• Ms09-012 PR claim


     Vulnerability No.: ms09-012 Date of disclosure: April 14, 2009 Affected operating system: Windows 2008 x64 x86; XP; Server 2003 SP1 SP2; Test system: Windows 2003 x86         Upload to the directory with execution permission and run it on the big horse Create success

  • Docker build prompts error checking context: can’t stat XXX


    Phenomenal description When you use docker build to build an image, you will be prompted with the following error: ➜ docker build -t image_name -f xxx.dockerfile . error checking context: ‘can’t stat ‘/Users/wang/Workspace/db/.gitkeep”. Reason The current build user is not authorized to operate on the folder DB caused by the permission problem. Solution Change to […]

  • Authentication plugin ‘caching_sha2_password’ cannot be loaded


    When using MySQL client tools to connect to MySQL database, many users will encounter the error of authentication plugin ‘caching’ Sha2 ‘password’ cannot be loaded. (I use sqlyog) The reason is that the encryption rule in the version before mysql8 is MySQL native password. After mysql8, the encryption rule is caching Sha2 password. There are […]

  • Springboot2 integrates zookeeper components and manages service coordination in the architecture


    Source code: GitHub, click here, gitee, click here 1、 Introduction to zookeeper 1. Concept introduction Zookeeper is an Apache open source distributed application, which provides coordination services for the system architecture. From the perspective of design pattern: this component is a framework designed based on the observer pattern, which is responsible for storing and managing […]

  • DBMS > metadata usage


    Oracle database provides DBMS metadata API to facilitate users to obtain DDL statements for creating database objects. The extended purpose includes comparing the differences of objects in different databases. Next, I will introduce the simple application of DBMS ﹣ metadata Get database object to create DDL A more general approach You can use the following […]

  • Carrier pigeon push


    Recently, I was doing push. When I first received the push, I thought of Aurora push first, then Baidu push. Programmers know that the demand is constantly changing, and finally it becomes pigeon push. It’s useless to push pigeons. But the way to integrate third parties is not bad. Fortunately, as expected, integrated carrier pigeon […]

  • Create a super hidden user


      1. First create a hidden account by command net user test$ 123.com /add In net user We found that we can’t see users, but we can see them in user groups First, disable joining the administrator group We can name the user as the same user name above. It is disabled to confuse the […]

  • Quickly build react background management system


    Project preview address Preface I believe that many small partners are likely to meet the demand of developing background management system, so how can we quickly complete this demand This article will takereactAs a starting point, record the process of creating a basic management system template, so as to deepen thereactThe understanding of technology stack […]

  • Laravel authorization: authorization library supporting ACL, RBAC, ABAC and other models


    Based on caspin, laravel authorization is an authorization library that supports access to multiple access control models (such as ACL, RBAC, ABAC, etc.).Before that, you need to understandCasbin 。 install UseComposerInstallation: composer require casbin/laravel-authz Lauthz\LauthzServiceProvideryesauto-discoveredBy default, but if you want to register yourself, you canconfig/app.phpAdd inServiceProvider: ‘providers’ => [ /* * Package Service Providers… */ […]

  • Solution to sudo password error


    Situation: when the non root user uses sudo command, the password error is always reported. Add configuration in / etc / sudoers to solve this problemHowever, / etc / sudoers only has write permission for root user. Before operating the file, add write permission first su chmod u+w /etc/sudoers vim /etc/sudoers Write in file username […]

  • TiDB RC3 Release


    On June 16, tidb officially released version RC3. This version has done a lot of work on MySQL compatibility, SQL optimizer, system stability and performance. In terms of performance, the load balancing scheduling strategy and process are optimized. In terms of function, the authority management function is further improved. Users can control data access authority […]

  • Springboot vue.js HTML cross domain forward backward separation Shiro permission integration code generator


    This code is spring boot vue.js before and after separation + cross domain Version (permission control to menu and button) Background frame:springboot2.1.2+ Mybaits + Maven + interface Front end page: HTML + vue.js form jQuery Ajax asynchronous cross domain JSON format data interaction before and after separation, before and after separate deployment (pay special attention […]