• What is the use of Java access modifiers?


    1. Problem description When writing a unit test, the service class is automatically injected, but when calling the method in the service, the method written by yourself cannot be accessed. 2. Causes of problems as a result ofMethod does not use an access modifier, add the “public” modifier to the method to access it 3. […]

  • Android 11 adaptation scheme change and adaptation strategy


    Finally started the adaptation of Android 11. Record it for those who need it. 1. Preparatory work The old rule is that we should firsttargetSdkVersionChange to 30. Maybe using compatibility debugging, which I will mention later. 2. Storage mechanism update Scoped storage The detailed adaptation method is not much different from that in the Android […]

  • Network security guarantee: Oracle database evaluation


    The following results take Oracle 11g as an example. It is managed through PL / SQL without any configuration. It is evaluated according to the requirements of ISO 2.0 standard, 2021 report template and three-level system. 1、 Identification a) The logged in users shall be identified and authenticated. The identity identification shall be unique, and […]

  • Tomcat 9 safety reinforcement


    Apache Tomcat 9 (9.0.53) – Security Considerations NUM Reinforcement content explain remarks 1 Patch installation Use the latest version of Tomcat 2 directory right Modify Tomcat directory permission to run user 3 Running authority The user running Tomcat cannot be root 4 Delete files and directories unrelated to the project Delete the directory under webapps […]

  • Windows containers Adventure: container storage


    preface The core technology of container technology is tiered storage. Under Linux, the relevant files are stored in / var / lib / docker by default, while after installing docker for windows under Windows 10, the default storage files are placed in C: \ programdata \ docker. You can modify the default storage location by […]

  • Vue programmed route navigation and route guard


    Replace attribute of Function: control the mode of operating browser history during route jump There are two ways to write browser history: push and replace. Push is to add history, replace is to replace the current record, and push is to switch routes How to enable replace mode: news Programmed route navigation Function: without the […]

  • Spring boot integrates Shiro and JWT


    reference resources: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_43948583/article/details/104437752 https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42375707/article/details/111145907 It is planned to realize the permission control of adding, deleting, modifying and querying levels 1. Table structure Menu table CREATE TABLE `menu` ( `id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(128) COLLATE utf8mb4_ unicode_ Ci not null comment ‘menu name’, `parent_ ID ` bigint (20) not null comment ‘parent node ID’, […]

  • Complete app jetpack MVVM learning


    Source address Project address:zskingking/Jetpack-Mvvm Introduction: Android community app and music player realized by jetpack family bucket + kotlin. Don’t write obscure code, mark each line of comments as clearly as possible, strictly abide by the six basic principles, and make extensive use of design patterns. This project can quickly help you start kotlin and jetpack. […]

  • Early taste, Android 13 first beta release


    As the most popular mobile operating system in the world, Android 13 officially released its first beta after releasing two developer preview versions in a row. In terms of market usage of various versions, Android 11 is the most popular version, followed by Android 10. http://hyccaa.com/4008208820.phphttp://hyccaa.com/new-auto.php Market share of Android versionsLess than a month from […]

  • File sharing method of windows and virtual machine Linux system


    Inux Baidu online disk download is too slow to continue the breakpoint. Try aria2 + Baidu exporter, but the download link of Baidu exporter cannot be opened in Firefox. There is no way but to use other methods to make the file enter Linux.What I can think of is to download it with Windows system […]

  • IOS camera system


    Taking photos is frequently used in the app, and the entry level directly calls the system to take photos Idea: UIImagePickerController is used for system photographing 1. Set plist, otherwise you have no permission and an error is reported 2. Judge the camera and get permission, otherwise the pop-up interface will be black 3. Set […]

  • Android Bluetooth


    Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology standard. Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth protocol is divided into four layers: core substitution layer, cable substitution protocol layer, telephone control protocol layer and other adopted protocol layers. The most important of these four is the core protocol layer. Bluetooth protocol includes baseband, link management, logical link control and […]