• On the adaptation and characteristics of xcode9 and ios11


    Today, I upgraded xcode9. I just wrote an article about Qi bangs who love splitting Now let’s talk about new things. Some can’t be more disgusting, but some can’t be more intimate First, jump. Press and hold command + left key before jumping; But today I found that in addition to this: Jump to definition […]

  • Technical changes and precautions brought by ios11


      Reproduced from cocos2der CSDNhttp://blog.csdn.net/cocos2der Album permissions Before ios11: Nsphotolibrayusagedescription: user authorization will appear when accessing photo albums and storing photos to photo albums (read-write). After ios11: Nsphotolibrayusagedescription: no need to add. Access to album is enabled by default (read), without user authorization. Nsphotolibrayaddusagedescription: add content to the album. (write), user authorization will appear. summary […]

  • Adaptation of uitableview under IOS 11


    In September, Apple released IOS 11 and iPhone X. the hardware of this operating system has created a lot of pain for developers. Let’s first look at IOS 11, where these eggs need to be adapted: 1. The UI of uiscrollview and its subclasses before IOS 11 is completely normal, but a wonderful interface will […]

  • Solve the problem of white bar in the signal bar when the ios11 picture is pulled down and enlarged


    No more nonsense. The specific solutions are as follows: if(@available(iOS11.0, *)) { self.tableView.contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior=UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentNever; }else{ // Fallback on earlier versions self.automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets=NO; } Many drop-down pictures in the project are enlarged. The above method of using ios11 to replace automatically adjusts scrollviewinsets officially given above is still invalid. Later, it was found that this problem was caused […]

  • Some pits for ios11 and iphonex


    This article is reproduced in:http://www.cocoachina.com/ios/20170921/20623.html navigation bar Change in navigation bar height Before ios11, the default height of the navigation bar is 64pt (here the height refers to the statusbar + NavigationBar). After ios11, if preferslargetitles = yes is set, it is 96pt. By default, it is still 64pt. However, due to the appearance of […]

  • Easily understand the viewport of WebView in IOS 11


    IOS 11 brings some new, perhaps non intuitive behavior in the status bar area, which is particularly important for developers using tools such as Apache Cordova or ionic. In particular, this behavior change will affect any web-based application that uses fixed to locate the title bar when building IOS 11. This article helps you understand […]

  • Brief introduction to ios11 Xcode 9 press and hold command and click to restore to the previous (directly jump to the definition)


    On September 20, 2017, apple pushed the updates of Xcode 9 and IOS 11 as scheduled The official version of Xcode 9 is not much different from the previous beta version. The editor has been greatly adjusted. Try writing the code and find that the “jump definition” is different from the previous version. Press and […]

  • Solve the problem that the tableview will drift when ios11 refreshes


    First of all, it should be noted that this is only a bug in ios11. If there are problems in ios10 and below, it does not belong to this column The dynamic diagram of the problem is shown below. If you want to refresh a section or even the whole tableview every short time, you […]

  • IOS 11 appicon does not display the problem summary


    After updating Xcode 9 today, I encountered a small pit when running the old project, that is, appicon is not displayed anyway. I found a method on the network, but it has not been solved. In fact, it is not a problem of the method, but there is a small detail to pay attention to. […]

  • Considerations for IOS 11 & iPhone x adaptation & xcode9 packaging


    1. Fit uitableview if#available(iOS11.0, *) { self.contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior= .never self.estimatedRowHeight=0 self.estimatedSectionHeaderHeight=0 self.estimatedSectionFooterHeight=0 }else{ } 2. Adapt to uiscrollview if#available(iOS11.0, *) { scrollView?.contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior= .never }else{ } 3. The display of section header or footer in uitableview is abnormal In addition, it is found that the height of section header and section footer of some interface tableview is […]

  • Method of removing left and right gaps in IOS 11 UI navigationitem


    preface Due to the change of Nav hierarchy in IOS 11, the previous method can not achieve the ideal mobile effect, so that the top button is completely left or right Revise ideas Before IOS 11, keep the original way to set, after IOS 11, modify the extra margin constraint to achieve the moving effect […]

  • Detailed explanation of navigation bar in IOS 11


    preface In addition to the addition of two new features, largetitles and searchcontroller, the navigation bar of IOS 11 may be the reason for the addition of largetitles. Its structure has changed a little compared with that of IOS 10. Before IOS 11, the navigation bar button in the navigation bar was directly added to […]