• Customize the Jackson parser to complete the parsing of complex format XML


    Like it first, watch it later, and develop a good habit background A while ago, the company’s channel platform connected to a new channel, using message interaction in XML format. Although the XML format is a bit complicated and “old”, fortunately, it is powerful, supports attributes and comments, and is more intuitive and clear than […]

  • Exploration of Jackson’s Principle – One of Mixins


    scenes to be used Jackson mixins are used to achieve the effect of adding Jackson’s annotations to the target class when the target class is declared and defined. Especially when we use third-party class libraries, this mechanism will be particularly useful. Next we show some examples of actual usage scenarios: Take spring security as an […]

  • Jackson Tutorial for Xiaobai (1) Basic Concepts and Use


    In the era of front-end and back-end separation, the basic data format for the interaction between the server and the front-end is json. In Java, it is the world of objects, but in Java, it is the world of objects. Under Spring MVC, what is the object we “return”? What about into json? To add, […]