• The problem of keeping alive cache in Vue Mobile


    When the Vue mobile terminal exits the current a user and switches to the new B user, the data of B user or that of a user is the cache of the last account. How do you solve this problem? I’m very anxious

  • H5 feature’s formdata does not refresh file upload


    miscellany The previous friend said not to refresh the uploaded file. The most violent solution is to search all kinds of JS libraries on the Internet, with multiple pictures uploaded, previewed, even image processing and other special effects. So if you don’t touch third-party libraries, can you use ajax to do it. As for this […]

  • On element UI cascading menu (city three level linkage menu) and echo problem


    Code bottom Parameter screenshot of each item The code is as follows < El form item label = “domicile” prop = “census land” style = “padding left: 57px” > <el-cascader v-model=”ruleForm.censusLand” style=”width:180px;padding-left:7px;width:270px” Placeholder = “please select province or city” :options=”cascaderData1″ @expand-change=”censusLandChange” :props=”{ value: ‘id’, label: ‘name’, children: ‘cities’ }” ></el-cascader> </el-form-item> data (){ retutn { […]

  • Grunt plug-in: grunt plug-in


    Author: heart leafTime: 20:08, January 24, 2019 Requirement specification When we develop code, we don’t write all the code in one file. Only when we pack the code at the end, we will merge it together. Sometimes, we need a more flexible merging scheme in addition to merging the code. This plug-in is to insert […]

  • Using rust + electron to develop cross platform desktop applications (2)


    Preface In the previous article, we used rust + electron to develop cross platform desktop applications (1). We used rust to write core business logic and compiled it into a node library to provide the UI interface call for electron. However, we found many problems in the previous article, especially that the version of electron […]

  • Virtual Dom and diff algorithm in Vue


    Virtual DOM Why does it appear: Browser parsing an HTML can be roughly divided into five steps: create DOM tree – > create style rules – > build render tree – > layout – > Draw painting. Every time the real DOM is operated, the browser will execute the process from the beginning to the […]

  • NPM scripts cannot execute multiple commands in parallel or serial under Windows


    I developed with MacOS. The scripts of NPM can execute parallel or serial scripts very well. For example, let’s take a look at the scripts code segment I normally execute under MacOS: “scripts”: { “dev”: “webpack –watch –config webpack.dev.js & npm run s”, “build”: “webpack –config webpack.prod.js”, “prod”: “webpack –config webpack.prod.js & npm run s”, […]

  • Image generation based on canvas


    With the increasing cost of APP customers, many products begin to flow from WAP page, and the most common way is sharing, especially in wechat. So there are some new ways to play, such as creating a poster image, which users can save or share to other platforms. This article will show you how to […]

  • React integrates native Redux (2)


    React integrates native Redux (2) Preface A basic application framework has been completed to integrate native Redux (1) in react, but when distributing action, logic cannot be written in action. In other words, action is always just a JSON object, not a function. Although logic methods can be written in view life cycle to change […]

  • Development history of front-end technology


    If you retrieve it, ignore this article, just a draft. Since you are a front-end career, you need to understand its origin and development. It’s a good job. Looked up four people’s technology blog, Wikipedia search information, front-end technology development, before not called front-end, just page engineer. origin When the browser was not yet available, […]

  • Developing Windows desktop application with webpack + electron + react JS


    Electron was a hot framework a year or two agoIn essence, it is a browser, but it integrates many functions of windows system, so that the front-end development can also directly operate Windows Forms, and make a real desktop software The main technical stack of the team is react, so it is considered to use […]

  • Websocket protocol


    Reference articles Websocket RFC GitHub Chinese Translation Websocket RFC document Implementation of workerman websocket protocol Protocol composition The protocol consists of an open handshake, followed by a basic message framing, layered TCP Problems solved Based on the browser mechanism, the two-way communication between client and server is realized Protocol overview From client handshake GET /chat […]