• Json-path Learning Notes


    Json JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)Is a lightweight, text-based, cross-lingualData exchange format。 It derives from the ECMAScript Programming Language Standard. JSON defines a set of portable formatting rules for representing structured data. brief introduction JSON is a text format for structured data serialization. JSON contains four basic types (string, number, Boolean and null) and two structural […]

  • Json-path Learning Notes


    Json-smart This article mainly focuses on code examples, because the official document Json-smart and API can not be seen on google. So only a few code examples are given. Because the next Json-path underlying default is Json Smart. JsonSmart doesn’t have much source code, so you can check it out if you’re interested. Resolving Strings […]

  • Go grabs web data and stores it in MySQL and returns JSON data


    Preface Want to learn long agoGOHowever, due to preparation for postgraduate study and internship, it has been delayed to start, only occasionally look at the relevant basic grammar, and did not specifically apply it to the actual coding. When I was a senior, the course was much less, so I decided to use it to […]

  • Go grabs web data and stores it in MySQL and returns JSON data


    The previous section has explained what to do and the directory structure of the entire applet, and then the coding section begins.First introduce the package under the project into the entry filecrawldataThen call the function in which the data is fetched, temporarily namedCrawl: package main import ( “fmt” “indiepic/crawldata” ) func main () { // […]

  • Go grabs web data and stores it in MySQL and returns JSON data


    In the previous section, we mainly implemented the use of goquery to capture data from the photo website http://www.gratisography.com/. Grabbing Picturesdata-original、width、height、alt、typeFive items of data. So you need to create the database and the corresponding tables first, which I use on the mac.Sequel ProDatabase management software to create a new database after connectionindiepicThen create the tablegratisography: […]

  • Go grabs web data and stores it in MySQL and returns JSON data


    In the previous section, the required data has been crawled from the website http://www.gratisography.com/and stored in the database.crawldata.goMediumInsertData(&imageDatas)Function, now you need to take the data from the databaseindiepicTablegratisographyIf you take it out, you will be able to take it out at the same time.jsonData in format. The project folder structure is as follows: indiepic ├── […]

  • Notes for Json of Python


    Json is a lightweight data exchange format, which is a better choice for data transfer (xml, of course) when interacting with other languages.When Python constructs the return value of service json, if it encounters Chinese, it will become another non-human format after using json. dumps, such as u’_ 59d3_ 540d’. In python, you can know […]

  • Using window.name to transfer data between page jumps


    First describe the requirements scenarioThere is a page that generates holiday greeting cards. The last part of page a is used to fill in user name and greeting card content. Click the submit button to jump to greeting card page B. Page B shows the content and user name of page a. (Pages A and […]

  • Serialization and JSON performance evaluation


    In daily work, we need to store some structural data in the database. There are two common methods: serialize and JSON format. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as serialization supporting object format, serialized data will save data type and number. JSON format is shorter than serialized data, and it is more applicable […]

  • How to import JSON, Text, XML, CSV data files into MySQL


    Wen/freenik Importing external data into a database is a common requirement in database applications. In fact, this is the L (Load) part of ETL (Extract, transform, load) in data management and operation. That is to say, to import data of a specific structure or format into a destination (such as a database, where we discuss […]

  • Search function on mobile end


    The following search-related functions need to be implemented on the mobile side Click the search button to achieve the search Search button How do you pop up first?Search button。 Input already supports search type in HTML 5, and ISO / Android fortunately also has its own implementation. Just write according to mobile standards, and I’ll […]

  • Let JSON understand Chinese better


    start I believe that when many people use PHP backstage, when AJAX is used for interaction, because the characters are processed by urf-8, so when using json_encode of PHP to process Chinese, Chinese will be coded and become unreadable, similar to “\\\\\\\\\\\u*” The format will also increase the amount of data transmitted to a certain […]