• Websocket live room chat tutorial – quick realization of chat room with goeasy


    It’s really indescribable that the fire has been broadcast live in the last two years! Friends often ask, I want to achieve a live chat room or I want to develop a chat room, how to start? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to make a chat room with goeasy. Of course, it can also […]

  • Centos7 installing Tomcat


    1 view Tomcat status withouttomcatIt will report an error. systemctl status tomcat.service //Or systemctl status tomcat 2. Install Tomcat The image of Tencent cloud does not existtomcat, need to download manually, I choose the second scheme. yum install tomcat //Or – y for all inquiries yum -y install tomcat tomcatThe installation directory for is in/usr/share/tomcat, […]

  • Experience excellent program


    Blog 1. PicGo Support MacOS, windows, Linux! Support many visible drawing beds on the market, simple and beautiful interface (my favorite)   By default, it supports microblog map bed, seven cattle map bed, Tencent cloud cos, youpaiyun, GitHub, sm.ms, alicloud OSS and imgur. Address:https://github.com/Molunerfinn/PicGo  Or author’s blog:https://molunerfinn.com/PicGo/    2. Listary    

  • HTML5 general interface


    1. Let’s talk about several basic types DOMString, boolean, long, unsigned long, double, NaN(Not-a-Number)。 Domstring is actually a string in other commonly used languages. In HTML5, it is used to represent URLs, DOM content, and so on. I don’t think I need to elaborate on other Boolean, long, unsigned long, and double numbers. You can […]

  • Solve the problem that Ubuntu can’t be full screen


    problem   when opening the Linux operation interface in VM VirtualBox, click the full screen mode in the view, but the actual interface size does not change. As shown in the figure below: solve Search settings in the interface to find the settings Open the settings and find the display options Change the resolution After […]

  • Android theme modification


    Settheme() modifies the theme override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { setTheme(R.style.theme) super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) } Note: settheme must be in the super.onCreate (savedinstancestate) Modifying themes during run time fun onChangeTheme(theme:Int){ setTheme(theme) recreate() } Modifying the theme in the running process requires redrawing the activity. The only problem is that the interface will flash during the redrawing process, which […]

  • Swiftui advanced horizontal scroll and get the scroll position


    Scrollview can achieve horizontal scrolling. How can I get the current scrolling position during scrolling. Here is a solution for you. effect code Page code // // PagingScrollView.swift // SwiftUIPagingScrollView // // Created by myf on 27/08/2019. // Copyright © 2019 Pavel Zak. All rights reserved. // import SwiftUI struct PagingScrollView: View { let items: […]

  • How to understand OnStart visible but not interactive


    preface Today, my friend came across an interview question to share with you: OnStart life cycle means that activities are visible, so why not interact? This problem seems simple, but it involves many aspects, such as the understanding of activity life cycle, the understanding of process, and the timing of view drawing. Let’s have a […]

  • Solve the problem that BitLocker repeatedly prompts that the recovery key is correct and cannot enter the system


    A while ago, because grub was installed on the computer, the boot strategy was changed. To open windows, you need to enter a recovery key for recovery. I have logged into a Microsoft account, so I found the key on the official website and recovered the drive. But when you go in and prompt “the […]

  • Use of Vue interface version UI


    Mac uses yarn brew install yarn To install global Vue cli: yarn global add @vue/cli verification: node -v npm -v Open the interface vue ui This article is published by openwrite, a blog publishing platform!

  • Building linux learning environment


    Before learning Linux, let’s have a brief understanding of what Linux is. Linux actually has two meanings, one is the operating system in a broad sense, and the other is the kernel of open source operating system written by Finnish gifted programmer Torvalds. Next, in our course, Linux refers to the operating system in a […]

  • Fool configuration of permanent free intranet penetration tool


    Fool configuration of permanent free intranet penetration tool Using the tutorial Matching tool: Net cloud wear Registered account number of first official website:Portal of official website 1. Enter the homepage of the official website and click register at the top right 2. After registration, we will collect the tunnel information from the official website 3. […]