• ES6 “Generator” in depth


    ES6. Generator Generator in simple terms. My impression of generators is that the syntax is difficult to understand and there are no real scenarios. Why study? Maybe some advanced business will be needed in the future, and in case the interviewer asks, I need to be able to say something that makes me look good. […]

  • Vue for the back end


    Installation environment There are many pictures in the article, which occupy a certain space. Have write the background of the brothers said, how to write vue, how to create a vue project, and then I thought about it, think to write a background students vue tutorial is also necessary, the article barely talked about CSS […]

  • Design mode 8——– filter mode


    Filter mode The Filter Pattern or Criteria Pattern is a design Pattern that allows developers to Filter a set of objects using different Criteria and join them in a decoupled manner through logical operations. This type of design pattern is a structural pattern that combines multiple standards to produce a single standard. implementation We will […]

  • How do you develop cross-framework components?


    Author: Daybrush Crazy geek Original: https://medium.com/naver-fe-p… Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden Cross Framework Component (CFC)Is an efficient structure based on a single generic module that supports a variety of frameworks. Cross-frame componentWith the help ofcross-platformMethods.cross-platformIs a structure that allows you to use a single source code on a variety of platforms (operating systems, devices), […]

  • Front screen synchronization debugging artifact browserSync


    Application scenarios When we need to debug the same page on PC, android phone, iphone, ipad, all-in-one machine and other different devices, each swipe and click operation should be performed on each device, so that repetitive work can be automatically realized by using brown-sync The preparation of the instruments 1.nodejs2. Install NPM (generally node is […]

  • WeChat small program filter tool weImageFilters


    The statement 99.9% of the filter code comes from arahaya/ImageFilters. Version for Based on library 1.9.0 Introduction to the Recently, I found a good filter library on the web, and there are dozens of filter effects. I made some changes to it, so that it can be used in WeChat small program. The following renderings […]

  • On the “Vue ecology” series of “template loader and computational property”


    On the “Vue ecology” series of “template loader and computational property” The mission Write ‘cc-loader’ so that we can run my skeleton code using the ‘xxx.cc’ file. Add a life cycle function for ‘cc_vue’. Added ‘compute attribute ‘. Add ‘observe attribute ‘. Definition and preparation of ‘cc-loader’ This is only the most basic version, and […]

  • Front-end interview day 3+1 – day 177


    Today’s point (October 10, 2019.10) — day 177 The front page of a website has a large number of pictures, which load slowly. If you, how can you optimize it? [CSS] have you ever used preload, preconnect, prefetch? What do they do? What do you think of the formal arguments of a function Soft skills […]

  • Teach you how to use WebSocket by hand.


    Before this article,WebSocketA lot of people had heard of, did not see, unused, think a very tall on the technology, in fact this technology is not mysterious, can say is a very easy to master the technology, the hope is after reading this article, take out the chestnut in the article immediately oneself try, practice […]

  • Regular expression application


    In the previous article, I introduced you to some common knowledge points and related examples of regular expressions. In this article, I will share some examples of regular expressions that I have encountered in my work, and see how they play a role in my work. Application scenarios Regular expressions are used in many scenarios, […]

  • TypeScript and vuejs build webpack for the first time


    Decided to change TypeScript developmentGood TypeScript, vuejs, practice a combination of online search: https://github.com/Microsoft/… There just happened to be. We started with TypeScript. Below, I will write down all the procedures. If you have any questions, please leave a message and I will elaborate. Or add group discussion: click here directly add group, or: 478694438 […]

  • WebSocket series of binary data design and transmission


    An overview of the Through the first three blogs, we can understand how the data we need to pass before sending data through WebSocket becomes ArrayBuffer binary data. After we received the binary data, how we turned it into a common data type in JavaScript.This article, the fourth in the WebSocket series, will use a […]