• Simple combination of Vue ivew table component and page component


    Recently, in the iView communication group, someone asked how to use paging? There is no combination of list and paging in the list example of iView, so a combination of simple list and simple paging is temporarily made for your reference. Template <template> <div> <Table :columns=”historyColumns” :data=”historyData”></Table> <Page :total=”dataCount” :page-size=”pageSize” show-total @on-change=”changepage”></Page> </div> </template> Preparation […]

  • [iView] – date selector: get date


    [iView] – datepicker date selector Link: [iView] – datepicker date selector IView is a set of open-source UI component library based on vue.js, which mainly serves for the middle and background products of PC interface.The datepicker date selector can select or enter a date. It supports year, month, date and other types, as well as […]

  • On the issue of iView’s on-demand reference in Vue cli


    I made a small test project based on Vue cli, and then used the UI construction of iview2.0In accordance with the official tutorial, the package has encountered a tangled stabilityThe public bag has 498k… God, it’s so big!!!Then think about it. It seems that the government has introduced this thing on demand..Tutorial on the official […]

  • Integration, packaging and testing of important third-party components in [PPIC] project


    First, use each component to build the foundation of the project, and test the basic functions such as packaging 1. make use ofelectron-vueBuilding basic projects As for the basic tools of Vue cli, let’s not talk about them vue init simulatedgreg/electron-vue PPic ? Application Name ppic ? Project description A Image Hosting ? Select which […]

  • Data management system DBM based on vue2


    Recently, I have learned some knowledge about vue.js at leisure. I firmly believe that if you want to learn quickly, you can build wheels. Here, I will introduce my recently built wheels a little Project address: calebman / Vue dBmThis project uses a large number of iView components. For functions that cannot be implemented by […]

  • Boring farm – Vue games


    Interface Introduction to the game Address: boring farm Play method: the mouse moves to the land (white area) can plant! Ending: no ending Type: placement games Platform: PC Chrome browser (other browsers may be able to, without testing) Introduce: you go to work is old fish, old have nothing to do, that tries this. Reminder:The […]

  • IView publishes the background management system iView admin, which is exactly what you want


    brief introduction IView admin is a set of background integration solution based on vue.js and using iView UI component library. It is developed and maintained by some members of talkingdata front-end visualization team. IView admin abides by the iView design and development conventions, with uniform style, elegant design, and more functions in continuous development. That’s […]

  • Development of yeoman template


    For most front-end teams, yeoman (yo for short) is a very worthy tool to learn. It provides an effective method for front-end projects to develop, distribute and use project scaffolding, improve project startup speed and reuse project structure. Taking generator iView admin as an example, this paper briefly explains the development process of generator. Get […]

  • Vue visualization, Vue code generation, esview


    1 project introductionEsview is a tool for dragging components to generate Vue code.Including drag and drop page generation, page management, component management and other functions.The front-end uses Vue and iView, and the generated code can only be used when Vue and iView are installed,In the background, Java (spring boot) is used as the persistence layer […]

  • Some problems in Vue and iView applications (continuous update)


    I have answered some questions about the use of Vue and iView before, and occasionally someone will ask again, which is too much trouble in the previous answers.So the related questions are summed up here. 1. Adding on change is not valid when rendering iView components, such as select, using rendering functions.Because the event in […]

  • Segment fault community interview | aresn: a heavyweight author of iView


    In the last interview, Felix is a person who exists as air. On the contrary, the guest in this interview is a person who has a strong sense of existence(It’s not about weight)The author of aresn — iView, a heavyweight user who has used Vue and its related UI component library, is no stranger to […]

  • The method of making checkbox state by clicking row in iView


    Paste code directly <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Title</title> <script></script> <script></script> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../vue/iview/css/iview.css”> </head> <body> <div id=”app”> <i-table :columns=”col” :data=”data” @on-row-click=”handlerClicked”></i-table> </div> <script> new Vue({ el: ‘#app’, data() { return { col: [ { align: ‘center’, Title: ‘options’, key: ‘flag’, render: (h, params) => { return h(‘Checkbox’, { props: { value: params.row.flag […]