• Analysis of n-order Bezier curve with JavaScript


    Recently, I learned canvas and saw Bezier curve, so I added some knowledge. In addition, I forgot all the related mathematical laws~ What we need to know Early need to understand the relevant knowledge, you can see Wikipedia What is a Bezier curve? What is linear interpolation? draw Canvas itself only provides quadratic and cubic […]

  • Vue instruction Encyclopedia (super detailed)


    This paper introduces the usage of various Vue instructions and the comparison between some of them The outline of this paper: This paper will introduce the following Vue instructions and their syntax, usage, as well as the detailed comparison between the instructionsv-text,v-html,v-if,v-else,v-else-if,v-show,v-for,v-on,v-bind、v-model,v-pre,v-cloak,v-once Interpolation expression (leading to instruction) The most common form of data binding is”Mustache” […]

  • [Unity3D] Vector3.Lerp(x, y, Time.deltaTime )What do you mean?


    Recently, I saw some code and found that it would be written like thisVector3.Lerp(x, y, Time.deltaTime), delta time is the time from the last call, it is not [ zero , one ] So what does this interpolation mean? In fact, this is a linear interpolation of deceleration. Let me give a very simple example. […]

  • HashMap interview questions


    Brief introduction of HashMap in JDK1.8 Map interface based on hash table. This implementation provides all optional mapping operations and allows null values and keys. (HashMap class is roughly equivalent to hashtable, but it is thread unsafe and allows null values) this class can’t guarantee the mapping order; in particular, it can’t guarantee that the […]

  • Super SLOMO: using neural network to compensate super slow motion


    Nowadays, people’s pursuit of video frame rate is higher and higher, because high frame rate video is smoother and smoother, which can greatly improve people’s viewing experience. The frame rate of video captured by the existing cameras has also been continuously increased from 25 FPS (frames per second) to 60 FPS, and then to 240 […]

  • Image interpolation algorithm and its implementation


    Sensor, codec and display device are all based on pixel. High resolution images can present more details. Due to the limitations of sensor manufacturing and chip, we need to use image interpolation (scaler / restore) technology, which is low-cost and easy to use. At the same time, the technology can also enlarge the region of […]

  • Android property animation


    1、 Valueanimator Valueanimator is the change of value, which can control some values of the control, so as to achieve the effect of change animation. public void doAnimation() { // final ValueAnimator valueAnimatorInt = ValueAnimator.ofInt(0,400,100,555,250); //Input the value to be changed. It is an array of changes. It can have int type and float type […]

  • Deep understanding of d3js scales


    https://www.cnblogs.com/kidsitcn/p/7182274.html   Deep understanding of d3js scales   The scale function is a JavaScript function like this: Receive data input such as number, date, category, etc. and: Returns a value representing a visual element, such as coordinates, color, length, or radius Scale is usually used to transform (or map) abstract data values to visual quantization […]

  • Basic summary of linked list


    1. Brief introduction Linked listChain storage structure of linear listThe linked list uses a set ofarbitrarilyTo store data elements. If two data elements are adjacent in logical position, they are in physical positionnot alwaysAdjacent. As shown in the figure: But it’s too messy to look at. In order to look comfortable and convenient, we changed […]

  • Tips! What should we pay attention to in a binary search?


    The method of binary search must be familiar to all of us. Today, I want to talk about some small details that are easy to ignore when we write code.int mid = (low + high)/2;①int mid = low/2 + high/2;②int mid = low + (high – low)/2;③What’s the difference between these three ways?First, let’s look […]

  • The interpolation of any two colors is calculated by canvas


    Canvas can help us to do a lot of color calculation aids, such as color conversion, gradient color calculation. For color conversion, I wrote an article before:Color conversion to RGBA format via canvas and performance issuesReaders can refer to this article to understand.This paper focuses on the color interpolation calculation of gradient calculation. Calculate the […]

  • Implementation of Vue underlying compilation


    KVE source code //Expectant usage // new KVue({ // data:{msg:’hello’} // }) class KVue { constructor(options) { this.$options = options; //Processing data options this.$data = options.data; //Responsive this.observe(this.$data); // new Watcher(); // this.$data.test; // new Watcher(); // this.$data.foo.bar; new Compile(options.el, this); if (options.created) { options.created.call(this); } } observe(value) { if (!value || typeof value !== […]