• On the introduction of react


    catalogue 1. CDN introduction 1.1 react (introduced first) 1.2 react DOM (introduced later) 1.3 check whether react is successfully imported 2. Webpack introduction 3. create-react-app 1. CDN introduction Like ordinary JS libraries or frameworks, react can also be introduced from CDN. Before using CDN to import, you need to understand two types of JS files, […]

  • JSP, one page into another page implementation code


    Action code fragment Copy codeThe code is as follows: public String execute() {        String ret = super.execute();         if (RETURN_LIST.equals(ret)) {            return list();        } else {            return ret;        }    }     public String list() {        String show = this.getRequest().getParameter(“show”);        if (“show”.equals(show)) {            return show();        }        deptid = getRequest().getParameter(“deptid”);        if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(deptid)) {            epVO.getEp().setDeptid(Long.valueOf(deptid));            epVO.setDeptid(deptid);        }        if […]

  • Introduction to WordPress comment management function


    Keyword Description: introduction function management comments spam audit can be edited by Akismet Now let’s look at the comment management function. Comments are an important way for readers to communicate with you. Comments management function is also very important. In particular, because some websites abuse the function of comment to publicize websites, spam comment can’t […]

  • The method of introducing custom package into golang


    After reading the basic syntax of golang, in order to modularize programming, I tried the package management of golang. As a result, I stepped into several holes. Let’s summarize. I. set $gopath environment variable Different from C or PHP, golang does not automatically find files in the current path. You must first add your own […]

  • Detailed introduction to HTTP 2.0


    HTTP protocol is the most widely used network protocol in our Internet world. Recently, the birth of HTTP 2.0 has made it the focus of the Internet technology circle once again. Everything’s ebb and flow has its driving force behind it. For HTTP, this power is complicated by the evolution of various technical details, simply […]

  • Introduction to Microsoft’s XMLHTTP Objects


    Microsoft. XML HTTP object is provided in MSXML, which can complete the transformation and sending task from data package to Request object.The statement for creating an XMLHTTP object is as follows: Set objXML = CreateObject (“Msxml2. XMLHTTP”) orSet objXML = CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)‘Or for version 3.0 of XMLHTTP, use:‘Set objXML = Server. CreateObject (“MSXML2. Server XMLHTTP”) objXML.open […]