• IOS realizes the jump function between apps


    This article shared the specific code of IOS to realize the jump function between apps for your reference. The specific content is as follows Through the OpenURL method of the system, we can jump from the current app to any other app, including the app brought by the system and developed by us. This paper […]

  • IOS push is so simple! unbelievable!


    By chance, the company’s projects need push. I’m lazy and don’t want to work out the whole process of APNs. I just talked to my friends about the Android push integrated into their products, saying that the experience is OK, so I’ll try their IOS push this time. So with a try mentality, I first […]

  • Sharing the implementation principle of wechat domain name anti sealing API interface


    Wechat domain name anti sealing refers to the implementation of preventive measures through technical means. For example, playing rewards and anti blocking, playing chess and cards, H5 promotion, BC, novel anti blocking, etc., the frequency of blocking is frequent, the better days, the faster second blocking, how can we effectively prevent blocking and anti blocking? […]

  • What you should know about IOS screenshots


    Preface Press the home key and the power key at the same time, and you will get a screenshot of the mobile phone with a click. This operation must be familiar to iPhone users. As R & D personnel, we are faced with views one by one, so how to use code to take screenshots […]

  • Basic widget of flutter (7)


    Basic widget of flutter Foreword 1: I will update some columns of flutter text tutorials in succession in the next period Update progress:At least two articles per week; Update location:First appeared in the public number, and the second day was updated in nuggets, thoughts and developers’ headlines. More communication:You can add my wechat 372623326 and […]

  • Detailed implementation of emoticon keyboard in IOS


    Preface Recently, I have made a demand for expression keyboard in the company. The technical difficulty of this demand will not be great, and it is more business oriented. But it’s not easy to do a good user experience. There are several points that need special attention. If you don’t want to say much, start […]

  • Uncover the mystery of IOS reverse decryption


    Preface Learning and understanding of reverse engineering can help us to analyze the development architecture of competitive products and their favorite apps and the general implementation ideas of some functions. We can also manually process other apps twice to meet our own needs. Learn IOS reverse for a while. Here is a brief summary to […]

  • How to implement one click login on IOS? This article teaches you!


    Before one click login, the most common ways of APP registration and login in the market were account password, SMS verification and third-party login. These methods seem to be common and convenient, but in fact, there are many security risks, and the user experience is relatively poor. First of all, the short message verification code […]

  • Call of logify trace method in IOS reverse tutorial


    Preface According to the introduction of the previous article, we use class dump to export the app header file, and then use theos to create reverse engineering and write hook code, so as to achieve the purpose of modifying some functions. But sometimes it’s not easy for us to locate which method some functions call. […]

  • How to solve the problem of spreading QR code invalidation by wechat live code technology


    Many companies will promote their products by Poster QR code or printing QR code. However, when there are many people scanning the QR code, a large number of people pay attention to it in a short time, or the QR code will be blocked due to malicious reports. Therefore, how to do well in two-dimensional […]

  • Netfox glory 6701 / 6801 mobile phone package release


    1. Preface This article will introduce the APK and IOS compilation process of Android packaged in the project of cocos2dx Lua, vs2015 simulation run and debugging, and Lua script hot update.For the compilation and operation of the service side of the Internet fox, please check the compilation and test deployment of the service side of […]

  • Detailed explanation of dynamic debugging of IOS reverse tutorial


    Preface Sometimes if you want to know more about the calling process of others’ apps, you need to conduct dynamic debugging when the app is running. Dynamic debugging refers to running the program, viewing parameters, return values, function call flow, etc. through breakpoints, printing, etc. I won’t say much next. Let’s take a look at […]