• How to import photos from iphone to mac computer? Tutorial to import photos to mac computer


    Step 1: Connect your phone to the computer. Step 2: Import your own photos to your computer, or import your computer's photos to your mobile phone, the methods are the same. Step 3: Finish. Isn't it very simple, I believe you who are smart must learn it

  • How to import iphone photos to mac computer? How to transfer iPhone pictures to MAC


    How to import iphone photos into Mac, this is a problem that newbies need to pay attention to. Otherwise, it will be bad if you can't transfer all the photos from your mobile phone to the computer. In fact, the method is very simple. As long as the computer has iPhoto software, It's very simple. […]

  • How to make iPhone ringtones on Mac OS? How to make iPhone ringtone with MAC


    How does the MAC make iPhone ringtones? How can a Mac make its own ringtones from its own favorite songs? Don’t worry, under the MACiTunesIt has this function, and it is not too difficult. Next, Xiaobian will ask you how to make iPhone ringtones with a Mac. ITunes for Mac for Mac Type:music player […]

  • Detailed explanation of adaptation learning of iPhone X Official Documents


    preface Original address of official documents:link, iPhone x is used in the textiPXTo show that iPhone 7 is used in the textiP7To represent Screen size The screen size of the IPX is 2436px × 1125px(812pt × 375pt @ 3x), that is, we still use 3x material, which should have little impact. It is the same […]

  • Implementation example of reading addressbook developed by IOS


    Implementation example of reading addressbook developed by IOS IPhone reads addressbook: 1. Add addressbook.framework 2. In the required source file #import <AddressBook/AddressBook.h> #import <AddressBookUI/AddressBookUI.h> 3. Start pasting code: //get all people info from the address book ABAddressBookRef addressBook = ABAddressBookCreate(); CFArrayRef people = ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeople(addressBook);// This is a reference to an array for(int i = 0; […]

  • Detailed ios11, iPhone x, xcode9 adaptation Guide


    After updating ios11, it is found that some places need to be adapted. After sorting, it is divided into the following three categories according to priority: Changes caused by simply upgrading ios11; Changes caused by xcode9 packaging; IPhone x adaptation 1、 Changes caused by simply upgrading ios11 After upgrading, it is found that the interface […]

  • Draw an iPhone based on CSS3


    Effect achieved: Implementation code html <div class=’iphone’> <div class=’steel_band’> <div class=’mute_rocker’></div> <div class=’volume up’></div> <div class=’volume down’></div> <div class=’sleep_wake’></div> <div class=’plastic_band’> <div class=’glass_face’> <div class=’camera’></div> <div class=’speaker’></div> <div class=’home_button’></div> <div class=’gloss’></div> <div class=’screen’> <div class=’stage’></div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> css3 html, body { height: 100%; } body { text-align: center; padding: 50px; background: #ccc; […]

  • Problems and adaptation methods in the project after IOS 11 update and iPhone x launch


    1. When the uitableview slides, the slider on the right side jumps and mjrefresh pulls up to refresh the dead cycle This is because tableview uses self sizing by default in IOS 11. The three height estimation properties of tableview, estimatedrowheight, estimatedsectionheaderheight, and estimatedsectionfooterheight, have changed from the default 0 to uitableview automatic dimension. The […]

  • Simple adaptation of iPhone x (recommended)


    Last week, Apple launched a new device, the most eye-catching one of which is the iPhone X. for this device, the official document has a detailed explanation. In addition to some of the latest AR, artificial intelligence and other functions, we found that it is also a new size device. Official documents point out that […]

  • Problems and solutions of IOS 11 and iPhone x


    About IOS 11, the biggest change is to add the concept of a safe area. Most of the problems of IOS 11 adaptation are caused by it. In IOS 11, tableview will shift inexplicably //To solve the problem of IOS 11 tableview drift, set the estimated height to 0 self.tableView.estimatedRowHeight = 0; self.tableView.estimatedSectionHeaderHeight = 0; […]

  • How IOS adapts to iPhone x


    Because of the peculiar bangs on the iPhone x, the concept of “safe area” was deepened after IOS 11, which is the area beyond the largest rectangle cut off from the screen. After ios11, the content insetadjustmentbehavior property is added to uiscrollview. By default, uiscrollview contentinsetadjustment automatic is configured. In effect, the security zone is […]

  • How to delete iPhone backup files in MacOS Catalina?


    Since iTunes has been removed in the latest version of MacOS, many users are not sure how to delete old iPhone backups on Macs. Now Apple has removed its itunesapp from MacOS Catalina, using finder instead of managing devices such as iPhones and iPads, but it’s easier to back up than ever. How to delete […]