• Small program container helps build small program ecology


    As one of the important new infrastructures of the mobile Internet, mini programs are also showing new vitality. Their high penetration in the lives of netizens makes them become the “standard configuration” of daily life, and the “standard configuration” of Internet users’ life among users of all ages. The needs of each stage may obtain […]

  • What should I do if the iPhone suddenly goes black and cannot be turned on? 3 solutions to share


    When the iPhone system encounters a serious problem, the iPhone screen will turn black, and the iPhone cannot be turned on even if the power button is long pressed. do not worry. This article will introduce 3 methods to help you solve the problem of iPhone black screen of death. Possible Causes of iPhone Black […]

  • Python-one-click to find unused pictures, audio, and video resources in iOS projects


    foreword In the process of iOS project development, if the iterative development of the version takes a long time, then after many versions are developed or after many people participate in the development, there will inevitably be some garbage resources in the project, which are not used but occupy the size of the api package […]

  • Foundation for iOS Development


    The Foundation framework is the base layer for accessing basic data types, collections, and operating system services to define application functionality. The Foundation framework provides foundational functionality for applications and frameworks, including data storage and persistence, text processing, date and time calculations, sorting and filtering, and networking. The classes, protocols, and data types defined by […]

  • Nanny-level tutorial: write your own mobile applications and applets (Part 1)


    Written in front of the words: This series of articles was created by the FinClip R&D team for half a year. The team members have more than 5 years of front-line R&D experience. We hope that by summarizing our practical experience at work, we can really help those novice friends who want to learn mobile […]

  • iOS written before custom camera


    question Not all camera UIImagePickerController can handle, the reasons are as follows: 1. If the product is not complete, how can we experience innovation? 2. If the design is not complete, how can it reflect the intention 3. Operation: How is this experience different from that of a certain treasure and certain letter? ? ? […]

  • What are the types of idle rental APP development and customization?


    Leasing is a word that I believe everyone is familiar with. Everyone often uses it in life. With the development of society, the leasing industry is becoming more and more prosperous. From books, toys, and clothes to renting houses, cars, and friends~ It can be seen that we are increasingly inseparable from this industry! The […]

  • “iOS development” gold three silver four how to quickly promote technology?


    opening message Talk about work: 2020 is a year of many disasters. For each of us, living healthily is more important than anything else. Many companies are in a difficult situation, and layoffs are common, so for most of them, it is good to keep their jobs, let alone job-hopping and promotions! The current situation: […]

  • “New Capabilities” of Rongyun Supergroup


    As the first choice for building real-time communities, Rongyun Supergroup has well met the customer needs of Discord-like real-time community business scenarios since its release.Follow [Rongyun Global Internet Communication Cloud] to learn more With the continuous advancement of services, Rongyun Super Group services are also continuously updated and iterated to meet the different business needs […]

  • Apple iPhone white screen of death? How to fix it?


    Is your iPhone or iPad suddenly white screen of death? Try the following 5 fixes. Reasons for iPhone White Screen of Death There are many reasons for iPhone white screen, the most common reasons are as follows: battery exhausted: If your iPhone is out of battery, it might be stuck on a white screen. Software […]

  • How to implement the audio and video playback function in your own app?


    In recent years, the rapid growth of video and live broadcast e-commerce is mainly due to video. Live broadcast content can carry richer information than graphic content and has higher user acceptance. And as the penetration rate of live broadcast continues to deepen, it has been integrated with more and more scenes such as entertainment, […]

  • What if you don’t want to mess with the python environment but want to automate iOS across platforms? Might as well try sib~


    foreword Official website documentation (download, installation, documentation): https://sonic-cloud.gitee.io/…User community (provide bugs, requirements): https://sonic-cloud.wiki/Github: https://github.com/SonicCloud… sib introduction sib is an iOS debugging tool implemented with gidevice as the bottom layer. Because of the Go language feature, the compiled binary file can be run directly, so there is no need to configure the python environment or the […]