• The introduction and implementation of application program interface, sealing class and sealing method in C


    API  Application programming interface Interface Definition: refers to a set of related functions that can belong to any class or structure. The members of an interface can be methods (no method body), properties, events and indexers, but cannot contain constants, fields, operators, instance constructor destructors or classes, or any kind of static members. The members […]

  • [download tool] Baidu online disk unlimited download device Bnd Download


    Bnd (Baidu netdisk downloader) is a non speed Limited Download tool for Baidu online disk with graphical interface, which supports windows, Linux and MAC, and is currently maintained by b3log open source community. Now there are two versions of bnd1 and bnd2. I am used to using the second one, so I will introduce this […]

  • IOS share extension custom share interface


    First, the rendering is too ugly by default. Most of the articles related to the search of the share extension custom interface will guide you to use the nsextensionprincipalclass, then inherit the uiviewcontroller, and then all the handwritten codes, but I want to use the storyboard! It’s simple: Do not change the nsextensionprincipalclass, just continue […]

  • Oracle-ess-getting Started Guide


    Preface Because each version of ESS has some differences in function, this article introduces its function and use in 12.1.3. What is ess? The full name of ESS is Oracle Enterprise scheduler, which is a scheduled scheduling product of Oracle. How to use it? The common use of ESS is divided into three steps: defining […]

  • VMware installing Linux system


    VMware adds Linux system 1. Start VMware and enter the main interface 2. Click“Create a new virtual machine”, enter the create virtual machine wizard interface, which is recommended for beginners“Typical (recommended)” 3. Click “next” button to enter“Installing the client operating system”Select “installation source” in the interface, and it is recommended for beginners to select the […]

  • Activate (crack) Navicat premium 12 with Navicat keygen


    1. Download and install the version on Navicat official website. The specific operation will not be detailed. Navcat official website download link: http://www.navicat.com.cn/download/navicat-premium; 2. Download the Navicat keygen released by doublelabyrinth from GitHub. The specific operation will not be detailed. Navicat keygen download address: https://github.com/doublelabyrinth/navicat-keygen/releases, the corresponding link of Chinese instructions: https://github.com/doublelabyrinth/navicat-keygen/blob/windows/doc/how-to-use.windows.zh-cn.md you can directly […]

  • Cross domain cookies in topics project


    Recently, I finished a page to collect bookmarks. The interface is as follows:In fact, the architecture is divided into three parts, which are connected by cookies, API server http://topics-api.tiye.mehttps://github.com/tiye/topics-serverThe server uses express + mongoose. The database operation is not familiar. It’s used as an exercise,Realize the basic CURD function and verify the token in the […]

  • golang when is nil not nil


    In development, we often encounter a nil value that is not equal to nil. Let’s take a look at the following example type itest struct { a string } func printA() *itest{ return nil } func main() { var i interface{} = printA() fmt.Printf(“i is nil %v, i = %v”, i == nil, i) } […]

  • Install native tensorflow GPU under Windows 10


    Download CUDA 8.0 and cudnn V6 for CUDA 8.0 (to download cudnn, you need to register NVIDIA development account and log in to see the download interface) CUDA 9 needs TF version 1.5 to support Install CUDA Extract cudnn to a location you like, copy the absolute path of the folder and add it to […]

  • Reworld uses storage services to store player data


    The storage service is used to store players’ data, which can be read the next time players enter the game Use the storage service to prompt for the number of logins, as follows: Step one:Create 2D interface container in interface initialization, and create text control and a button control under the container to adjust the […]

  • Practical skills of phpstorm


    1. Prompt for switching PHP code version 1.1 right click external libraries (configure PHP include paths) 1.2 switch prompt Version (switch version here) ok 2. Generate get and set (sometimes we need to generate an external interface, which is the time to save trouble) 2.1 click code – > generate – > getters and setters […]