• Rao Jun: past, present and future of Apache Kafka


    Welcome toTencent cloud + community, get more Tencent mass technology practice dry goods~ This article is first published in cloud + community and cannot be reproduced without permission. Hello, everyone. My name is Rao Jun. I’m one of the co founders of con luent, a start-up company in Silicon Valley. All the three founders of […]

  • Configuration system failed to initialize


    Recently, users reported that some computer startup programs crashed, and also demonstrated a strange problem “Copy the software back to another directory and it will work.”.Also said that a period of time and can not run, you need to change the location. ’Because there was no global exception set at that time, it could only […]

  • Summary of MySQL architecture


    Architecture *Connector: used to support the interaction between various languages and SQL, such as PHP, python, JDBC of Java; *Management services & Utilities: system management and control tools, including backup and recovery, MySQL replication, cluster, etc; *Connection pool: connection pool, which manages the resources to be buffered, including user password, permissions, threads, etc; *SQL interface: […]

  • [deploying springboot project to docker] 2. Building a simple project with springboot + mybatis + Druid


    Write on the front This article talks about building a simple project with springboot + mybatis + Druid. If you talk about the content of the last article, you can go to my last article first[deploying springboot project to docker] 1. Building an Ubuntu docker environment Springboot! Simplify, simplify, simplify! Springboot is designed to simplify […]

  • Learning notes of mongodb storage engine wireless tiger


    Since mongodb version 3.2, wiredtiger has become mongdb’s default storage engine, which is used to store data persistently to hard disk files. Wiredtiger provides document level concurrency control, checkpoint, data compression, native encryption and other functions. characteristic 1. checkpoint At the beginning of checkpoint operation, wiredtiger provides a point in time snapshot of the database, […]

  • High availability combat system based on haproxy


    Original address:__ https://www.jianshu.com/p/1fa… Author: Ming_ 96af Introduction to haproxy Software: haproxy — mainly do load balancing 7 layers, can also do 4 layers load balancing, Apache can also do 7 layers load balancing, but it is very troublesome. No one uses it in practice. Load balancing is through the OSI protocol corresponding to the 7-layer […]

  • It’s class notes


    1 do the basic page, first import the data, there are related dependencies, 8.1.1 change the configuration file first2.1 create a control class to manage all page requests。You can start the test. Let’s see if the basic page is completed.This is the interface that should be queried, and the next idea. Log management is a […]

  • Master slave replication of MySQL based on log


    There are always people who ask me if I can separate reading from writing. Sometimes I really don’t know how to answer. Let’s say that technology itself is not difficult for you. The difficulty is whether we can meet such a large project. If there is such a big project, the separation of reading and […]

  • Centos7 install mongodb 4.2.9 and PHP extension


    Visit mongodb website https://www.mongodb.com/try/download/community , there are options on the right. Here, select centos7 + tgz + 4.2.9. [[email protected] src]# wget https://fastdl.mongodb.org/linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel70-4.2.9.tgz –2020-09-29 15:01:18– https://fastdl.mongodb.org/linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel70-4.2.9.tgz Resolving host fastdl.mongodb.org ( fastdl.mongodb.org )…,,, … Connecting fastdl.mongodb.org ( fastdl.mongodb.org )| |: 443… Connected. HTTP request issued, waiting for response… 200 OK Length: 132776427 (127m) [application […]

  • 01nginx simple configuration details


    1. Nginx command line parameters -C < / path / to / config > specifies a configuration file for nginx instead of the default. -T does not run, just tests the configuration file. Nginx will check the syntax of the configuration file for correctness and try to open the file referenced in the configuration file. […]

  • 02 operation and control of nginx


    1. Nginx command line parameters Unlike many other software systems, nginx has only a few command line parameters, which are completely configured through configuration filessudo nginx -t-C < / path / to / config > specifies a configuration file for nginx instead of the default. -T does not run, just tests the configuration file. Nginx […]

  • [git management] using shell script and nodejs to realize quick commit and tag


    reflectionWhen the front-end uses NPM and git for development, there will be version number or changes that need to be updated and submitted synchronously. When we submit the update information through commit, can we use the commit information to become the version log data that we change when we work? Don’t say much, share on […]