• IOS ——– view the fluency of the interface


    IOS view screen frame tool — yyfpslabel IOS’s skill of keeping the interface smooth Discussion on IOS optimized interface fluency Let’s study it first. I’ll write an article by myself another day    

  • [daily] magical guidance problems deep and win10


    After yesterday’s ups and downs, my computer can enter the boot interface of deep in as soon as it is turned on, or log in to deep in, but it will directly report an error when I visit windows. My windows has used PE to install win10. I still can’t open it. After studying the […]

  • Sharing website cookies with postman chrome app and Chrome browser


    background As a web engineer, the most familiar daily work is the background interface development and joint debugging test. In the interface test, everyone’s favorite tool list, there must be postman. However, sometimes the interface test needs to be prepared with login state or other state data, which often exists in the browser cookie. Combined […]

  • Jald


    There are many tutorials on the Internet on the issue that the debugger can’t see the process and can’t attach. Basically, you can modify ro.debugable = 1, ro.secure = 0 to let adbd have root access to attach to other processes. If you want to modify boot.img and swipe the package, you can find relevant […]

  • Swiftui learning (1)


    Overview If you want to use the entry SwiftUI, then the official tutorial given by Apple is absolutely powerful. This tutorial provides very detailed steps and instructions, and the interaction of the web page is also first-class, which is worth seeing and learning. However, there are some noteworthy details in swiftui that are not mentioned […]

  • Solution to the problem that the. Py file generated by the. UI file does not appear in the interface


    Generally, the following two packages need to be imported from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication import sys And add the following code to the. Py file: if __name__ == “__main__”: app = QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv) widget = QtWidgets.QWidget() ui = Ui_MainWindow() ui.setupUi(widget) widget.show() sys.exit(app.exec_()) The individual codes above are explained below widget = QtWidgets.QWidget() Because the default object class […]

  • Using springboot + mybatis to rewrite the database service example


    In the interface test framework that I wrote before, MySQL is used to record various request response and use case information. In order to improve the storage speed, I wrote a database storage service separately, which is deployed on the intranet server. When there is information to be recorded, the information is directly sent to […]

  • Android studio installation and first boot configuration


    Android studio installation and first boot configuration I. download Android studio Baidu search “Android studio“       Click the Chinese community to enter and select the latest version to download.   After downloading, double-click the installation package to start the installation.                       After installation, […]

  • Packaging C# Program with InstallShield 2015 Packaging Software


    As we all know, there is a simple link between the program written by the programmer and the program directly used by the user, that is, packaging. Today I will briefly introduce the packaging of programs with InstallShield 2015 packaging tool. Interested can see! First of all, the process of installing packaging tools is not […]

  • FREEBSD Manual Network Configuration


    stayIn FreeBSD system, network capability is very important. For a standard FreeBSD system, at least one network interface is needed to communicate with other computers. The most common network interface is the Ethernet card. In addition, FreeBSD also supports Token Ring and FDDI, as well as WAN connections such as ordinary telephone dial-up connections, ISDN, […]

  • Details of Interface in Go Language You Don’t Know


    Preface Recently, when we look at the object-oriented knowledge points of the Go language, we find that its object-oriented ability depends entirely on the interface, and its interface is completely different from the interface we know before. So the whole process keeps thinking about why it’s designed like this? What impact does this design have […]

  • Error Removal-Upgrading Exchange 2013 CU22 After Program Name Display Exception


    Recently, in order to solve the vulnerability of Microsoft Exchange Server ADV190007 Guidance for “PrivExchange” privilege promotion, we found that although Exchange CU patch was updated normally, we found in the control panel that the name of Exchange 2013 version is still displayed as Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 CU20. In this chapter, the content of […]