• Oracle job interval setting


    Initializing related parameters job_ queue_ processes alter system set job_ queue_ Processes = 39 scope = SPFILE; / / the maximum value cannot exceed 1000; job_ queue_ Interval = 10 / / refresh rate of scheduling jobs in seconds job_ queue_ Process indicates the number of concurrent jobs that Oracle can use show parameter job_queue_process; […]

  • Oracle database timing task DBMS_ The usage of job


    1、 DBMS_ Knowledge points involved in job 1. Create a job: variable jobno number; dbms_ job.submit (: jobno, – job No ‘your_ Procedure; ‘, – – the stored procedure to be executed,’; ‘cannot be omitted next_ Date, – next execution time ‘interval’ – the interval time, in days ); – the system will automatically assign […]

  • A quick solution to the problem of calling the key job by SQL Server scheduled job


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  • Graphic tutorial of sending email notification when SQL Server job runs successfully or fails


    The settings of SQL Server 2005 are as follows:1. Run SQL Server surface area configuration – > surface area configuration for features – > select Database Mail – > enable database mail stored procedures2. Open SQL Management Studio > Management > Database Mail > configure SMTP settings3. Open SQL Server Agent – > operators – […]