• How to execute a SQL statement in MySQL


    An analysis of MySQL infrastructure 1.1 overview of MySQL basic architecture The figure below is a brief structure diagram of MySQL. From the figure below, you can clearly see how the user’s SQL statements are executed inside mysql. Let’s briefly introduce the basic functions of some components involved in the figure below to help you […]

  • How to use uwsgi and fork in Python multiprocess multithreading


    Story background During this period of time, I am working on a nginx + uwsgi + Python project. One requirement is that the configuration can be changed and take effect in the process of service running, which can be understood as hot overload. Before, these configurations are the basic configurations written in the configuration file […]

  • Redis persistence and memory optimization


    Springboot real e-commerce project mall4j( https://gitee.com/gz-yami/mall4j ) Redis persistence and memory optimization Some persistence and memory optimization operations are carried out through the configuration file of redis. If there are any errors, you are welcome to guide. 1. Why persistence If the user data is saved to memory, the memory data will be cleared when […]

  • 3 cheap machines write 2 million per second! Why is Kafka so fast?


    Author: Bing Yue, introduction: Senior Engineer of Alibaba, focusing on distributed system and high availability architecture, methodology and cognitive upgrading, practice and continuous learning. source: www.cnblogs.com/binyue/p/10308754.html Kafka in 30 seconds Let’s take a quick look at Kafka and some details about how it works. Kafka is a distributed messaging system. It was first established in […]

  • What if await had the same promise twice?


    First look at the following interview question: let counter = 0; const increment = new Promise(resolve => { counter++; resolve(); }); await increment; await increment; console.log (counter); // what is the result? You thinkcounterWhat is the value of? What is promise? Does that mean “later”? In fact, promise should be regarded as a state machine. […]

  • Nginx booting under Windows


    Introduction Recently, nginx is often used. You need to start it manually every time you start it. If you want to set it to automatic execution after starting itstart nginx, find the information, try to summarize. System: Windows 10 home Chinese version Version number: 20h2 Operating system version: 19042.685 Nginx: version 1.18.0, only the port […]

  • Using Arthas to find weird and time-consuming bugs in springboot


    Introduction:The company has a channel system, which is specially used for docking with three-party channels. There is no business logic, mainly for the work of converting messages and parameter verification, which plays a connecting role. Recently, after optimizing the response time of the interface and the code, the time still can’t meet the requirements. There […]

  • How to build a management system of technical public opinion for idle fish


    Brief introduction: we have built a checking system with logs to check and data to rely on from the aspects of logs, monitoring and performance testing Current situation and problems The public opinion management of idle fish, relying on the facilities construction of Ali group, has the following capabilities: Crash exception, performance online aggregation query; […]

  • Ketchup registry use


    Ketcup git address: https://github.com/simple-gr/ketchup Consumer installation  1.docker pull consul  2.docker run –name=consul –restart=always -d -p 8500:8500 consul 3. Open UI in browser: :8500   The picture represents success. Configure consumer in ketchup “Consul”: { “Connectionstring”: “”, // connect address “Ishealthcheck”: true // do you want to perform health check } Start the server program […]

  • Integration implementation and principle analysis of mybatis framework in 05 springboot project


    Preliminary analysis of integrating mybatis summary Mybatis is an excellent persistence layer framework. The bottom layer is based on JDBC to realize the interaction with database. It is packaged and optimized on the basis of JDBC operation. With the help of flexible SQL customization and mapping of parameters and result sets, it can better adapt […]

  • Database ‖ Hadoop namenode performance troubleshooting process sharing


    With the development of the domestic Internet industry, although the mega cluster is not as rare as it was a few years ago, it is also rare, especially the opportunity of performance troubleshooting involving the mega cluster is even rarer. And this time, I have carried out the performance troubleshooting of Hadoop namenode with a […]

  • Go carbon version 1.3.5 is released to fix known bugs and optimize performance


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic and developer friendly golang time processing library, which supports chain call, lunar calendar, Gorm, xorm and other mainstream orm If you think it’s good, please give it to a star github:github.com/golang-module/carbon gitee:gitee.com/go-package/carbon Update log Fix the bug of reading data from database and transferring it to JSON Fix the bug […]