• React Hooks North


    foreword This article aims to summarize the use skills of React Hooks and the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of use, which will add some reasons for the problems and solutions. However, please note that the solutions given in the article are not necessarily fully applicable. There are many […]

  • New flex layout result request В


    1. Direction and direction of the machine/ h2> Flex direction control у Make a new direction (queue new direction) with the same direction as the wheel at the same time Row: x-wheel from the line? Row reverse: from the x-wheel of the red line? Column: the Y wheel compressed from the mattress? Column reverse? 2. […]

  • Pyqt5 customize the operation of item in qlistwidget


    design sketch Customize an item Create a new QWidget object Add layout in QWidget Add the control to be in the layout Set layout for QWidget Create a new qlist widget item and resize it Set QWidget for qlistwidget item Create layout First, we create a basic layout with only one list widget and one […]

  • A glance at Django static files


    to configure 1. InINSTALLED_APPSConfirm that the setting item containsdjango.contrib.staticfiles2. IncreaseSTATIC_URLSetting item. The value is a string (path) and must end with ‘/’3. Reference in the template: python{% load staticfiles %} <img/> 4. On the appstaticDirectory to store static files NOTE Used during developmentExtremely inefficientDeployingThere are other ways to do itbe carefulnamespacing STATICFILE_DIRS Default to[], a […]

  • Four tests and / or tests? Maven


    A small town Maven? Apache software supports a set of supporting facilities, which are specialized in the management and management of Java service platform/ p> The problem is not caused by the problem Maven’s asset number is divided into “copy range”, “generation period” and “asset number”, such as: В It is recommended that you should […]

  • Create a drive generator using node.js


    €? Equipment out of service 1.1 creating an item $ npm init 1.2 installation $ npm i commander chalk clipboardy 1.3 creating a port file index.js In the following sentence: Вprocess.argv // index.js console.log(process.argv) End point ц Forging ring protection $ node index You may only be allowed to/ p> Process.argv request ц The data […]

  • The number of processes in spool is related


    In the configuration item of spool, you can set the number of processes used by spool, and then when we start the spool service, the server can see the related started processes Using process tree representation A summary of the official process of spool: The main process of spool is a multithreaded program. Among them, […]

  • PyQt QListWidget Modifying the Line Height of List Item


    Baidu and Google later said that they would use setHintSize (self, QCore. QSize (width, height), and then combine eggs, then modify it with qss, the specific usage is as follows. The above PyQt QListWidget modifies the line height of item in the list by sharing all the contents of the editor. I hope to give […]