• Implement a Simple Java MVC Framework from Scratch (4)–Achieving AOP


    foreword The full name of AOP is Aspect Oriented Programming, which is called aspect-oriented programming. Like object-oriented programming (OOP), it is also a programming idea and an important part of spring. Its implementation is based on the proxy model, which enhances the original business. For example, the original function is to add, delete, modify and […]

  • Realize a simple Java MVC framework from scratch (7)–Realize MVC


    foreword The title is ‘Implementing a Simple Java MVC Framework from Scratch’, but I wrote so much until it was time to implement MVC… It can only be said that the foreplay is indeed a bit too much. But all these foreplays are necessary. If it is just a simple implementation of an MVC function, […]

  • Implement a simple Java MVC framework from scratch (eight)–make Starter


    spring-boot Starter A project always has a place to start. When the project is deployed in tomcat, tomcat is often usedstartup.sh(startup.bat)The startup script to start the web project In the spring-boot web project, there will basically be startup code similar to this: @SpringBootApplication public class SpringBootDemoApplication { public static void main(String[] args) { SpringApplication.run(SpringBootDemoApplication.class, args); […]