• Implementation method of ios13 adaptation


    1. Private KVC [self setValue:baseTabBar forKey:@”tabBar”]; // normal [_textField setValue:[UIColor redColor] forKeyPath:@”_placeholderLabel.textColor”];/// collapse [_textField setValue:[UIFont systemFontOfSize:14] forKeyPath:@”_placeholderLabel.font”];/// collapse _ Textfield. Attributedplaceholder = [[nsattributedstring alloc] initwithstring: @ “name” attributes: @ {nsfontattributename: [UIFont systemfontofsize: 14], nsforegroundcolorattributename: [uicolor redcolor]}]/// New implementation Compiling on xcode10 will not be a problem, but compiling on xcode11 will crash. And – (void) […]

  • IOS 13 adaptation summary (recommended)


    With the release of iPhone 11, IOS 13 adaptation has also been put on the agenda. Next, there are possible problems in developing and upgrading IOS 13 phones Xcode: 11.0 iOS : 13.0 Uiviewcontroller modal pop-up interface viewController.present(presentVC, animated: true, completion: nil) When calling the modal pop-up view, you will find that the pop-up interface […]

  • Ios13 native end adaptation strategy (recommended)


    With the release of IOS 13, it is necessary for the company’s projects to adapt. Cash exchange summarizes the various pits of IOS 13 1. KVC accesses private properties The IOS 13 system upgrade has the widest impact on KVC access and modification of private properties, which directly prohibits developers from obtaining or directly setting […]

  • Summary of ios13 adaptation and xcode11.0 stepping pit


    Problems with presentviewcontroller in ios13 After updating Xcode 11.0 beta, run code discovery in IOS 13presentViewControllerIt is different from the previous pop-up style. This is mainly because we were right beforeUIViewControllerOne of the attributes ismodalPresentationStyle(this property is the style that the controller will use in modal view) the required type is not set. In ios13modalPresentationStyleThe […]

  • Implementation of dark mode adaptation in IOS 13


    It seems that about a year ago, the Mac OS system released a dark mode appearance. It looks exciting, and it’s still cool to use today Finally, with the release of new mobile phones such as iPhone 11, IOS 13 system was officially released, and the dark mode of mobile phone version also appeared in […]