• FPGA based TDC Research Report


    I amSnowy fish, an FPGA enthusiast, his research direction is FPGA Architecture Exploration and digital IC design. Follow the official account [integrated circuit design tutorial] to get more learning materials and pull you in“IC design communication group”。QQIC design communication groupGroup number:866169462。 Recently, I investigated the implementation of TDC based on FPGA platform and wrote a […]

  • Sentinel go source code series (II) initialization process and responsibility chain design mode


    In the last section, we learned about what sentinel go can do and how to run the simplest example In fact, I have written the second article of this series long ago, but it has not been released yet. I feel that the light initialization process is a little simple, so I added the responsibility […]

  • Date related functions in PHP (1)


    Date related operation functions are the functions we most often come into contact with in our daily work development. Of course, most students may use date() and time() functions most. We won’t talk about these two functions today, and maybe we won’t talk about them in the later articles. After all, they are too often […]

  • Learn the hrtime extension of high-precision timer in PHP


    I don’t know if you still remember the stopwatch that the teacher brought during the physical education test at school? When the gunshot comes to mind, we start running. Then the stopwatch starts. When we run across the finish line, the teacher will press the button to record our results. This is a typical timer […]

  • C practice topic 92


    Title:Time function example 2 Program analysis:None. Program source code: 1 #include 2 #include 3 4 int main() 5 { 6 time_t start,end; 7 int i; 8 start=time(NULL); 9 for(i=0;i<300000;i++) 10 { 11 printf(“\n”); // Return two times_ Time interval between t-variables 12 } 13 end=time(NULL); 14 15 // output execution time 16 printf (“time interval […]

  • A simple websocket hook


    A simple websocket hook It has the following basic functions: create link Failed reconnection Send heartbeat packet import { ref } from “vue”; export interface WS_CONFIG { url: string; // Ws link address sendData?: Record; // Request data reconnectSec?: number; // Request abnormal reconnection interval needHeart?: boolean; // Whether heartbeat is required heartSec?: number; // […]

  • Uibutton prevent repeated clicks


    Method 1: set the enabled or userinteractionenabled property Method 2 is implemented by cancelpreviousperformrequestswithtarget:selector:object Method 3 is implemented through the runtime exchange method Method 1 Control whether the button can be clicked through the enabled property and userinteractionenabled property of the uibutton. This scheme is logically clear and easy to understand, but the specific code […]

  • Directx11 — CPU and GPU timers


    preface GAMES104Wang Xi said: In the world of game engine, its core is to drive the world by tick() function. Originally, a CPU timer alone would not have written a blog for it, but it is different when the GPU timer function is added. In this article, we will describe how to use the CPU […]

  • Learning notes of rxjs takeuntil operator


    The official document of takeuntil explains this operator as follows: Emit values until provided observable emits. That is, it can be given another observer with anchoring function. When the anchor observer emit value, the original observer will stop transmitting the value and enter the complete operation. Take a practical example: import { interval, timer } […]

  • HTML with watermark and forbidden right click


    HTML with watermark and forbidden right click Record a requirement encountered JS with watermark (found on the Internet) function watermark(settings) { //Default settings var defaultSettings = { watermark_txt:”text”, watermark_ x: 1, // the x-axis coordinate of the starting position of the watermark watermark_ y: 1, // watermark start position Y axis coordinate window body. clientHeight/2 […]

  • Java development tool retry framework guava retrying


    preface Guava retrying GitHub address:https://github.com/rholder/guava-retrying Guava retrying is a small extension of Google’s guava library, which allows the creation of configurable retry policies for arbitrary function calls, such as function calls that talk to remote services with unstable uptime. In daily development, especially in the era of the prevalence of micro services, when we call […]

  • How many of the six implementations of timed tasks in java do you know?


    In almost all projects, the use of scheduled tasks is indispensable. If used improperly, it will even cause asset damage. I still remember that many years ago, when I was working in the financial system, the disbursement business was to make payments through scheduled tasks. At that time, due to the limited processing capacity of […]