• The installation configuration of nginx enables it to access nodejs


    It’s very easy to install under windowsstayhttp://nginx.org/en/download….Download compressed package (only 1.6m)Download, unzip, and execute nginx.exe File, OK! Input in browserhttp://localhost: 80 / welcome to nginx! Start nginx:start nginxornginx.exeStop nginx:nginx.exe -s stopornginx.exe -s quit You can write a letter stop.bat Batch file: nginx.exe -s stop Note: an error will be reported when running stop for the […]

  • Log file migration to OSS


    A server is using alicloud ECS because it is poor and has limited disk space. The server log files are growing every day. It needs to be cleaned up regularly to release disk space. Several solutions are proposed The write task is backed up to the local server regularly Download directly to local mobile hard […]

  • [1 minute series tutorial] project case! Nat configuration in dual ISP access


    With the increase of business requirements of enterprises, a large number of data requests from intranet to Internet can not meet the current situation through a single ISP. Therefore, more and more enterprises will use dual ISP line access (Telecom and Netcom / mobile), so as to ensure the speed and efficiency of intranet access. […]

  • How to penetrate the intranet of openwrt in N1 box


    Openwrt’s intranet penetration through N1 box with net cloud Soft router [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) N1 (already swiped into arbian) uses docker to create openwrt container as side route. My intranet IP information [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) Intranet IP varies from person to person. Here are my own settings Armbian: Openwrt: Ideas [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) The network cloud penetration is […]

  • Intranet penetration — IPv6 peer to peer


    The advent of the IPv6 era opens up a new world for Intranet applications. Smargate is a free tool for intranet penetration. If you have the following needs, don’t hesitate to use smargate to make it more thorough! Appeal 1: I am a programmer or operation and maintenance personnel. I don’t have a public network […]

  • Istio’s serviceentry


    Use the service entry resource to add entries to the service registry maintained internally by istio. After adding a service entry, the envoy agent can send traffic to the service as if the service entry were a service in the grid. By configuring service entries, you can manage traffic for services running outside the grid. […]

  • Linux install nginx


    1. Go to the official website http://nginx.org/ The recommended version of NGX is NGX 2. Upload nginx to Linux system 3. Installation dependent environment (1) Install GCC environment yum install gcc-c++ (2) Install the PCRE library for parsing regular expressions yum install -y pcre pcre-devel (3) Zlib compression and decompression dependency, yum install -y zlib […]

  • Proxyer private intranet mapping tool


    Private intranet mapping tool Project address of GitHub Project address gitee Trial address http://test.proxyer.cn : 6789 / access code: 12345678 At present, most of the intranet mapping tools on the market are charged. At the same time, they can only provide limited network bandwidth. The main reason for this problem is that the traffic is […]

  • NPM error no matching version found for Canadian Lite @ ^ 1.0.30001157


    1. Problem description No matching version found for [email protected]^1.0.30001157 … npm ERR! notarget It was specified as a dependency of ‘browserslist’ 2. Solution: 1) Check that there is no caniuse Lite @ ^ 1.0.30001157 package in the NPM source. Because it is an intranet, the NPM source cannot be replaced. The caniuse Lite @ ^ […]

  • Strange HTTP hop HTTPS problem after WordPress migration


    Today, we will migrate the WP of public domain server to intranet server.After importing the database backup SQL file and mirror server file, modify the siteurl and home values of the WP options table in the database to the intranet address to access the home page of the intranet server. But you can’t get into […]

  • Configure NAT mode network in VMWare


    Why use NAT mode I wrote this article because a friend has encountered some problems with the NAT network configuration in the virtual machine. My own working environment has also benefited from this optimization. Therefore, I would like to make a record here; Problems encountered by friends: Nat mode is configured in the virtual machine, […]

  • How to perform openwrt intranet penetration in N1 box


    Implementation of openwrt intranet penetration through N1 box with network cloud Soft router situation [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) N1 (already brushed into armbian) uses docker to create an openwrt container as a side route. My intranet IP information [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) Intranet IP varies from person to person. Here are my own settings Armbian: Openwrt: Ideas [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) […]