• Do you know four ways to write distributed ID?


    introduction In our life, ID is actually inseparable from our life. ID card number, QQ, mobile phone number, bank card number, student ID number, even the number lying on your hard disk. These ID marks are so important that every background programmer has to think about this problem? What are the advantages and disadvantages? This […]

  • Flutter common library, timely use of entry-level methods (some often used)


    UI related flutter_screenutil flutter_screenutil: ^0.6.0 https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Flutter screen adaptation scheme, so that your UI in different sizes of the screen can display a reasonable layout! How to use it (getting started)https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… flutter_swiper flutter_swiper: ^1.1.6 https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Flutter’s most powerful siwiper, multiple layouts, unlimited carousel, Android and IOS dual adaptation! How to use it (getting started)https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… fluttertoast […]

  • Java + spring boot, playing machine learning


    Many individual developers and enterprises have begun to use machine learning and deep learning technology in their own applications. Rapid innovation in the industry has prompted enterprises to adopt machine learning, which involves business use cases ranging from customer service (including object detection and emotion analysis from image and video streams) to fraud detection and […]

  • A new guide to HTML5


    This article was created and launched by the technical team of grape city Author:Official website of grapevineGrapevine provides professional development tools, solutions and services for developers to enable them. The development of HTML5 has changed the trend of Internet technology, and front-end technology is still popular, so front-end technology has become one of the necessary […]

  • Introduction Guide to Mengxin HTML5 (2)


    this paperBy the technical team of grape CityOriginal and first In the last article, we have introduced the new content and basic page layout of HTML5This article will continue to introduce another component of HTML5 in a broad sense: Javascript data types. As a weakly typed language, JavaScript is characterized by dynamic typing. That is […]

  • 29 days of hematemesis finishing front-end learning route, to those who are self-learning or ready to self-study front-end people!


    preface Recently, some friends often ask meFront end technology is so complicated now, how should I learn。 This topic is too big, a few words can’t be answered well; also because this problem really bothers many front-end developers, so I started to output this article. Although this article has taken a long time, it certainly […]

  • Go learning notes


    Start to learn < GO01 go practical web introduction > and record the problems encountered Install go on MACInstalling go on Mac OS X functiongo run main.goAfter that, the command line did not respondAt first, I thought that something was not installed. Later, I found that this command had no output and opened it directly […]

  • Is go language an object-oriented language?


    Previous articles in the introduction to go language series: The use of pointer and structure [go language introduction series] (6) re exploration of functions How to use go? 1. Is go an object-oriented language? How to use go? The concept of method has been introduced in this article, but this method is not actually an […]

  • Type and spring dependency injection


    Manual mode – configuration or programming to schedule injection rules in advance XML resource configuration meta information Java annotation configuration meta information API configuration meta information Automatic mode – the implementer provides a way to automatically associate dependencies according to the built-in injection rules Autowiring Entity class Rumenz.java package com.rumenz; public class Rumenz { private […]

  • MVC + efcore project practice warehouse management system 1


    Project background and requirement description This is a data management “tool class” system, which has three core functions: 1. Through the interface configuration related connection string, query database table data. 2. Configure related templates and generate database tables. You can fill in the data in the interface or import and export the data in Excel. […]

  • Some tips on getting started with Python in one day


    1. Preface I haven’t written for a long time. Recently, python has been used in some interesting technologies. I thought it would take some time, but I didn’t study it deliberately after the first day. Here are some of the key points. If I learn a language, it’s not because it’s hot, but because I […]

  • Zero foundation to develop Hadoop learning route


    Week 2: November 2, 2020 to November 6, 20201. Basic concepts and characteristics of HDFS2. Deeply understand the architecture and underlying principles of HDFS in Hadoop ecosystem3. HDFS write process and read process4. Use of HDFS5. The relationship between HBase and HDFSWeek 1: 2020 / 10 / 27 – 2020 / 10 / 31 Let’s […]