• An example of the conversion between XML and JSON in Java


    The example of this article describes how to implement the conversion between XML and JSON in Java. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Narrator: Recently, the conversion between XML and JSON has been confused. Here’s a demo for future use. Topic: The project format is: Jar packages are checked out one by […]

  • JQ instance part — case of Ajax requesting JSON data


    Today, there is such a demand. Click on six continents and some corresponding request information will appear, which will be displayed below. After the request, the second click will not require a request.As shown in the figure: click North America to display some requested data HTML code structure: <div class=”conSixmap”> <div class=”name conmap01″ data-name=”beimeizhou”> < […]

  • Search function on mobile terminal


    The following search related functions need to be implemented on the mobile end Click search button to search Search button How to pop it up firstSearch button。 In HTML5, input already supports search type, and ISO / Android has its own implementation fortunately. Just write according to the standard of mobile terminal, then I will […]

  • Ajax cross domain request jsonp to get the instance code of JSON data


    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is the key technology to drive the new generation of Web sites (the popular term is Web 2.0 site). Ajax allows data retrieval in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of web applications. Use the XMLHttpRequest function to get data, which is an API that allows client […]

  • Ztree — jQuery tree plug-in constructs treenode JSON data object


    Preface Ztree is a multifunctional “tree plug-in” implemented by jQuery. Website: http://www.ztree.me/v3/main.p Last time, in large projects, different users are often required to see different directories, different regions display different directories, etc. in the face of these huge data, tree directories of different structures need to be generated. You can’t define these configurations one by […]

  • Performance comparison of unity JSON (litjson, newtonsoftjson, simplejson)


    Performance comparison test of JSON Library in unity Class library size comparison: Class library file type Size NewtonsoftJson .dll 353KB LitJson .dll 56KB SimpleJSON .cs 68KB Analysis time comparison:Execution times: 10000 times test method NewtonsoftJson LitJson SimpleJSON Test 1 114ms 158ms 52ms Test 2 136ms 288ms 126ms Test 3 263ms 542ms 169ms Test 4 333ms […]

  • Angularjs-01 – add and delete JSON format data (dependency injection, shopping cart prototype)


    Step1: prepare JSON data file:The file directory is: data / data.json (this is just a demo, so only a few sets of sample data are prepared in the JSON file) [{“price”:12.56,”count”:10},{“price”:20.67,”count”:5},{“price”:10,”count”:1},{“price”:49,”count”:3} ] Step 2: preparing HTML filesThe file directory is: demo.html <div ng-controller= “myCtrl” > <! — create a controller named myCtrl here, calling ng-app= […]

  • Recommend an open source JavaScript library from markdown format to HTML format


    The address of this open source JavaScript library from markdown format to HTML format on GitHub: https://github.com/millerblac… From markdown format to HTML source code format Create a new file ending in JS and paste in the following: var markdown = require( “markdown” ).markdown; console.log( markdown.toHTML( “Hello *World*!” ) ); Execute with nodejs, and you can […]

  • Use form create to dynamically generate Vue components, supporting JSON format


    [GitHub] | [description] Example let rule = [ { type:’row’, children:[ { type:’i-col’, props:{ span:12 }, children:[ Formcreate. Maker. Input (‘commodity name ‘,’ goods_name ‘,’ iPhone ‘), Formcreate. Maker. Number (‘products plus’, ‘goods Bu price’, 8688) ] }, { type:’i-col’, props:{ span:12 }, children:[ Formcreate. Maker. Datetime (‘create time ‘,’create’at’), Formcreate. Maker. Radio (‘show or […]

  • Several ways of serializing and deserializing JSON in. Net


    I. what is JSON JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification developed by European Computer Association) and uses a text format completely independent of programming language to store and represent data. The simple and clear hierarchy makes JSON an ideal data exchange […]

  • Sublime format JSON


    Every time you want to format JSON, go to http://www.bejson.com/ There are many functions of JSON on this website, which can basically cover most of the scenarios, especially after enteringJSON correlation -> JSON viewIt’s the one I use the most. But I also found another way to format JSON with my favorite sublime editor.How to […]

  • Common operation examples of JSON data format


    This article describes the common operations of JSON data format. To share with you for your reference, as follows: JSON data format First, object form <script> //Var json3 = {Name: “long Zhou Feng”, age: 123} // the first way Var json3 = {“name”: “longzhoufeng”, “age”: 123} // this method is recommended, with quotation marks, higher […]