• Use form create to dynamically generate Vue components, supporting JSON format


    [GitHub] | [description] Example let rule = [ { type:’row’, children:[ { type:’i-col’, props:{ span:12 }, children:[ Formcreate. Maker. Input (‘commodity name ‘,’ goods_name ‘,’ iPhone ‘), Formcreate. Maker. Number (‘products plus’, ‘goods Bu price’, 8688) ] }, { type:’i-col’, props:{ span:12 }, children:[ Formcreate. Maker. Datetime (‘create time ‘,’create’at’), Formcreate. Maker. Radio (‘show or […]

  • Several ways of serializing and deserializing JSON in. Net


    I. what is JSON JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification developed by European Computer Association) and uses a text format completely independent of programming language to store and represent data. The simple and clear hierarchy makes JSON an ideal data exchange […]

  • Sublime format JSON


    Every time you want to format JSON, go to http://www.bejson.com/ There are many functions of JSON on this website, which can basically cover most of the scenarios, especially after enteringJSON correlation -> JSON viewIt’s the one I use the most. But I also found another way to format JSON with my favorite sublime editor.How to […]

  • Common operation examples of JSON data format


    This article describes the common operations of JSON data format. To share with you for your reference, as follows: JSON data format First, object form <script> //Var json3 = {Name: “long Zhou Feng”, age: 123} // the first way Var json3 = {“name”: “longzhoufeng”, “age”: 123} // this method is recommended, with quotation marks, higher […]

  • Front end technology: how to output JS class instance to JSON format in console


    There is a class: class Point { constructor(x, y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; } } If we output its instance in the console: console.log(new Point(10, 20)); The output in the console is: Point { x: 10, y: 20 } How to output only JSON format and not class name “point”?Some students may […]

  • Spring security combat dry goods: log in and return to JWT token


    1. Preface Welcome to the spring security practical dry goods series. Last article we implementedJWTTools. In this article, we will discuss how toJWTAndSpring SecurityIn combination, after the authentication is successful, it will not jump to the specified page but return directlyJWT Token。 This articleDEMOAvailable at the end of the article 2. process JWTSuitable for front […]

  • Front end technology: detailed description of json.stringfy


    JSON. Stringify() syntaxJSON.stringify(value[, replacer[, space]]) valueObjects serialized as strings replacerThe behavior varies according to the type. If it is a function type, it is equivalent to a filter, which can process the serialized key value pair; if it is an array, only the key matching the name in the array will be output spaceIf it […]

  • Simple connection of QT websocket


    Websocket preparation There are two types of sockets on QT, tcpsocket and websocket. This time, only websocket is involved. Websocket docking 1. First, you need to import it into the. Pro file QT += websockets And include header files #include <QWebSocket> 2. Initialize websocket QWebSocket *websocket; private slots: Void ondisconnected(); // execute method after disconnection […]

  • Json.stringify usage you may not know


    There are many common functions in JS, and we may use them every day, but we don’t know some of their extra functions.JSON.stringifyThis is such a function. Let’s see its special usage today. Basics JSON.stringifyMethod takes a variable and converts it to a JSON representation. const boy = { name: ‘John’, age: 23 }; JSON.stringify(boy); […]

  • Python JSON


    In this chapter, we will show you how to use Python language to encode and decode JSON objects. JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format, which is easy to read and write. JSON functionTo use JSON functions, you need to import the JSON Library: import JSON. Function descriptionJson.dumps encodes Python objects into […]

  • [Python crawler] convert JS to JSON


    There is an excellent library to use — demjson Target link Demonstration linkhttp://fcd.5173.com/commondat… requestAbovelinkWillobtainAs shown in the figure belowJS file We need to get thisJS file to Dict, which is convenient to extract the required fields (which is very common in reptile tasks) Failed methods traditional method The process of converting JS file to Dict:1. […]

  • Unity protobuf vs. JSON


    Protobuf What is protobuf?Protobuffer (protocal buffer) is a data exchange format of Google. It is based on binary, cross language and cross platform. Using protobuf in unityThere are two ways:1. Import the protobuf net resource package dedicated to unity, and define the object with C code.2. Configure the protobuf environment of. Net, and define the […]