• Markdown: for notes


    Markdown can quickly write a formatted article with only a few tags — this article is written with markdown. Some basic marks: (there may be other expressions, which I am familiar with) 1. “Chen” is used to write the title #Heading 1 ##Heading 2 ###Heading 3 2. “>” reference >Citation >>Re citation 3. = = […]

  • Markdown grammar learning 2020


    1. Title There are two formats for the markdown title 1.1 use = and – to mark the first and second level headings First level title === Secondary title — 1.2 mark with ා #This is the first level title ##This is a secondary title ###This is a three-level title ####This is the fourth level […]

  • Use markdown


    Typora should be the best artifact to use and see here.downloadYou can find it by installing Baidu. First title Enter a number and your text enter. That’s what it looks like The second introduction It’s a greater than sign>I am so handsome and unrestrained The third has a sequential list It’s input1.plusSpaceIt’s in order Fourth […]

  • Quick start markdown


    Quick start markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write. Advantages: simple, light weight, low learning costRecommended tools:Typora We believe that writing is about content,about what you want to say-not about fancy formatting. 1、 Paragraph format 1. Paragraph line […]

  • Markdown syntax (idea plug-in markdownsupport)


    Getting started with markdown 1、 What is markdown? Markup language for common text editor Through simple grammar, the text content has a certain format Content is plain text 2、 Markdown syntax 1. Title First level title Secondary title Three level title Four level title Five level titles Six level title 2. Font Italics bold Text […]

  • Markdown basic grammar


    [TOC] 1. MarkdownWhat is it?? MarkdownIt’s lightweightMarkup LanguageIn plain text(Easy to read, write and change)Write the document and publish it in HTML format.MarkdownIt can also be understood as a tool to convert a language written in markdown syntax into HTML content. 2. Why?Do you want to use it? It is easy to read (look comfortable), […]

  • Markdown tutorial


    Makedown title Secondary title Secondary title Three level title Four level title Makedown paragraph format Markdown add more than two spaces back (line feed of paragraph) A blank line indicates the beginning of a new paragraph typeface Italics Italicsbold boldBold italics Bold italics Dividing line Strikethrough There’s a trough Underline <u> Underline < U > […]

  • Semantic HTML


    1. Make it easier for people to understand (increase code readability) 2. Make search engines easier to read (SEO: crawlers rely on tags to determine the context and weight of each keyword)   Common tags Block level elements Biggest title Used to set up large HTML paragraphs and to format tables Create a paragraph Definition […]

  • Markdown Introductory Grammar


    I haven’t contacted markdown before. After understanding it, I found that it is very suitable for me, a procedural ape with a little obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is simple and clear. About markdown’s introduction, here is not much to say, baidu a lot. There are also a lot of markdown editors. I have tried several of […]

  • Markdown simple grammar notes


    Refer to a grammar note of markdown, and record the grammar of markdown according to your own habits, which is also convenient for copying and pasting. It seems that segmentfault and markdown are very similar Address: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000006066842 Reference Markdown 11 basic syntaxCSDN markdown 3-tables and formulasMarkdown grammar learning Separator As with segmentfault, three horizontal bars […]

  • Markdown syntax summary


    Title ##Title 2 ###Title 3 text Effect Markdown syntax Thickening **Bold** italics *Italics* Strikeout ~~Strikeout~~ Reference block Line1Reference block line2 List item Unordered list item 1 Unordered list item 2 With sequence table item 1 With sequence table item 2 Chart |Header | header 2 | header 3 | header 4| | — | — […]

  • Getting started with markdown syntax


    Markdown syntax About markdown: Markdown is a lightweight annotation language. Its syntax is very simple. There are only a few commonly used markup symbols, so the learning cost is not large. Markdown syntax Title There are six levels of titles, corresponding to hi to H6 in HTML. They are replaced by ා.The largest H1 is […]