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  • Understand these 9 steps and the principle of DNS access will be clear


    It’s the recruitment season again. I met a little interview partner two days ago. He said that the interviewer had a speculative conversation with him and talked about it inadvertentlyDNS requestThe process of. He was temporarily speechless and casually dealt with two sentences. Although the other party didn’t mean to ask questions, the final interview […]

  • DNS resolution service (bind) installation


    DNS resolution service (bind) installation Service installation yum install -y bind Add custom field #Add demo COM domain and configure * Cloud and * records are analyzed by A cat > /var/named/demo.com << EOF \$TTL 3H @ IN SOA @ rname.invalid. ( 0 ; serial 1D ; refresh 1H ; retry 1W ; expire 3H […]

  • VBS gets the IP address of the external network and sends it to the specified mailbox


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: Function GetIPAddress()  Dim Flag, Source  Set GetIPObj = WScript.GetObject(“http://ipseeker.cn//”)  Flag = 0  For i=1 To 10     If GetIPObj.readyState = “complete” Then     Flag=1     Exit For     End If     WScript.Sleep 500  Next    If Flag = 0 Then   GetIPAddress = “Get IP Address Time Out …”  Else […]

  • Searching virus host in nbtscan LAN


    1) The nbtscan in the compressed package Cyg1.exe and cyg1.exe Decompress DLL into C:. 2) In Windows start run open, enter CMD, enter C: > nbtscan in the DOS window that appears (you need to enter according to the user’s actual network segment here), and press enter. 3) By querying the IP MAC correspondence […]

  • Start with a failure of Linux virtual machine unable to remotely SSH login


    A few days ago in the afternoon, a telecom account manager received a customer report that his Tianyi cloud Linux virtual machine could not log in remotely via SSH. He used it very well in the morning. Why can’t he log in in in the afternoon? The account manager found me and asked me to […]

  • WiFi IP related of IOS


    Questions There is a step to obtain IP in [IOS WiFi transmission]In passing, I would like to summarize a common content about WiFi and IP Device network IP address WiFi information Router address Native DNS server Network IP address of mobile phone Enter WiFi settings Code Device network IP address //Get device network IP address […]

  • Play Tianyi cloud security group


    Each virtual machine of Tianyi cloud is in a logically isolated network environment called virtual private cloud (ct-vpc). What does the network mutual access between virtual machines and between virtual machines and the external network rely on to ensure security? This is the security group. Security group is used to realize the access control of […]

  • What are DNS records


    DNS is divided into forward lookup zones and reverse lookup zones, and then into primary, secondary and stub zones. There are many records in these zones. Today, let’s take a look at these records: 1. A record A record, also known as host record, is the most widely used DNS record. The basic function of […]

  • How to use the dig command


    Common DNS records CNAME It may be necessary to briefly introduce what CNAME is: a domain name can have two types of points. If a domain name points to a record, there are two record types, namely: A record: point to an IP address CNAME: point to another domain name DNS records CNAME settings Here […]

  • Installation, use and configuration of laradock


    First clone the project: git clone https://github.com/Laradock/laradock.git cd laradock/ cp env-example .env to configureUBUNTU_SOURCEIt is the source of Alibaba cloud to preventapt-get update -yqqQuestion: vim .env # Change the separator from : to ; on Windows COMPOSE_PATH_SEPARATOR=; # If you need to change the sources (i.e. to China), set CHANGE_SOURCE to true CHANGE_SOURCE=true # Set […]

  • Keepalived hot standby, keepalived + LVS, haproxy server


    case link Keepalived highly available server 1.1 problems Prepare three Linux servers, two as web servers, and deploy keepalived high availability software, and one as client host to realize the following functions: Using keepalived to realize high availability of web server The IP addresses of the web server are and respectively The floating […]

  • Kubernetes core concepts and components


    1、 Kubernetes core concept Master Master is mainly responsible for resource scheduling, controlling replicas, and providing unified access to clusters– The core node is also a management node Node Node is the service node (also known as agent or minion) running pod in kubernetes cluster architecture. Node is the unit of kubernetes cluster operation. It […]