• Java version of ruby interpreter jruby


    Rails has radically accelerated and simplified the development of web applications, but it is not mature enough, especially in high-end enterprise level functions. On the other hand, the speed, stability and function of Java platform and its virtual machines, libraries and application servers have been improving, and now it is recognized as the leading platform […]

  • Java version of ruby interpreter jruby 1.7.14 released


    Jruby 1.7.14 is released, which is now available for download: http://www.jruby.org/download Jruby 1.7 is mainly for compatibility with ruby 1.9.3. The improvement records are as follows: 30 issues solved Fixed potential memory leak in jar file source Invokedynamic is disabled by default because it starts slowly in rails applications Load / require internal refactoring and […]