• How to record the operation log gracefully?


    Operation logs widely exist in various b-end and some C-end systems. For example, customer service can quickly know who has done what to the work order according to the operation log of the work order, and then quickly locate the problem. The operation log is different from the system log. The operation log must be […]

  • Practice of Druid SQL and security in meituan review


    Sharing guests: Gao Dayue @ meituan comments, Apache kylin PMC member, Druid commiter Edited by: Druid China user group 6th Meetup Production platform: datafuntalk — Reading Guide:Support for SQL and permissions has long been Druid’s weakness. Although the community added support for SQL and security as early as version 0.9 and 0.12, according to our […]

  • Blog recommendation | in depth analysis of transactions in Apache pulsar


    About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is the top-level project of Apache Software Foundation. It is the next-generation cloud native distributed message flow platform. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It adopts the design of separation of computing and storage architecture, supports multi tenant, persistent storage and multi machine room cross regional data replication, […]

  • Summary of MySQL log related knowledge


    The file used to store data in the database is called data file, and the log file is called log file. In addition, if you directly access the disk every time you read or write, the performance is very poor, so the database has cache, data buffer and log buffer. SQL execution order When we […]

  • Remember an online MySQL deadlock


    problem: yesterday, an error was reported on the line, which made a function unable to execute. Looking up the log found that it was a MySQL deadlock problem. Analyze problems: in fact, the biggest difficulty in solving the problem is to analyze the problem and find out where the problem occurs. This process takes the […]

  • Elk construction


    ELK “Elk” is an acronym for three open source projects: elasticsearch, logstash and kibana. Elasticsearch is a search and analysis engine. Logstash is a server-side data processing pipeline, which can collect data from multiple sources at the same time, convert data, and then send data to “repositories” such as elasticsearch. Kibana allows users to visualize […]

  • Format of GIT submission information


    GitThe format of information submission shall meet the following requirements:/^(revert: )?(feat|fix|docs|dx|style|refactor|perf|test|workflow|build|ci|chore|types|wip|dep)(\(.+\))?: .{1,50}/regular expression Examples The following submission information appears inFeaturesHeadline,compilerUnder sub heading: feat(compiler): add ‘comments’ option The display is as follows: Features compiler: add ‘comments’ option The following submission information appears inBug FixesHeadline,v-modelUnder the sub heading, follow#28Links to questions: fix(v-model): handle events on blur close […]

  • Change the log level dynamically when Flink is running


    background Flink on Yan cluster mode, which is used when submitting tasksFLINK_CONFG_DIRLowerlog4j.properties, the output level of the log cannot be changed dynamically; The official does not support specifying log configuration files by reference. Please check the detailsYarnConfigOptionsInternalDescription on class If you want to specify the log output level for different tasks, you can only use […]

  • 7 very practical but underestimated Python toolkits! Share with you


    Python has a large number of packages, whether ordinary tasks or complex tasks. We often use a large number of toolkits in our applications. This article will discuss some often underestimated data science packages, including data cleaning, application development and debugging. image.png 1、Faker Production environments typically have real-time data. It’s not easy to put it […]

  • Android studio image compression tool imgcompressplugin


    https://gitee.com/Li_Shuaihua/ImgCompressPlugin/#/Li_Shuaihua/ImgCompressPlugin/blob/master/README-zh-rCN.mdTinypng is integrated in the project. 500 free keys can be used in turn, which is very convenientHowiver, I’ve found that I always report errors recently Caused by: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target Seeing the official website, after 2016, it is no longer maintained […]

  • Interviewer: how does nginx achieve high concurrency? What are the common optimization methods?


    This is an interview question brought back by a reader How does nginx implement concurrency? Why doesn’t nginx use multithreading? What are the common optimization methods of nginx? What are the possible reasons for the error 502? Interviewer psychological analysis It mainly depends on whether the candidates are familiar with the basic principles of nginx, […]

  • Kubebuilder practice 6: build, deploy and run


    Welcome to my GitHub https://github.com/zq2599/blog_demos Content: classification and summary of all original articles and supporting source code, involving Java, docker, kubernetes, Devops, etc; Link article series One of kubebuilder’s actual combat: preparation Kubebuilder practice 2: experience kubebuilder for the first time Kubebuilder practice 3: a quick overview of basic knowledge Kube builder practice 4: operator […]