• End of 2018 summary


    Professional articles Blog Before, the blog system always used ghost. However, the new version of ghost encountered many problems in VPS upgrade and migration. Later, I wrote one with nodejs, based on nextjs. translate an article Spent a week free time translating maintainable CSS, visit http://maintainable.wtser.com/ I haven’t translated the article for a long time. […]

  • Solve vscode open Zsh garbled code under mac


    1. Disorderly code The terminal of iterm2 uses Zsh and configures the theme of Zsh. The theme needs to install fonts to support arrow effect. This font is set in iterm2, but the arrow still displays garbled code in vscode. <!–more–> Iterm2 is shown as follows: Vscode is shown as follows: 2. Solutions 2.1 font […]

  • Mac OS configuration iterm2, oh my Zsh, zsh_


    MacOSTo configureiTerm2,oh-my-zsh,’zsh’ zsh MacSelf containedzshterminal cat /etc/shells Modify the default terminal of the system tozsh #Change terminal chsh -s /bin/zsh #Confirm whether the change is successful echo $SHELL # /bin/zsh installoh-my-zsh https://github.com/robbyrusse… install sh -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh)” Install themes and fonts Link https://github.com/powerlevel Because it’s installedoh-my-zsh, just install it in the following way git […]

  • Iterm2 uses RZ SZ of lrzsz to upload and download commands


    Iterm2 is a good terminal tool for Mac. Some people say that iterm2 is the best terminal tool. I think there is no best tool but better one. What’s more, please move to the official websiteHere I will briefly introduce the installation of iterm2 and the use of lrzsz RZ command (all operations are based […]

  • Mac iterm2 shortcut command settings (discard sourcetree, fast start vue)


    Preface I use MAC development, git commands and so on are all knocked in iterm2, and the commands to start the Vue project are also here, so I am not bothered to switch sourcetree back and forth, anyway, command line can do things, I am knocked on the command line.But some commands are long, such […]

  • Configure your Editor


    Explain Take a wave of configuration flow, do not wait idly, efficient and rapid development, starting with their common tools Finding a comfortable way to work is just the beginning. PhpStorm Plug-in Recommendation As mentioned in a previous article – > PhpStorm Simple Usage Experience Another plug-in is also good. Set up your comfortable editing […]

  • ITerm2 + Oh My Zsh Create Comfortable Terminal Experience


    Written in front Final effect: This article is seriously copied from: https://www.jianshu.com/p/7de… Due to typesetting and some bugs in the original text, referring to search engines and the original text, this article has been published. Because both powerline and homebrew need to install command line tool, students with superior network conditions can install XCode and […]