• Oracle is panicking! Huawei has finally opened its Huawei JDK – Bisheng JDK!


    Yes, since Alibaba and Tencent, Huawei has finally opened its own JDK – Bisheng JDK! free free free Oracle is panicking? Bisheng JDK Bisheng JDK is an open source version of Huawei JDK, a customized version of Huawei’s internal openjdk. It is a high-performance openjdk distribution that can be used in production environments. Huawei JDK […]

  • Method of replacing openjdk with Oracle JDK for Kirin v10


    catalogue 1 Introduction 2 preparation 3. Uninstall the original openjdk components 3.2 viewing the default installation version 3.3 uninstall the default installation version 4. Install oraclejdk RPM package 5 verification 1 Introduction JDK (java development kit) is a software development environment used in Java platform programming. It contains a complete Java runtime environment, the so-called […]

  • Windows 11 configuring JDK environment variables


    Article catalogue preface Windows 11 configuring JDK environment variables summary Configure environment variables test preface   if you find it useful, remember to give it to meBloggers like, comment and collect three links with one button, writing is not easy.  and I heardPeople who like it don’t have bad luck every day, if you are […]

  • JDK1. 8 take an attribute value from the object list set and form a set list


    Most of the features of JDK 1.8 are only a small part of our development records, and now we use at least a small part of it. In the development process, we often encounter the need to extract a list set of attributes from a list, such as the set of IDSSo the method in […]

  • Linux JDK, Tomcat installation and environment setting


    1. JDK Enter the installation directory#cd /home #cp jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm /usr/local #cd /usr/local Add executable permissions to all users#chmod +x jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm.bin #./jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm.bin The file jdk-1 is generated_ 5_ 0_ 02-linux-i586. RPM, also add executable permissions to all users#chmod +x jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm erection sequence#rpm -ivh jdk-1_5_0_02-linux-i586.rpm If the installation agreement appears, press accept.2. Set environment variables.#vi /etc/profile Add […]

  • Installation of JDK, Tomcat and MySQL under Linux (RedHat 9.0)


    1. Installation of J2SDKGo to Java first sun. Download JDK on Linux on. Com. I download 6.0. jdk-6u4-linux-i586-rpm. Bin, FTP to Linux,Execution: Chmod 755 jdk-6u4-linux-i586-rpm Bin then execute./jdk-6u4-linux-i586-rpm.bin A lot of RPM packages will be automatically generated and installed. After that, you can use Java, jdk5 Path and class do not need to be set […]

  • Genetics of JDK 1.5


    Generics is one of the most important features of JDK 1.5, which is mainly used to process collections. The following code passed JDK 1.5 debugging. Code example 1: demo.java   package maoxiang.examples.jdk15.generics;   import java.util.ArrayList;   import java.util.Collection;   import java.util.HashMap;   import java.util.LinkedList;   import java.util.List;   import java.util.Map;   /** * @ author Mao Xiang  * * demonstrate how to use the […]

  • Master JDK1.5 enumeration types


    As a new keyword introduced by sun, enum looks like a special class. It can also have its own variables, define its own methods, and implement one or more interfaces. When we declare an enum type, we should note that enum types have the following characteristics. 1. It cannot have a public constructor, which can […]

  • Installing and configuring jdk-7 in CentOS 6.3


    Installation instructions System environment: centos-6.3Installation method: RPM installationSoftware: jdk-7-linux-x64.rpmDownload address: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-se-jdk-7-download-432154.html Original version of inspection system[[email protected] ~]# java -versionjava version “1.6.0_24”OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11.1) (rhel- 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode) To further view JDK information:[[email protected] ~]# rpm -qa | grep javatzdata-java-2012c-1.el6.noarchjava-1.6.0-openjdk- To uninstall openjdk:[[email protected] ~]# rpm -e –nodeps tzdata-java-2012c-1.el6.noarch[[email protected] ~]# rpm -e […]

  • The difference between JDK and JRE is very vivid, clear and easy to understand


    In short, JDK is an SDK for developers. It provides java development environment and running environment. SDK is a software development kit, which generally refers to software development kit, including function library, compiler, etc.JDK is java development kitJRE is a Java runtime environment, which refers to the running environment of Java. It is for users […]

  • Installation and configuration of JDK without installation in CentOS


    First of all, download the installation free from the official website tar.gz I download jdk-7u75-linux-x64 tar.gzAnd unzip it to the / usr / Java / directory. This Java directory was not created by myself Setting environment variables VI open file command: VI / etc / profileMove to the end of the file and insert a […]

  • Solution of JDK Chinese font garbled under Linux


    Problem Description: Java applications deployed in Linux in Chinese will become a “mouth” word, that is, garbled Problem analysis: The following implementation methods are used in the code: new java.awt.Font (song style), Font.PLAIN , 12) then the font “Song typeface” ($Java) must be needed in JDK_ Home / JRE / lib / fonts directory) Because […]