• IOS for loop shortcut creation button (optional configuration and adaptation)


    One Let’s first summarize a small problem encountered in recent projects. When creating uiview, there is always a gray black line on one side. The reason is the accuracy problem when setting frame for view. Just round it; ceilf(width) Two Recently, I wrote this requirement for my friend in the project, and recorded that it […]

  • [windows] bat script, batch file


    : current drive letter @echo current pan : %~d0 :: current path @echo current path : %cd%\ :: current bat file path @echo the bat’s path : %~dp0 :: / A is an expression 1m 1024byte * 1024 = 1MB set /a onem=1024*1024 for /l %%i in (1,1,100) do fsutil file createnew %~dp001_num_%%i_1MB_file.txt %onem%:: starts […]

  • The mouse automatically clicks on the screen at intervals


    Knowledge points: the use of Python library and simple timer 1. The mouse automatically clicks on the screen code      (1) First, PIP install pymouse (2) . running code: modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘windows’ Cause: lack of pyuserinput toolSolution: PIP install pyuserinputCould not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyhook (from pyuserinput) (from […]

  • Using async / await to rewrite asynchronous code to make the code more intuitive


    As long as the return value is promise, async / await can be used to handle async See server code at the end of the text Business use cases Sign in1. Get token by authentication2. Get the role ID with token3. Get the menu with token and role ID Asynchronous fetch like requests such as […]

  • [November 7] redis core objects and data types


    Redis core object redisobject In redis, there is a core object called redisobject, which is used to represent all keys and values. The redisobject structure is used to represent five data types: string, hash, list, set and Zset The source code of redisobject is in the redis.sh C language Data type Encoding Data pointer (PTR) […]

  • Domain control time synchronization settings


    background In order to facilitate daily management, all hosts and servers in the company’s network have been added to the domain environment. Self built exchange is used to realize the sending and receiving of office mail. However, a few days ago, e-mail could not be sent or received. After investigation, it was found that the […]

  • Write a countdown method for seconds


    background There is a countdown function module in the project.After switching the tab page, I came back for a while and found that it was obviously slow. Code: // … CountDown.prototype.count = function() { var self = this; this.clear(); this.timeout = setTimeout(function(){ //Count minus 1 if(–self.currCount <= 0) { // … } else { // […]

  • [20200824] 12C sqlplus rowprefetch arraysize displays the relationship between the number of rows.txt


    [20200824] 12C sqlplus rowprefetch arraysize displays the relationship between the number of rows.txt –//Previously written:[20181108] 12C sqlplus rowprefetch parameter 4. TXT = > 0 http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2219260/[20181109] 12C sqlplus rowprefetch parameter5.txt = > http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2219334/ –//When someone asked me some details about the test, they really didn’t pay attention to this problem when the test was completed. This […]

  • Oracle job interval setting


    Initializing related parameters job_ queue_ processes alter system set job_ queue_ Processes = 39 scope = SPFILE; / / the maximum value cannot exceed 1000; job_ queue_ Interval = 10 / / refresh rate of scheduling jobs in seconds job_ queue_ Process indicates the number of concurrent jobs that Oracle can use show parameter job_queue_process; […]

  • Dubbo source code analysis — current limiting


    Dubbo current limiting Dubbo’s current limiting acts on the provider. It can ensure the stability and security of the system in the case of high concurrency. Avoid letting the system be overwhelmed by traffic, resulting in the unavailability of the overall service. practice ProviderAdd similar configuration <dubbo:service interface=”com.huang.yuan.api.service.DemoService” ref=”demoServiceImpl” version=”1.0″ delay=”5000″ filter=”tps”> <dubbo:parameter key=”tps” value=”1″/> […]

  • Automated deployment of LVS + keepalived with ansible


    Blog reference https://www.cnblogs.com/zhaoya2019/archive/2020/03/31/12609142.html Ansible playbook entry file Three roles are assigned according to the host function. The directory structure is as follows NFS role file [[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/ansible/roles/nfs/files/exports /data,sync) [[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/ansible/roles/nfs/handlers/main.yaml – name: reload nfs service: name=nfs state=reloaded [[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/ansible/roles/nfs/tasks/main.yaml – name: yum install nfs services yum: name=nfs-utils state=installed […]

  • Ejoy2d source reading notes 2


    Last timeejoy2dI’ve basically looked at the start-up process. This time it’s time to see the message loop. After entering the news loop, what I am most concerned about is WM_ Paint and WM_ TIMER。 Anyone who has written a WIN32 message knows that WM_ Timer is the timer message, which is used to process data […]