• Asp.net core series 74 exceptionless server installation


    1、 Docker installation Docker requires a version higher than docker 18.09.0 + Installation address: https://www.runoob.com/docker/windows-docker-install.html 1. For the win10 operating system, when the windows function is enabled or disabled, enable Hyper-V, and the disk size will be 2.84 GB after installation. 2. After installation, use docker version in CMD to view the version information as […]

  • Log reading of mybatis source code


    Log reading of mybatis source code This article introduces my understanding of the source code under the logging package. Logging configuration loading Let’s start with the configuration loading of the log. The loading process of various configurations of mybatis can be started fromXMLConfigBuilderClass. We locate the log loading method under this classloadCustomLogImpl: private void loadCustomLogImpl(Properties […]

  • Filtering out logs that the ABP framework does not need to record


    This article is one of a series of articles based on the. NETCORE and ABP framework on how to let Windows services perform quartz scheduled jobs. problem ABP. Windowsservice / demo. Myjob / 4.0.0 this project not only contains job service, but also a web site service automatically generated by ABP project. The logging of […]

  • Class loading problem caused by parallel flow in Tomcat application


    This article starts with vivo Internet technology WeChat public.Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/f-x3n9cvdyu5f5nyh6mhxqAuthor: Xiao Mingxuan, Wang daohuan With the popularity of Java 8, more and more developers use parallel to improve code execution efficiency. However, the author found that the use of parallel flow in Tomcat container would lead to the failure of dynamic loading of classes. By […]

  • C ා log with NLog


    1、 Install using nuget   2、 Configure nodes Default nlog.config modification     3、 Program call ILogger logger = NLog.LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger(); private void Index_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Logger.info (“log details”); Logger.total (“different log levels”); } Log output  

  • Spring boot AOP records user operation log


    In the spring framework, using AOP with custom annotations can facilitate the monitoring of user operations. First, build a basic spring boot web environment to start spring boot, and then introduce the necessary dependencies: <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-jdbc</artifactId> </dependency> <! — AOP dependency — > <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-aop</artifactId> </dependency> <! — Oracle driver — > <dependency> […]

  • Xiaobai’s springboot path (x), global exception handling


    0, foreword In any system, we will not foolishly catch and handle exceptions in every place. In general, we will handle exceptions in one place in the whole system. Spring boot global exception handling is very simple;  Before the introduction, let’s make a digression. Now our development system is completely separated from the front end […]

  • Windows Server 2003 set regular automatic restart and view server restart log tutorial


    Tasks: Set 4:00 a.m. every day through bat batch file to restart the server automatically Check the server log the next day to determine whether the server automatically restarts as scheduled Windows Server 2003 server setting automatic restart Disk C – new text fileOpen a text document, write the following and save: shutdown / R […]

  • The practice of realizing financial data service based on rocketmq


    Guidance: Microservice architecture has become one of the hot topics of the Internet, which is also the inevitable stage of the development of Internet technology. However, Martin Fowler, the proponent of the concept of microservice, stressed that the first principle of distributed invocation is not to distribute. Looking at the disadvantages of microservice implementation, we […]

  • CRS fails to start normally after the network cable is changed. Clssnmsendingthread: sending status msg to all nodes


    CRS fails to start normally after the network cable is changed. Clssnmsendingthread: sending status msg to all nodesBefore my colleague changed the network cable, I shut down node 2 normally. After changing the network cable, I was told that node 2 was dead and alive. Looking at the logs and some posts above, it was […]

  • Pinpoint: a study of agetinfo data of icons on the interface


    Preface When launching a spring boot project to mount pinpoint, the interface is displayed as the JBoss icon, so today I studied how this data came from. We know that different icons are related to service types. Different services have different icons. This is described by a ServiceType property in the code. Starting from agent […]

  • Request and log analysis in scrapy


    Scrapy.http.Request Automatic de duplication, according to the hash value of the URL, de duplication   attribute Meta (dict) transfers data between different requests, Dict Priority (int) the priority of this request (0 by default) Don? Filter (Boolean) turn off automatic de duplication Errback (callable) the function that will be called when any exception is thrown […]