• Method of configuring xtables addons to deny IP access under CentOS system


    Sometimes, the IP address of some countries has been trying to login or attack the server. It is necessary to analyze the suspicious IP first and then seal it with iptables. Delay is time-consuming and laborious. Now you can use xtables addons to block the source IP.1. Preconditionsiptables >= 1.4.5kernel-devel >= 3.72. Install the dependency […]

  • How to view your computer’s IP address? Computer IP view method diagram


    In our daily use of computers, we often need to check the IP address of our computer. Of course, this is the simplest for many people, but for many people who are not very familiar with computers, especially girls, are confused and don’t know where to start. The following small series for you to introduce […]

  • Command to find IP address of domain name in Linux terminal (five methods)


    This tutorial describes how to verify IP address of domain name or computer name on Linux terminal. This tutorial will allow you to check multiple domains at once. You may have used these commands to verify information. However, we will teach you how to use these commands effectively to identify IP address information of multiple […]

  • How Python implements IP proxy pool based on redis


    This article mainly introduces how Python implements the IP proxy pool based on redis. The example code is introduced in detail, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it The apscheduler library is used to crawl IP regularly, detect IP regularly, delete IP, and […]

  • Using httprequest to get user’s real IP address in Java


    In JSP, the method to obtain the client’s IP address is as follows: request.getRemoteAddr This method is effective in most cases. But through Apache, squid, nginx and other reverse proxy software, we can’t get the real IP address of the client. If reverse proxy software is used, the The URL reverse proxy for: 2046 […]

  • How to configure multiple IP and detect IP conflict in Linux system


    Configure a series of IP In Linux, if you configure multiple IP addresses, it is usually eth0.0.. eth0.1.. eth0. X, and so on. If you want to configure a large number of IP addresses, this configuration is OK, but tedious, although this situation is rare.For adding a large number of IP, there are certain regulations. […]

  • VBS version IP location query thief


    MSG: “please enter the IP or domain name you want to query:IP = InputBox (MSG, “IP location query thief”) If IP = “” Then IP = “” url = “http://www.ip.cn/?q=”& IP &”” Body = getHTTPPage(url) Set Re = New RegExp Re.Pattern ‘(query result is:. +) “Set Matches = Re.Execute(Body) If Matches.Count>0 Then Body = Matches(0) ‘Re.Pattern = “\[[\s\S]*\]” ‘Body = Re.Replace(Body, “”) ‘wscript.echo IP & Body Set oXMLHttpRequest=Nothing Set objExplorer = WScript.CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”) objExplorer.Navigate “about:blank”  objExplorer.ToolBar = 0 objExplorer.StatusBar = 0 objExplorer.Visible = 1 objExplorer.height=300 objExplorer.width=400 objExplorer.left=400 objExplorer.resizable=0 objExplorer.Document.Body.InnerHTML =IP & Body ‘objExplorer.document.parentwindow.clipboardData.SetData “text”, IP & Body Set objExplorer=nothing ‘function area Function getHTTPPage(Path)       t = GetBody(Path)       getHTTPPage = BytesToBstr(t, “UTF-8”) End Function Function GetBody(url)      On Error Resume Next      Set Retrieval = CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”) […]

  • Record the batch bat of 3389 remote desktop IP every time


    Copy the following code and save it as a batch file. Double click it! Copy codeThe code is as follows: MD C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG echo date /t ^>^>RDPlog.txt >>C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG\PdPLOG.CMD echo time /t ^>^>RDPlog.txt >>C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG\PdPLOG.CMD echo netstat -n -p tcp ^| find “:3389“^>^>RDPlog.txt >>C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG\PdPLOG.CMD echo start Explorer >>C:\WINDOWS\PDPLOG\PdPLOG.CMD :: add the IP used by the user to automatically […]

  • The method of simple ping process with go language


    1、 Preparations Install the latest go 1. If there is no VPN due to Google being blocked, download it here: http://www.golangtc.com/download 2. Using any text editor or liteide will make compilation and debugging easier 2、 Coding Package to use: import ( “bytes” “container/list” “encoding/binary” “fmt” “net” “os” “time” ) 1. Using the related functions in […]

  • One click modification of IP and DNS in win7 + XP command line


    Students who often go back and forth to the laboratory will often encounter a problem: Routers in dormitories usually acquire IP automatically, But in the laboratory, it is usually static IP. Every time I go back and forth, I have to modify it every day. It’s very troublesome. Here is a simple method:(this method is […]

  • Batch processing, VBS to automatically set IP, default gateway, DNS, wins, ie proxy (all)


    Because the company has colleagues in charge of two cities, Dalian and Shenyang. They often walk back and forth between the two cities. After arriving at each city, they have to manually change the corresponding network configuration. Moreover, when they go to other places, they live in hotels, which automatically obtain IP when they surf […]

  • Method of obtaining IP address by. Net


    Get native IP 2. Get the IP address of the web client /// <summary> ///Get IPv4 address /// </summary> /// <returns> </returns> public static string GetIP4Address(HttpRequest request = null) { Func<IPAddress, bool> f = e => e.AddressFamily.ToString() == “InterNetwork”; IPAddress ipa = Dns.GetHostAddresses((request ?? HttpContext.Current.Request).UserHostAddress).FirstOrDefault(f) ?? Dns.GetHostAddresses(Dns.GetHostName()).FirstOrDefault(f); if (ipa != null) { return ipa.ToString(); } […]