• IOS shares through camera image recognition technology


    At present, computer image recognition can be divided into two categories according to the nature of phenomena: 1. Image recognition based on regular operation, such as template matching methods such as color and shape 2. Image recognition based on statistics. For example, machine learning ml, neural network and other artificial intelligence methods **Difference: * * […]

  • IOS advanced control on Xib automatically generates pure code


    Recently, the company has written a new project. When it finished the project summary, it found that most of the time was wasted in writing simple controls in pure code. Use the Xib layout. I’m afraid that I’ll dig a hole for later maintenance. I always struggle with pure code or Xib. I struggle to […]

  • How to design the anti brush mechanism of SMS verification code in IOS development


    Recently, I met a product design problem about preventing SMS verification code from being swiped. Later, when interviewing a programmer who came to apply for java development, he also mentioned that his previous company’s system also encountered the problem of the swiped SMS. Therefore, this paper makes a summary and share on “how to design […]

  • Click to view the picture in banner on IOS development product page


    Rollover playback and viewing are separated. Rollover is an open-source sdcyclescrollview Here is the view: // // FullScreenShowImageView.swift // joopic // // Created by jianxiong li on 16/9/27. //Copyright © 2016 joobot. All rights reserved // import Foundation import UIKit //Picture carousel component proxy protocol protocol FullScreenShowImageViewDelegate{ //Get data source func galleryDataSource()->[String] //Get the width […]

  • Developing drawing and gesture integrated app points for attention


    Some notes on gestures For uitapgesturerecognizer, we usually need to know the location of the click gesture in the screen ionInView:self ) For uipan gesturerecognizer, we usually need to know how far our slide gesture has moved ionInView:pan ) -(void) pan: (UIPanGestureRecognizer * ) pan { CGPoint transP = [pan translationInView: pan.view]; //$1 = (x […]

  • Comparison and summary of several delayed execution methods in IOS


    preface In the development process, we sometimes want to encapsulate some operations and delay them for some time. This paper lists four methods of delaying the execution of a function and their differences. If the delay is 1 second, perform the following method. – (void)delayMethod { NSLog(@”execute”); } 1. Performselector method This is a commonly […]

  • Three terminal comparison


    Comparison of dependency management tools iOS RVM The installation reference official function is to manage different Ruby versions, similar to managing different node versions of NVM. Bundle Manage Ruby application gem package, use gem install bundler to install, execute bundle init command, and generate gemfile and Gemfile.lock For two files, the gemfile file can write […]

  • Share a graphic publishing interface based on AUI framework


    This article is from the official API cloud forum,Thank you for sharing. Share an image and text publishing interface based on the AUI framework. You can add multiple images and delete them. Similar to QQ space publishing, it does not do the back-end of the server, but only demonstrates the front-end operation.Uimediascanner module is required […]

  • Detailed explanation of IOS implementation of boot page and fingerprint unlocking


    preface Some of the application programs will have a guide page when they start. The purpose is to give a brief introduction to the application program when the user logs in for the first time. Generally, there are several rotation pictures. When the reference program enters for the first time, it will jump to the […]

  • Free logistics Express query API interface quick docking strategy (Zhongtong, Shentong, Shunfeng, Yunda)


    The Express query API interface is to query the logistics information by using the logistics document number. It is mainly used in E-commerce mall, ERP system provider, WMS system provider, express cabinet, bank and other enterprises. Multiple express logistics companies have unified access to interfaces. It is recommended to connect with interface providers, which can […]

  • Alibaba data IOS startup speed optimization experience


    background On July 26, Alibaba data IOS released version 4.4.0, which mainly optimizes the performance. The optimization results of the start-up time of main() phase are quite obvious, from the previous 0.5-0.7 seconds to the current 0.1-0.2 seconds (the time from the first line of main() to the last line of didfinishlaunchingwithoptions). The user experience […]

  • Algorithm – count the number of all subviews on a view


    Since then, I have no intention to love good nightLet him go down to the West Tower in the bright moon preface Count the number of subviews on a view. Subviews containing subviews Implementation mode recursion DFS depth first traversal queue BFS breadth first traversal code implementation recursion Thought: Return 0 when the view is […]