• Setting cross domain for Ajax server


    Ajax full name asynchronous JavaScript and XML; XML remains in the abbreviation is the historical reason, response data is generally JSON, text, HTML; The Ajax of the source domain initiates a request to the target domain (cross domain), and the origin header will be brought automatically, such asOrigin:http://fron.comThe target domain judges the value of origin. […]

  • Customize your favorite API based on jQuery Ajax


    What do you think of jQuery’s Ajax API? Do you want to customize the silky API more suitable for you. This article is based on my previous article “http.js application in Ajax single page”. You can scan the two-dimensional code at the end of the article and pay close attention to my public address. Most […]

  • Summary of Front-end Knowledge Points-JQ


    Summary of Front-end Knowledge Points-JQ 1. What is jQuery: JQuery: A Library of very simplified DOM operations for third partiesThird party: DownloadExtreme simplification: the ultimate simplification of DOM operations: four aspects: 1. DOM: Addition, deletion and modification 2. Event binding: 3. Animation effects: 4. Ajax DOM operations: Learning jQuery is still learning DOM, but the […]

  • Deep Understanding of JSONP Cross-Domain Access API Interface


    Explain There are as many as seven or eight solutions to cross-domain problems. Don’t say that there are so many. I’m not serious with you, nor are you serious with me?! VoluntarilyBaiduorGoogleI won’t tell you so many things here, just the most used one.JSONPYou have to sayJSONPIt’s not the most used. I don’t believe it. […]

  • Summary of Common Methods of jQuery [2]


    Traversal of elements JQuery traversal, meaning “move”, is used to “find” (or select) HTML elements based on their relationship to other elements. Start with an option and move along it until you reach the element you want. The following figure shows a family tree. Through jQuery traversal, you can easily move up (ancestors), down (descendants), […]

  • Summary of Common Methods of jQuery [3]


    Common methods of jQuery Ajax 1. load()JQuery load () method is a simple but powerful jQuery method. Syntax: $(selector). load (url, data, callback);– url: Must be filled in. Specify the URL you want to load.– Data: Choose to fill in. Specifies the set of key-value pairs of query strings sent with the request.Callback: Select. The […]