• Create a desktop application using github.com/lxn/walk


    Create a desktop application using github.com/lxn/walk Create a Windows desktop translation application using golang (for the first time, there are deficiencies in code or other aspects, please give more advice ~ ~ thank you) 1、 Preparatory work Package required for desktop application go > 1.11 github.com/akavel/rsrc github.com/lxn/walk Baidu translation API API Application addressapi.fanyi.baidu.com/ Get the […]

  • Conversion of mon type time format in Oracle and resolution of invalid month and year error


    Time conversion NLS in different systems_ DATE_ Usage of language: English: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE=AMERICAN Japanese: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE = Japanese Chinese: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE = SIMPLIFIED CHINESE   Summarize the solution:   select TO_CHAR(to_date(’23-JUN-99′,’dd-MON-YY’,’NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE=AMERICAN’),’YYYY-MM-DD’) from dual;

  • How to create a new file code for notepad? Tips for setting Japanese encoding format


    How to set the Japanese encoding format in Notepad + +? Let’s take a look at the Japanese encoding format setting method. Software name: Text code editor (Notepad + +) v7.8.5 multilingual official Chinese installation version Software size: 7.26MB Update time: 2020-04-08Download now 1. Click to open“notepad++”。 2. Click“Encoding”。 3. Click“character sets” 4. Click“Japanese”—“Shift-JIS“。 5、The […]

  • The skills of UTF-8 and half width conversion in Ruby


    1. Japanese to UTF-8The difference between iconv. New (‘cp932 ‘,’ UTF-8 ‘) and iconv. New (‘shift JIS’,’ UTF-8 ‘)The following formats are not supported by iconv.new (‘shift JIS’, ‘UTF-8’):Section № 001-18 XXXXXXX can only replace № in the character space with NoHowever, iconv. New (‘cp932 ‘,’ UTF-8 ‘) supports2. Half width conversionLook at the following […]