• Example of C + + parsing JSON using JSON CPP


    preface: For some time, XML became the data transmission format standard in the Internet industry, but some people questioned XML and thought that XML data format was complex and lengthy, so a new presentation format JSON was proposed. The JSON format will not be described in detail here. The following mainly discusses the use of […]

  • How to use JSON for Ajax parameter passing of jQuery (with JSON plug-in)


    JQuery’s Ajax call is very convenient. I like to use JSON’s data format when passing parameters. For example: Copy codeThe code is as follows: function AddComment(content) { var threadId = $(“#span_thread_id”).html(); var groupId = $(“#span_group_id”).html(); var groupType = $(“#span_group_type”).html(); var title = $(“#thread_title”).html(); var content = content.replace(/\x22/g,’”‘); $.ajax({ url: ‘/WebService/GroupService.asmx/AddThreadComment’, data: ‘{threadId:’ + threadId + […]

  • Python converts the serialized string of JSON into a dictionary (recommended)


    Generally speaking, the following can complete the requirements. def convertToDic(data): jsonDic=json.loads(data) return dict(jsonDic) However, some problems may occur in practical applications, so some exception handling can be added sometimes: def convertToDic(data): try: jsonDic=json.loads(data) except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: jsonDic={} try: dic=dict(jsonDic) except TypeError: dic={} return dic Practical application: def getEvent(data): try: jsonDic=json.loads(data) except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: jsonDic={} try: dic=dict(jsonDic) except […]

  • Explain in detail how to use @ requestbody to get the JSON string of post mode


    The method of @ requestbody mapping entity class is discussed on the Internet and will not be discussed in detail. However, when the front end submits complex structures or data structures with large dynamics, it may not be able to map fixed classes. It seems that the map method is not very effective (without careful […]

  • The laravel framework uses formrequest to verify the form, and the verification exception returns the JSON operation example


    This article describes the example of laravel framework using formrequest to verify the form, verify the exception and return the JSON operation Usually in a project, we will verify a large number of forms submitted by the front end. If they fail, we will return an error message. In order to have a better experience, […]

  • Using gojson to parse JSON format file in go language program


    Gojson is a golang package for quickly parsing JSON data. You can use it to quickly find the data in JSON install go get github.com/widuu/gojson Introduction structure Copy codeThe code is as follows: type Js struct {     data interface{} } (1) Func JSON (data) * JS data is of string type, initializes JS structure, […]

  • Using C + + to transfer pictures with socket in the form of JSON


    This example for you to share the C + + implementation of JSON form of socket transmission image specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows General process: the client reads the image, encodes it with Base64, converts it into a string, saves it in JSON, transmits it to the server through […]

  • The method of exporting data to XML and JSON in SQL Server


    Sometimes it is necessary to export the data in SQL server to other departments at one time for correlation or analysis. Of course, this requirement is very simple for SSIS, but it is a big deal to establish a SSIS package just by exporting the data at one time. There are many bugs in the […]

  • Case study of Ajax using JSON data format


    1: JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a simple data format, lighter than XML. JSON is a native JavaScript format, which means that you don’t need any special API or toolkit to process JSON data in JavaScript.The rule of JSON is simple: an object is an unordered collection of ‘name / value’ pairs. An object starts […]

  • Spring MVC JSON type conversion error solution


    This article mainly introduces the spring MVC JSON type conversion error solution, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to When using spring MVC to do JSON data, when it returns, it will prompt type conversion error As […]

  • The solution that action in struts 2 can’t return JSON after implementing modelDriven


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: public class DeviceAction extends AbstractAction implements ModelDriven<Device> {    private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(DeviceAction.class);Private device device = new device(); / / can only JSON model driven beansPrivate string result; / / unable to return the JSON value of result         public String getResult(){        return result;    }    public void […]

  • Detailed explanation of Objective-C JSON example


    Detailed explanation of Objective-C JSON example By using nsjsonserialization, the mutual conversion between JSON and foundation can be realized. The following describes the use of Objective-C JSON. Json To Fundation Using jsonobjectwithdata, you can convert JSON to foundation. The top level of JSON can be {} or [], so it can have two formats: nsdictionary […]