• Summary of two methods of converting Excel to PDF in Java


    Hello, Hello, I’m grey ape, a program ape who can write bugs! There are many ways to use tools to convert Excel to PDF. Here I will introduce two common methods to deal with two different use scenarios. Next, I will give you a demonstration in the springboot environment! 1、 Convert PDF using spire Firstly, […]

  • Some problems in the [blog system] project


    Article catalogue 1. Project process 2. Problems in database design 3. Problems with template engine 3.1 template engine initialization 3.2 input box settings for blog text editing 3.3 there are too many records on the page, exceeding the specified area 3.4 the displayed blog needs markdown rendering 4. Problems of front and rear end separation […]

  • Idea creates a Java Web project (mainly idea 2022)


    Note: the following can only be done in idea professional edition catalogue Idea2022 (startup interface is as follows) Step 1: File – New – Project Step 2: create a new project – fill in the project name (self taken and not in Chinese) Step 3 right click the project – add framework support (English is.. […]

  • Java multithreading (II): common methods and states of threads


    1. Common thread methods 1.1 thread termination Once Li Si enters the working state, he will carry out the work according to the steps in the action guide. It will not end until it is completed. But sometimes we need to add some mechanisms. For example, the boss suddenly calls and says that the transfer […]

  • Java’s “everything is an object”“


    object-oriented The difference between process oriented and object-oriented Relationship between class and object Creation of classes and objects Class creation Object creation constructor Constructor Overload Use of this Static modification Code block Package (import) The difference between process oriented and object-oriented Process oriented: when the event is relatively simple, use the process oriented method, pay […]

  • [mybatis] – basic exercise (3)


    I summary: Mybatis: Realize the information query of users and their addresses. (1) The relationship between user and address is one to many, which requires one to many entity Association configuration (2) XML and annotation are used respectively  Description: the database is springdb, and the data table is t_ User and t_ Address     […]

  • Advanced multithreading (eight part essay) – Java Web


    1. Working process of synchronized Synchronized is an adaptive lock, which should be selected according to the specific situation; Synchronized is a lightweight lock at first (not in the operating system kernel). If the conflict is serious, it will be transformed into a heavyweight lock (pessimistic lock). Synchronized is not a read-write lock, but a […]

  • MySQL – basic operation of “adding, deleting, querying and modifying” data table – details crazy magic


    Article catalogue Review of previous knowledge points Text: add, delete, query and modify the data table Add operation – insert keyword Find statement (basic operation) – select Keyword – key!!!!!!!! 1. The most basic search: full column search design sketch Extension: select * from table name; This operation is actually a dangerous operation! 2. Specify […]

  • Memory: you are a new object. Do you know what I went through?


    Blog home page:Wukong’s blog home pageWelcome to focus on likes collection ⭐ Leave a messageAbout the author: a stone monkey still learning skillsPay attention to official account [Wukong creed], resume template, learning materials, interview questions library etc.The author’s level is very limited. If you find an error, you must inform the author in time! Thank […]

  • [Tomcat] introduction and use tutorial of Tomcat


    Article catalogue 1. Introduction to Tomcat 2. Download and install 2.1 installation in Windows 2.2 installation in Linux 2.3 accessing Tomcat 3. Tomcat directory structure 4. Tomcat configuration file 5. Web deployment directory structure 6. Deploy static pages 6.1 deploying a single HTML 6.2 deploy HTML with CSS, JavaScript and pictures 6.3 deploy HTML to […]

  • Project management platform (summary II)


    catalogue preface: Controller layer: Service layer: Mapper layer: Summary: preface: After the precipitation of the last sprint, I have a basic understanding of the business of this project. Of course, I will still encounter many problems during this period, but if there are problems, the team will discuss and solve them together. This atmosphere is […]

  • Leetcode notes 509, Fibonacci number (implemented in Java language)


    Write in front The next questions are probably dynamic programming. This question is a very classic DP introductory question. Start from it and slowly find the feeling of dynamic gauge. Title Description The sequence formed by Fibonacci number (usually expressed by F (n)) is called Fibonacci number sequence. The sequence starts with 0 and 1, […]