• Facebook develops news app


    according to recode.net Facebook is hiring news editors to prepare for a news app that hasn’t yet been launched, the website reported. In fact, news about Facebook’s development of news apps independent of social media has long been rampant. This app will have a flippboard style, not just a system match, but a selection of […]

  • Understanding of NLP news text classification contest


    Background This new competition is the third competition of 0 basic entry series jointly sponsored by datawhale and Tianchi, which is the news text classification challenge of zero basis entry NLP. Based on natural language processing (NLP), contestants are required to classify news according to their text characters. This is a classic text classification problem. […]

  • Front end infrastructure Consolidation – MVVM related


    Preface Difference between MVC, MVP and MVVM MVC, MVP and MVVM are all a kind of architecture mode, in order to solve the problem of mutual transformation between graphics and data. mvc Model、View、ControllerMVC has the following two forms, either of which is unidirectional communication,Practical projects usually adopt flexible methods, such as backbone.js, which is equivalent […]

  • Reactjs news 19 react conf 2017 will start on March 13


    Reactjs news is a digital publication that collects news from react and react native official websites, social media news, and surrounding technologies and Suites every week, and is sent on six or three days every week. Journalism React conf 2017 will start on March 13 This year’s react conf hosted by Facebook will be held […]

  • The implementation of searching in mongodb using PHP


    The conditional operator is used to compare two expressions and get data from the mongodb collection.The condition operators in mongodb are:(>) greater than – $GT(> =) greater than or equal to – $GTE(< =) less than or equal to – $LTEMongodb uses the $regex operator to set the regular expression of the matching string, and […]

  • The N + 1 batch update of ufqinews: clear, smooth and power saving


    Since its launch, ufqinews has been continuously updated, optimized and upgraded. As an information application that brings a new news reading experience, ufqinews has become increasingly mature and its browsing volume is also increasing. Recently, the upgrade and improvement of ufqinews include the following aspects. 1. UI adjustment and optimization, clear and easy to read […]

  • Use Baidu brain technology to make AI a news anchor!


      Effect: Using Baidu news summary ability and wechat small program, quickly extract news summary content and voice broadcast, let AI be news anchor! This article mainly introduces the development and implementation process of small program function, and shares the subprogram modules of main function realization. They are all dry goods!! To learn about the […]

  • Brief Introduction of XML Document Making Method of Baidu News Open Protocol


    Overview of Open ProtocolUsing this open protocol will bring more traffic to your website!“Internet News Open Agreement” is the standard of news source collection for search engine established by Baidu News Search. The website can make the published news content into an XML format web page (independent of the original news release form) which follows […]