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  • Learn about k8s and build your own cluster


    It has been a month since the last update. The main reason is that the work has changed a little frequently recently, and now it has stabilized temporarily. The original intention of this blog is to take you to build k8s cluster from scratch. But I think later, if I read this article, what will […]

  • How to deal with the network failure of win10 system — win10 Professional Edition


    Nowadays, with the rapid development of network technology, people’s life, study and work are more and more inseparable from the computer, the emergence of computer network failure will cause serious impact on it. But many people in the use of the network will appear a lot of network failure, resulting in the normal Internet access, […]

  • How to find IP address conflicts in Linux


    You all know what an IP address is, don’t you? They are assigned to devices on the network to represent them. They are assigned through the DHCP server and change frequently. There are now two IP addresses. The dynamic one often changes (once a few days), while the static one is static just like its […]

  • What will the browser experience when entering URL and entering carriage return (all)


    What happens when a browser enters a URL Overall process IP address DNS of the domain name searched by the browser Three handshakes for TCP connection between browser and server Browser sends request and requests packet through HTTP protocol Some servers will make permanent redirection response (for load balancing or import traffic) Browser trace redirect […]

  • Wrote a Socket.IO Clients of


    http://siyuanhu.org/socket-io-client.html Because I used a web client before when using mqtt / Mosca, it feels very easy to use. I searched the Internet and found that Socket.IO No similar client, so I wrote one on the weekend. The function is very simple, that is, you can connect any one of them through UI settings Socket.IO […]

  • The process analysis of Java getting the real IP address of client


    This article mainly introduces the process of getting the real IP address of the client by Java. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has certain reference value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for your friends Business background When the server receives the client’s request, […]

  • Ubuntu builds WebDAV NAS


    preface In order to be a NAS, samba, which has been struggling for a long time, seems simple. In fact, samba’s user settings are too cumbersome and deep. User permissions are slightly different from directory permissions or even disk format, which will result in failure to log in. It’s not reliable, and the actual experience […]

  • Ubuntu install SSH


    Enable SSH on Ubuntu Ssh server is not installed on Ubuntu desktop system by default, but it can be easily installed from standard Ubuntu repository. To install and enable SSH on an Ubuntu system, complete the following steps: through the use ofCtrl+Alt+TKeyboard shortcut or click the terminal icon to open the terminal, and thenopenssh-serverInstall the […]

  • Front end basic arrangement | network related (2)


    First address: http://www.brandhuang.com/article/1585139147636 Cross domain In the development mode of front-end and back-end separation, cross domain problems often occur,The front end sent the request and the server responded, but the front end could not get the response。 Why does the server respond correctly, but the front end can’t get the response? Because browsers follow oneSame […]

  • Knowledge accumulation of IP address, subnet mask, gateway, router, etc


    (1) Problem analysis Q: what’s the difference between IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server? I know that I can’t access the Internet without IP address, and I know that I can’t access the Internet without DNS, but what are their functions and differences? What’s more, it’s really strange that my computer doesn’t […]

  • Reading notes: Chapter I network foundation of graphic http


    Original addressBlog accumulation address The birth and development of HTTP HTTP was born for knowledge sharing. The original design idea was to let researchers from far away share knowledge. With the help of hypertext formed by mutual association between multiple documents, HTTP can be linked into a world wide web (World Wide Web) that can […]

  • “No more confusion – regular expression” JS regular key points combed and continuously updated


    [TOC] It’s on the front. – lionad I’m looking at the source code of vuejs and see the HTML parser. I feel that the basic knowledge of regular expression I’ve seen before is not enough. Now I’m going to browse the blog materials and summarize some parts of regular expression that are difficult to use […]