• Gradle core (1): introduction to gradle, life cycle exploration, basic script construction


    Blog Homepage After learning the core syntax of groovy, let’s learn gradle. Gradle is a build system tool. Its DSL is based on groovy, and most of its functions are implemented through plug-ins. If the built-in plug-ins can not meet the needs, you can customize your own plug-ins. Gradle introduction and life cycle exploration We […]

  • Go + typescript + graphql + react to build Jianshu website (I) initialize go backend


    Project address: GitHub I have been learning go for a while, and I am aware of what I can do. Inspired by the community, he took building a website of his own as a lesson, and decided to write down this article at the same time, to clarify his ideas, divergent thinking, not all in […]

  • API interface design specification


    Summary This article shares the API interface design specifications to provide reference for R & D personnel. Norms are dead and people are alive. I hope I can set norms by myself and not be slapped. Route naming specification action prefix Remarks Obtain get get{XXX} Obtain get get{XXX}List Newly added add add{XXX} modify update update{XXX} […]

  • Build the pit 01 on the road of risk control system – Information Collection – experience sharing of a CPO


    Author foreword In the past 10 years, I have participated in the design of risk control systems in different fields of three companies. I have carefully considered all aspects of the risk control system from the front to the back, but I still feel like I’m just stepping into the door. Most people’s products are […]

  • Incomplete delivery order log of SAP SD basic knowledge


    Incomplete delivery order log of SAP SD basic knowledge   If we call the incomplete project log, the system checks whether the data in the outbound delivery is complete. From the generated list, we can directly jump to the screen of maintaining incomplete fields.   We can call log of incomplete items from delivery processing, […]

  • Kafka replica and ISR design (I)


    In Kafka, a partition log is actually a backup log. Kafka uses multiple identical backup logs to improve system availability. These backup logs are actually called replicas. Kafka’s replica can be divided into leader replica and follower replica. Leader replica provides client with read-write request. Follower replica is only used to passively synchronize data from […]

  • Kafka Series 1: overview of Kafka


    Kafka Series 1: overview of Kafka Kafka is one of the most popular message middleware in the current distributed system. With its high throughput design, Kafka is loved by developers in the application scenarios of log collection system and message system.This article talks about some knowledge about Kafka. It mainly includes the following contents: Kafka […]

  • Kafka replica synchronization (II)


    In the previous section, we talked about ISR, how to judge the synchronization between segment follower replica and leader replica, and related concepts (HW, Leo). Today, we will take a look at the detailed synchronization process between follower replica and leader replica, but the synchronization process mentioned in this section has disadvantages. In the new […]

  • Getting started with middleware kingshard (1): basic installation


    Simple deployment and configuration will be carried out here. Before configuration, you need to know a certain topology Category property notes Kingshard none Master main warehouse Slave read Library Learn more about the address https://github.com/flike/kingshard/blob/master/readme_zh.md install Because kingshard is developed in go language. Therefore, you need to install the corresponding go supported […]

  • Analysis of the disadvantages of Kafka backup and recovery based on HW (III)


    In the previous section, we talked about the synchronization mechanism of follower replica, and we mentioned that HW based backup is defective. In this section, we will explain the reasons for the disadvantages and explain the concept of lead epoch introduced by Kafka to solve the problem. There are two main problems with HW based […]

  • MySQL 5.7 multiple instances


    In this paper, mysql5.7 is used to implement multiple instances, and the ports are 3306 and 3307. 1. Multi instance natureOpen multiple MySQL service ports (33063307) and run multiple MySQL service processes on one machine. These service processes provide their own services by listening to different service ports through different sockets; Multiple instances share a […]

  • The problem that spring boot can’t output SQL to integrate mybatis


    When using spring boot to integrate mybatis and test functions, I encountered SQL problems. I wanted to see what was wrong in the log, but I couldn’t output the executed SQL. I used log4j2, Baidu for a while, many blogs said, plus the following log configuration: <logger name=”java.sql.Statement” level=”debug”/> <logger name=”java.sql.PreparedStatement” level=”debug”/> <logger name=”java.sql.Connection” level=”debug”/> […]