• Generation of Android dimensions density adaptation file


    When writing XML, we directly specify a fixed width and height of a control, and give a fixed DP value. The display on different screens is very different. As a result, the layout of some mobile phones can not be displayed normally, so we need to adapt the screen. The adaptation methods here are the […]

  • Basic structure of MySQL


    Connector Connector is responsible for establishing connection with client, obtaining permission, maintaining and managing connection 1. User password verification2. Query authority information and assign corresponding authority3. You can use show processlist to view the current connection4. If it has not been used for a long time, it will be disconnected automatically, and it will be […]

  • Linux note sharing 8: setting file permissions


    1、 Setting of document authority -rw-r–r– first-Is the file type(-Representative documents,dRepresentative directory,|Represents a soft link file) About the last nine rw- r– r– U owner Group G O others R is the read permission, W is the write permission, and X is the execute permission 1、chmod Permission to modify files Chmod [options] mode file name […]

  • Principle and application of SQLite


    SQLite is an open source relational database, which is a SQL database engine with self-contained, zero configuration and transaction support. It is characterized by high portability, convenient use, compact structure, high efficiency and reliability. And SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. SQLite source code is not subject to copyright […]

  • Svn usage


    Access Send mail to request SVN permission Code acquisition New folder in personal directory Fill in the URL url: http://svnedge.ebaotech.com/svn/aica Right click checkout in the code directory to download Download complete

  • The difference between web test and app test


    Architecture: Web belongs to B / s, APP belongs to C / sDevelopment cost: C / s development cost is higher than B / s development costTest point: Similarities: consistent functional test design (equivalence class, boundary value, decision table, flow chart) difference: Web compatibility (requirements are specified and tested according to requirements) UI performance testing […]

  • Environment construction: install MySQL database under linux environment


    1. mount this database 1)   Yum – y install MySQL server (simple) Yum command automatically searches for MySQL service resources from the Internet, downloads them to the local and completes the installation     2)   You can also download the MySQL service on the Internet, transfer it to the Linux system through xftp, and […]

  • JWT principle implementation code


    JWT learning article: Chapter 1: JWT principle Chapter 2: JWT principle implementation code The last one learned the basic theory of JWT, this one will implement the code according to the principle. If you want to realize the encryption and decryption of JWT, you need to create a SecurityKey. You can generate a random key […]

  • Open source general permission management platform based on. Net 5


    Hello everyone, I’m a heartbroken editor for the majority of programmers. I recommend a small tool / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a little skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency, and achieve the goal of not working overtime, not staying up late and not losing your […]

  • Open platform: authority verification auth framework


    Background:Portal website is divided into individual users, individual developers, institutional users, different page operations need specific users to operate. For example, API Application, key download can only be operated by institutional users, and password reset can only be operated after login.The management end is divided into system administrator, open platform administrator and bank administrator. Different […]

  • Using verdaccio to build private NPM registry


    preface verdaccioIs an open source for creating privateregistryIn short, you can use it to build your ownnpmWarehouse, can realize the vast majoritynpmThe capabilities provided verdacciobe based onnodeDevelopment for front-end developersverdaccioThis tool is as simple as drinking water Tools are born according to requirements. When you want to share your modules, you may have the following […]

  • Research on Linux directory permission


    explain I read a lot of articles, but I didn’t fully understand the Linux directory permissions. Then I thought that I could enumerate them myself, and there were only 64 combinations.In addition, Linux has several special file permissions, which are not considered here. First, write a simple script and execute it #/bin/bash rm -rf /var/temp […]