• APISpace Image Moderation API


    APISpaceofImage Moderation API, supports politically sensitive recognition, pornography recognition, violent terrorism recognition, disgusting image recognition, advertisement detection, and image quality detection for pictures. In e-commerce platforms and social software, it can prevent content risks in advance, improve review efficiency, purify the network environment, and improve user experience. APISpaceThere are many various APIs on it, and […]

  • APISpace portrait comparison API


    APISpaceofPortrait Comparison API, support to compare the user’s face photo and ID card basic information with the authoritative data, obtain the matching result of the ID number, name and face, and quickly complete the user identity verification to ensure that the user is the person and the ID card is authentic. APISpaceThere are also many […]

  • APISpace Static Liveness Detection API


    APISpaceofStatic Liveness Detection API, which is mainly used to upload images for users, and return whether the face in the image is a real person; based on the flaws of the portrait in the image (moiré pattern, imaging deformity, etc.), judge whether the target is a living body, effectively preventing cheating attacks such as screen […]

  • APISpace Dynamic Liveness Detection API


    APSpaceofDynamic Liveness Detection API, by completing dynamic commands (combined actions such as blinking, opening mouth, shaking head, nodding, etc.), and using technologies such as face key point positioning and face tracking, to verify whether the user is operating as a real living person. APISpaceThere are many various APIs on it, and all APIs provide free […]

  • APISpace express logistics map track query API


    APISpaceofExpress logistics map track query API, supports the logistics map trajectory query of more than 1,500+ foreign express companies around the world, and estimates the delivery time, and displays the trajectory of the package in real time during transportation. Including SF, YTO, STO and other mainstream express companies. Automatically identify the courier company and tracking […]

  • How to obtain cookies with one click during interface testing, and refer to them in other interfaces?


    When performing interface testing, it is often necessary to obtain the cookie returned by login and carry it to other interfaces. How to obtain the cookie with one click and reference it in other interfaces? We can use the cookie manager function of apipost Significance of the cookie manager The main function of the COOKIE […]

  • The iphone is connected to the PC for charging, and the PC automatically uses the data of the iphone to access the Internet, which causes the IP of the PC to change, and the specific interface cannot be called.


    Recorded a very pitfall problem, the iphone was connected to the PC to charge, and the PC automatically used the iphone traffic to surf the Internet, resulting in a change of the PC’s ip, and calling the ip interface reported that the call timed out; Troubleshooting process: [Troubleshoot interface problems] Others can access the API […]

  • Full field check


    1. Full field verification concept Check interface returns all fields of response result Application scenarios Ordinary assertions, fields that cannot be judged, are compensated by full field verification Check the content * field value * Field name or type of field value verification process 1. Define validation rules (json syntax) 2. Compare whether the response […]