• Principle analysis of deserialization attack caused by Java JDBC


    This article mainly introduces the principle of Java JDBC caused by the deserialization attack analysis, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to background Last week, the topic “new explosion technology in Java deserialization attack” of blackhat Europe […]

  • A JDBC test program code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: import java.sql.Date; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.PreparedStatement; import java.sql.ResultSetMetaData; import java.sql.Statement; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.SQLException; public class FirstOracleJdbc { public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException { insert(new int[]{5},new String[]{“iGoder”}, new Date[]{Date.valueOf(“1980-01-01”)}); select(); } public static void select() { Connection con = null; Statement st = null; ResultSet […]

  • Several ways of JDBC connecting access database


    Next, summarize several common connection methods. For example, there are the following access database student, table basic, and 6 records. Now their data are displayed in JSP in several ways. As shown in the figure: For several ways to connect to access database, they are basically based on jdbc-odbc, of course, there are pure jdbc […]

  • Using JDBC 4.0 to operate BLOB data in Oracle


    After the introduction of JDBC 4.0, its multiple features have been widely concerned. This paper introduces how JDBC 4.0 operates BLOB data in Oracle. Jar packages required Using ojdbc6. Jar In / meta-inf/ MANIFEST.MF You can see specification version: 4.0 Table building create sequence seq_blobmodel_id start with 1 increment by 1 nocache; create table blobmodel […]

  • Using JDBC to access SQL Server 2008 database in JSP


    Direct access to database driven by JDBCAdvantages: 100% Java, fast and cross platformDisadvantages: accessing different databases requires downloading a dedicated jdbc driver (1) Download the jdbc driver of the corresponding database version and install it. Pay attention to the three files after installation msbase.jar , mssqlserver.jar , msutil.jar , copy it to the WEB-INF / […]

  • Method of connecting database with JSP + jdbc


    This paper describes the method of connecting database with JSP + jdbc. Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: First try JSP + jdbc, according to the example in the book tossed for a long time, is not connected to the database. So looking for materials on the Internet, we finally […]

  • JDBC operating MySQL database instance


    This paper describes the method of JDBC operating MySQL database. Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: import java.sql.*; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.Statement; class conn{ String url=”jdbc:mysql://”; final String user = “nari”; final String pass = “nariacc”; Connection conn = null; Statement st = null; ResultSet rs […]

  • JSP uses JDBC to complete dynamic verification and MVC to complete data query


    In this paper, JSP uses JDBC to complete dynamic verification and MVC to complete data query. Share with you for your reference. The details are as follows: 1、 Objectives: ① Master the basic process of JDBC linked database;② Master the use of JDBC for data query. 2、 Main contents: ① On the basis of the […]

  • JSP database connection class instance based on JDBC


    The example of this paper describes the database connection class of JSP based on JDBC. To share with you for your reference, as follows: /* * * TODO To change the template for this generated file go to * Window – Preferences – Java – Code Style – Code Templates */ package com.yanek.test; import java.sql.Connection; […]

  • JSP using JDBC to connect mysql database


    The example of this article describes the method of JSP using JDBC to connect mysql database. To share with you for your reference, as follows: 1. Available at http://www.mysql.com/products/connector-j/index.htmlDownload MySQL JDBC DriverMySQL connector Java – *. Jar. For example, what I download is mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar and add it to classpath or project.   2. Register JDBC […]

  • The tutorial of JSP program using JDBC to connect to MySQL


    Installing and loading JDBC drivers Download the JDBC driver mysql-connector-java-5.1.7.zip //www.jb51.net/softs/214141.htmlPut the file mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar in the Lib file under the WEB-INF directory of the project, and the installation is completed (if MySQL is installed on your machine, install it first if not installed) Load in JDBC Driver <%@page language=”java” contentType=”text/html;charset=gb2312″%> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> < […]

  • How to use analyticdb for PG as a data source to interface with software finebi


    Analyticdb for PostgreSQL is built on the open source database Greenplum, which is compatible with the syntax, interface and ecology of Greenplum and PostgreSQL. This chapter describes how to connect the analytical database PostgreSQL version through finebi and develop reports. Preparation Before using finebi, users need to complete the following preparations.Download and install finebi Operation […]