason:File or folder access denied resolvent: Sudo Chmod – R 777 pathfilename Use administrator privileges to add read, write, and execute privileges for all users for files denied access -R or — recursive: recursive processing, processing all files and subdirectories under the instruction directory together;   extend […]

  • Linux \ CentOS MySQL installation and configuration


    1、 About MySQL <img width=”250″ hegiht=”150″/> MySQL is a relational database management system, which is developed by MySQL AB company, and now belongs to the product of Oracle. MySQL uses a standardized language. Small size, fast speed, low cost, open source and other characteristics make some small and medium-sized websites choose MySQL as website database. […]

  • Preliminary integration of spring websocket / stomp and spring session


    Official document spring websocket / StompOfficial document spring session Share session WebsocketSTOMPConfig: @Configuration @EnableWebSocketMessageBroker @ConditionalOnWebApplication public class WebsocketSTOMPConfig extends AbstractSessionWebSocketMessageBrokerConfigurer<ExpiringSession> { /** *Abstractsessionwebsocketmessagebrokerconfigurer implements getting httpsession at handshake, and refreshes the time of httpsession every time websocket message occurs. At the same time, spring.session.id field is added to websocket session. */ @Override protected void configureStompEndpoints(StompEndpointRegistry […]

  • Building SVN server under cenos 6.4


    Preparations for SVN installation Install SVN first #yum install httpd mod_dav_svn subversion mod_ssl Test whether Apache and SVN are installed correctly: #service httpd status #svn –version If the output is normal, we can configure it next Configure SVN Initialize version warehouse New SVN directory #mkdir /root/svn New SVN warehouse #svnadmin create /root/svn/project Initialize version warehouse […]

  • Spring cloud project source microservice distributed activiti6 workflow vue.js HTML cross domain separation


    1. Code generator:[positive and negative (single table, main table, detail table, tree table, rapid development tool)Freemaker template technology, 0 codes need not be written, and a complete module is generated, including page, table building SQL script, processing class, service and other complete modules2. Multiple data sources:(supports simultaneous connection of numerous databases, and different modules can […]