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  • Total network connection timeout? Analyze how the network is connected from the four layer model


    In the information age, almost everyone needs to use devices to access resources on the network. In this process, the connectivity realized by establishing network connection is the most basic function of computer network. Today, let’s share a knowledge about computer network——  How is the network connected? The browser generates a message and sends it […]

  • Learn what layer 4 load balancing is


    7th floor load & 4th floor load The commonly used nginx load balancing technology is in the application layer (layer 7) in the network layer. Nginx establishes a TCP connection (handshake) with the client, and then flexibly distributes the requests to different services according to the request information and local configuration information. The advantages and […]

  • SSH connection stuck solution


    problem Both the local machine and the server are on the same intranet and can ping each other. However, when the local machine SSH connects to the server remotely, the terminal input command will always get stuck.It was tested that while Caton was on the Internet, they could not Ping each other when losing packets, […]

  • Free unlimited API


    Apistore, produced by Baidu, is a third-party API distribution platform connecting service providers and developers , the following lists the free interfaces of Baidu API market. IP address query http://apistore.baidu.com/api… Channel News API_ Yi Yuan http://apistore.baidu.com/api… Wechat popular selection http://apistore.baidu.com/api… Weather query http://apistore.baidu.com/api… China and world weather forecast http://apistore.baidu.com/api… Stock query http://apistore.baidu.com/api… ID card inquiry […]

  • Installing nginx under Linux


    Nginx uses: http reverse proxy, load balancing server, front-end dynamic and static separation, etcNginx benefits: stability, high performance, less resource consumption, etc Manage identity operations with super #Download installation package wget http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.12.2.tar.gz #Installation dependency yum -y install gcc zlib zlib-devel pcre-devel openssl openssl-devel #Decompress tar -zxvf nginx-1.12.2.tar.gz cd nginx-1.12.2/ #Execute configuration ./configure #Compile and install […]

  • Construction of mobile device management platform (based on STF / atxserver2)


    This article was first published in:Walker AI The company’s main businesses include game AI and automated testing. Our AI team needs to use mobile devices to continuously track and optimize the performance of AI robots in the game. The automated testing team is also moving forward in the development of game UI automated testing. Both […]

  • 03python network programming client.


    #This is the client side. I will write several scripts on the single threaded, multi-threaded and asynchronous server side of the service# Define a client and # import the module of receiving terminal parameters, random numbers, sockets and tools written by yourself. import argparse, random, socket, zen_ Utils# defines the client function, and the input […]

  • Programming Xiaobai must understand the network principle


    How is the network composed? Why can we easily surf the Internet now?Whether you are a computer major or not, you may always have such questions in your heart!And today we will solve this matter and tell you the real answer! Basic composition of network First, let’s look at this sentence Connect all computers together […]

  • Basic usage of Netsh command


    Netsh is a very powerful network management command in windowsFor example, many people may have used Netsh Winsock reset to repair the networkBut the usage of Netsh command is far more than that. In CMD, the help of Netsh command also has Chinese help, which greatly helps us use it Netsh has two modes, interactive […]

  • What happens when you press enter in the search box?


    When you open Google browser, enter www.baidu.com and press enter, Baidu’s search page will appear in front of you in less than a second.Sometimes you may wonder what the operating mechanism behind this is. I hope to help you answer this question with this article. Now, let’s take the first step towards the world of […]

  • Understanding of implementing reverse proxy with nginx


    1 principle of user access to server 1.1 user access to local database There are two deployment locations for databases, local and remote. The route to be taken when accessing the local service database is:Local hosts file —– > firewall —– > serverThe hosts file is located in C: windowssystem32drivers etc. it will establish a […]

  • Complete all computer network interview questions in one article


    During the autumn recruitment process, I saw a lot of experience, summarized the common computer network interview questions as follows, and marked them according to the frequency of questions in the interview (the higher the number of stars, the higher the frequency of questions in the interview). If it helps you, you can collect some […]